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Rosario + Vampire - Tsukune x ?

"So, you are really immortal?" Tsukune asked Moka, his throat and mouth dry.

"Well, I can be killed, but I can't die of old age."

The concept was so alien to Tsukune. She could live forever. Moka didn't even need to breathe! If it weren't for the fact water purified her, she couldn't drown. She would watch him wither and die.

It terrified him. She had even offered to turn him. To make him as immortal as she. To watch all he cared for turn to dust and ash. It terrified him more than Kuyou did. It scared him worse than the thought of death. To lose all he cared for. That was hell. It would be the worst form of torture.

And there she was acting like it was nothing. Like he should want to become like her. To save his life? Only to spend the rest of eternity in agony. If he did take her offer, he would have to cut off all ties with anyone mortal. He knew he couldn't bear to watch them pass.

"And if you were to turn me, what then?" he licked his lips in a desperate attempt to wet them.

"You can stay at Youkai!"

He made a cutting gesture.

"After that? In exchange for my life now, you're asking me to forsake my ability to live later. What would I do with myself?"

Moka's face scrunched up in confusion. Tsukune would call it cute, if he wasn't feeling soul wrenching terror. Deep dread that made his insides feel like the cold only terrible death could produce. He had felt it once. He died on the way to the hospital.

It wasn't peaceful. It wasn't like going home. It was like losing, only far, far worse. He wanted to see his family. And as he slipped into nothing and the cold deeps of the abyss, he felt such terrible loss. Not at his own life, but that he could no longer be with his family, friends, community, or even the stray dog down the street he used to feed.

Moka's face lit up when an idea hit her.

"You could learn whatever you wanted! And then you could fake your death when enough time had passed and live a new life learning something new. That's what a lot of Vampires do."

Tsukune looked at her, he didn't know whether to snort in derision or tell her she was being unkind. She obviously did not understand mortality. Moka had and would never experience mortality like he had. The warmth and zest of life, and the cold clutches of unfulfilled death.

"I'll think about it."

He left quickly. He might have one other option.

X x X x X

"Yukari-chan, I need to speak with you."

"Tsukune! What do you need? desu~" the young witch answered exuberantly. She caught herself when she noticed his serious mood and posture.

"Is there anyway I can learn magic? Just enough to convince Kuyou?"

Yukari muttered something and looked at him, cocking her head to one side. The look was strange. It seemed to pierce and gloss over his soul.


He hung his head. He guessed it was immortality.

"You would have to keep learning. Otherwise the magic would consume your soul and you would become a spirit or worse."

"What?" his head snapped up and he looked at the strangely very serious Yukari.

"Your soul, while it has the rare potential for magic, is not like mine," she said reaching into her bag and pulling out a very old and worn book, "I use Arcane Magicks. It deals with conjuration and manipulation of things. It is because my soul is very neat and organized. Someone with a wild soul and a connection to the Wylde would use Nature or Druidic Magicks. But, Tsukune," she opened the book to a page and showed it to him, "This is what I see when I view your soul."

The picture in the book was stange. It showed shadow and ice. And a pair of eyes, that even inked like they were, pierced you to the core. Yet strangely, it called to him.

"What is it?" he whispered reaching a shaking hand out.

"Winter Magicks. Old Magicks. The kind of stuff that makes Mizore's ice look like water. Your soul is deep and dark and very cold. On the surface, it is like a first snow, or the spring thaw, but deep down..."

She snapped the book shut. It brought Tsukune out of his trance.

"We need to find you a interim focus. During break, we will have to go to my family's realm, the Magicks Realm to get you a decent one. C'mon," she grabbed his hand and led him away, "We have to see the Headmaster."

X x X x X

The two stood in front of the Exorcist. One of the three Hades Lords and Headmaster of the Youkai Academy.

"Forgive us, Headmaster, but it is very important."

"Speak, child. What is so important?" the headmaster asked, his glowing eyes putting them under scrutiny.

"Tsukune is in need of an interim focus. His broke his earlier in the school year, and with the recent scrutiny of the Student Police, he came to me to see if he could get a replacement, that he may satisfy their curiosity," Yukari lied skilfully. She had briefed him on the way on her plan.

"How did you break it. young Aono?"

"I wasn't paying attention and focused too much magic through a flaw in it. It 'cracked' and was rendered useless."

Yukari told him that beginner foci had many inherent flaws in them. When a beginner 'cracked' a focus, it either meant they need more training or a better focus.

"Why haven't you come for a new one before this?" the Headmaster's gaze seemed to intensify.

"I-I," Tsukune looked away, in what he hoped was embarrassment, "I thought I should try to live like a normal human for a little while, before I got one on break."

The Headmaster, who really knew what was going on the whole time, just nodded. The lie would hold up to Kuyou's scrutiny. The thing that surprised the Headmaster was that Tsukune had chosen to seek help from his witch friend. Not his Vampire love.


The Headmaster stood and ushered them through a door in the side of his office. Inside there were many artifacts, that Yukari recognized as Foci of varying levels. Nothing above Journeyman, though.

"What kind of Magick?"

"Winter Magicks," Tsukune offered quietly. He was in awe of all the items around him. Some looked very cool, others old, and others just plain strange.

The Exorcist nodded, though he was internally more surprised than ever. That this kind, gentle human boy, would have a winter soul. Still he had a good Focus for that school.

He handed Tsukune a small leather book. It looked worn and beaten, but the pages were blank. The girl would know what to do. When Tsukune took the book, The cloth bookmark turned from a pale brown to a pale ice blue. He was indeed a Winter Warlock.

"Go. Students have work to do on school nights such as this."

The two scurried from his sight like only students could.

The Headmaster sighed. This wasn't what he planned. But he supposed he could get it to all work out.

X x X x X

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