Fire and Ice

Haku woke to the feel of sand under his body. Carefully opening his eyes he saw a clear blue sky. He heard the gentle lapping of waves hitting a beach. A far cry of where he was before.

He sat up quickly at the thought, pushing the dizziness to the back of his mind he concentrated instead on what had happened. Last he remembered he was fighting to protect Zabuza-san. He remembered how he had jumped in front of Kakashi as he tried to attack Zabuza-san with a lightning technique. He trembled as he remembered the pain of Kakashi's hand in his chest, the lightning surging throughout his body. He had died there hadn't he?

Was Zabuza-san still alive? Did he save the one he loved?

He finally took note of his surroundings, and stopped when his eyes lay on Zabuza's sword. It sat as innocently as a sword could in the sand, if that was here then Zabuza-san must be dead. Haku simply sat there his mind working through the confusion, silent tears falling into the sand. If Zabuza was really dead why could they not be together? If Haku was really still alive what would he live for now that his reason for living was dead? He fell back into the sand gazing blindly at the sky. Was he even in the elemental countries? If he wasn't could he get back?

Haku lay there until the sun started to disappear behind the trees that made the island, the sea gently caressing his toes. He had finally made a decision, he would train to be much stronger and find someone else to love and protect, not as a tool but as a friend a comrade like Naruto.

Haku sat up slowly, stretching his sore muscles. He must have been unconscious for a long time. Letting his shinobi training kick in he ignored the hunger in his stomach in favour of taking in his surroundings. He realised that he was on a small island covered in trees and surrounded by beaches.

He stood up strapping Zabuza's Cleaver onto his back with a sad smile in his face and walked towards the tree line to see if he could find anywhere to camp with the meagre supplies he had.

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