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Winter Warlock - Tsukune X Alice

Mizore looked around. She was in the field of Snow White Flowers near her home. Tsukune was near her, bare, naked as the day he was born. Looking down, she saw the same of herself. She sighed in contentment.

This was nice. Too nice. She was very much in her 'Happy Place,' which was indicative of something very bad happening to her. While Dream-Mizore and Dream-Tsukune proceeded to make the beast of two backs, Real Time-Mizore struggled to wake up.

X x X x X

She opened one eye blearily against a throbbing head ache, the other eye refusing to open, feeling as if a months worth of sleeping crud had crusted her eye shut. Mizore was jostled and light, but deep, chuckling reached her ears.

"Awake, at last. I was worried I had hit you too hard, Shiraiyuki Mizore-chan."

Mizore did her best to focus on the flesh coloured blob ahead of her and remember who's voice that was.

The figure reached out and she felt a caress float down her cheek and turn into a harsh grope when it reached her breasts.

"Ah!" Mizore cried out in pain. That was too hard! The world came into focus, despite her throbbing head. It was Kutsubo-sensei!

"I will enjoy this most thouroughly, Mizore-chan," he said with a dark purr.

Mizore struggled, wiggled, trying to get away. But she couldn't, her hands seemed to be bound above her head. The chuckling came back out again, this time louder, even as she tried to call upon her youki and freeze the bastard.

"You can't do anything, Mizore-chan. Those handcuffs are meant to restrain monsters in their human form. Such an inventive sex toy, don't you agree?"

This time the caress came much lower and in a much more private place, Mizore whimpered as she shivered against her will. She didn't want this! If anybody was going to kidnap her and have his naughty way, it should be Tsukune!

A gutteral sound left her lips. A curse, handed down for generations amongst the Yuki-Onna. None, save the Snow Priestess, were sure exactly what it meant. But the Snow Priestess had forewarned all the girls to only use it when they wished true death upon their enemies. The language had been lost to time, and so had the exact meaning. Nevertheless, Mizore laid the curse upon the deviant teacher.

'I wish my brother upon you. That he may know of your sins and punish you!'

"Hmmmm? I'm sorry, Mizore-chan, you'll have to speak up," Kutsubo said as he back handed her.

Tsukune's tug on her youki, unnoticed in her panic, became a pull, almost like someone searching for something they had tied a rope too.

"Since when did it snow inside the dimensional dome?" Kutsubo glanced at Mizore, "You can't be doing it now can you, Miore-chan?"

Indeed it was snowing.

"He's coming for me," she croaked out, "And he's going to kill you."

Kustubo grabbed her forcefully by the chin.

"Who, my dear?"


Kutsubo laughed and began to explore her body with his free hand, touching places that had never been touched by another person.

"He's rather busy with Ririko-sensei. I doubt he remembers you at all, at this point."

Kutsubo was suddenly ripped from her sight, even as he cried out in pain.

X x X x X

Tsukune felt a sudden need to be at the bluffs. His stride widened out into a run, trees whipped by as blurs in his vision. He stopped cold upon entering the clearing on the bluffs.

There was Mizore, chained to some contraption, her clothes ripped and torn in some places, blood was coming out of the temple he could see. And whoever that man was, he was touching her in very intimate places.


Kurumu, who had taken to flying to keep up with Tsukune, noticed the snow falling even harder than before. When she came upon the clearing, Tsukune was already running flat out, something glimmering in his hand, to where some people were.

Upon closer indepection, it was Mizore and Kutsubo-sensei! Kurumu had never liked how the man had leered at the girls, but this? This was too much!


Tsukune drove the icicle in his hand as hard as possible in to the man's shoulder and tackled the man to the ground.


Kurumu flew down to Mizroe and immeadiately began to find a way to get her down.

"It's alright now, Mizore. We're gonna save you!"

"Why? I've been tainted, who would want me now?"

Kurumu did not like the dead look in Mizore's eyes.

"The first time this happened to me, I was four. And I thought the very same thing. But Mama helped me. And I'll do my best to help you realize what a gem you are. But first, we have to get you out of here, and cleaned up."


Tsukune brought his hand up, minus the icicle, only to bring another down into the man's side. Immeadiately after he scored that second hit, Tsukune's victim let out a beastial roar and batted him away.

"Ku ku ku, Aono-san. You are here, just as she said. That means Ririko failed. Such a shame, she wants you very badly. Your attack would be very effective against her, but cold does not effect Kraken! We live in the very coldes-"

Kutsubo had been talking with an air of superiority not paying attention to Tsukune. This had allowed Tsukune time to recover and make another charge. His visciousness catching Kutsubo off guard.

