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Beast boy woke unnaturally early with a start. What a weird dream, craaazy pixies eating me. He paused as the thought stirred a memory. Wait a minute… Rising from his bed he rumbled through his desk, almost buried in stuff, and found what he was searching for. A small wooden totem on a necklace. He frowned at it contemplatively. Could it…

He raced to Ravens room and knocked on the door as calmly as he could. She opened it and it was obvious she had been awake for a while, probably meditating. "Hello Beast boy." She said with almost all traces of emotion gone from her voice. The previous night might never have happened.

Back to normal. Beast boy thought sadly but brightened as he remembered his idea. "Hey Raven can I talk to you for a sec?"

"You are." She replied, the trace of a smile on her lips. Beast boy mentally celebrated as he realized nothing was exploding.

"Heh, yeah, but..."

She rolled her eyes, "Come in."

They both entered the empath's room, standing and facing each other. "Well?" Asked Raven.

Beast boy took a deep breath, "See, when I was really little I heard this weird African story about pixie things sneaking into kids rooms when they were asleep and drinking their blood and stuff, and they ended up becoming evil pixie things too, and-"

"Is this going somewhere?"

"It is, I promise! I got really scared," He read the look on her face; "I was five dude! Anyway, I couldn't sleep cos I was so scared they were gonna show up. No matter what I tried, I couldn't sleep. Then my dad gave me this," he dangled the totem in his hand, "And he said that it'd keep the pixies away. I believed him so I slept."

Raven raised one eyebrow. "And?"

He looked as though the point was obvious, "Well the totem didn't do anything! I thought it kept the pixies away, but it didn't. I blamed the totem for something that wouldn't happen anyway."

"So what?"

Seized with sudden bravery Beast boy replied, "So this." And kissed her.

Raven gave a muffled cry, quickly cut off by his lips on hers. After a second of resistance she relaxed, enjoying the sensation of being so close to him, knowing that he wanted to be with her. Her heart felt like it was going to burst...

She gasped and tore away from the boy, "No! I told you, we can't!"

But Beast boy wasn't paying attention to her, "Raven..."

"It'd be too dangerous!"


"I'd blow up the planet!"


She stopped mid-rant. "What?"

The changeling gestured around the room, not speaking.

Raven looked around. Perfect. Everything was in place; nothing was broken, moved or fractured. She gasped again and drew one hand to her mouth, at a loss, "How did...?"

Beast boy smiled, "You blamed the sky, but no one said you didn't have full control before. Like no matter how many nights I stayed up, no pixies flew through my window."

"B-but how did you-?"

He shrugged, "I guessed."

Raven rolled her eyes, "You're dumb enough to try anything."


The empath smiled and kissed him again, "Beast boy, thank you."

He grinned, "My pleasure Rae."

And Beast boy realized that while clouds had silver linings, orange clouds were in fact golden.

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