Tsukune scored three more hits before being batted away again.

"I will drag you to the seabed!" Kutsubo screamed at the boy.

Tentacles sprang out from under Kutsubo's collar, even as his arms burst his sleeves and grew suckers.

Kutsubo's face twitched. 'Why is it taking so long to transform? Why does my body feel so lethargic? The cold shouldn't be affecting me!'

The cold from the still embedded icicles was seeping into Kutsubo's 'bones.' Those observing his slow transformation watched as black sprouted from the icicles almost like flowers blooming. Kutsubo was frostbitten.


Kurumu couldn't figure out how to open the handcuffs. She had managed to cut all the leather straps holding Mizore up, but Kurumu didn't know how to open the cuffs without a key, or hurting Mizore further.

"Mizore, do you know how to open these without the key?" Kurumu asked bringing Mizore's hands infront of her face. Not as dead as before, Mizore's eyes looked over her bonds.

Mizore reached out and took out one of Kurumu's bobby pins.

"These are not the real deal. These are a sex toy meant to restrain youki and a monsters human form for roleplay," she snapped the pin, "do you know how to pick locks? I don't think my wrists can bend enough."

"Aa. I know how. I'm quite the escape artist. Mama dated a stage magician, who taught me all sorts of things. Beacuse I kept getting taken."

As Kurumu picked the lock, Yukari came huffing and puffing up to them.

"Kurumu-nee! What should I do?"

A loud click came from the cuffs. Kurumu looked around, observing the transformation of Kutsubo the best she could through the ever thickening snow.

"We're gonna stay here and wait for Tsukune."



"What have you done to me?" Kutsubo screamed at Tsukune.

"Kraken may have adapted to live in the cold, but I'm sure they cannot withstand the full winter," came Tsukune's cold reply.

A roar full of a clicking beak came from the now fully transformed Kutsubo. The Kraken was huge and on the edge of the bluff. Now huge frostbite patches covered his head and the base of a few tentacles.

"Do you know what happens to frozen things when you bend them?"

A huge crack sounded from the ground between Tsukune and Kutsubo.

"They don't bend," Tsukune continued as tentacles raced through the air to catch him, "They snap."

A huge crack sounded and Kutsubo's body began to drop away with the ground he sat upon, his sucks attempting to find purchase on the solid ground. But his suckers were few and too strong, Kutsubo too heavy. The solid ground ripped away in chunks, even as he roared and fell into the sea.

Tsukune looked down to where his enemy should have fallen. Yet nothing was there. Suddenly a tentacle raced up and grabbed him round the waist.

'I'll drag you down with me!'

"That's a very bad idea," came a new voice.

A hand was laid upon the tentacle and black frostbitten flesh instantly appeared. Tsukune looked to where the hand had come from to see his shishou.

"As if I would let you take away my brand new apprentice," the now identified Ezekiel said.

Kutubo's tentacle snapped and he finally fell away and towards the rocks below. The giant devil fish fell and part of his head was impaled and then torn away at his frostbitten flesh. The already red water grew darker as blood and ink flooded out of the former teacher.

"Shishou, why are you here?" Tsukune asked as they froze and broke off the tentacle.

"Your friend, Mizore, called for us. Didn't you feel the call? The sudden need to be by her and kill whomever was attacking her?"

Tsukune nodded and turned to check on his friends.

"Go. I will see you tommorow."

Tsukune ran to his friends, but stopped before them.


The roars had frightened all three girls. But the snow, what had been falling thickly, slowed, the flakes now large and wet.

"He's gone," Mizore whispered, "That bastard is gone."

She slumped even further into Kurumu.

All three girls heard the rapid crunching of the soft snow. Kurumu looked up and was releived to see Tsukune. He slowed as he got closer stopping about ten feet from them.

"Mizore-chan? Are you alright?"

Mizore stood shakily, and stumbled slightly over to him. When she reached him, she embraced him quickly, pecked his cheek, and stumbled past the two other girls, back in the direction of the dorms.

Kurumu came up to him after whipsering to Yukari, who hurried after Mizore, and began guiding her to towards the infirmary.

"I'm surprised she did that. The first time it happened to me, I clung to my mother and refused to be even seen by a man."

Tsukune looked at the succubus sharply.

"I'll talk to her, and try to make her feel better. I call my mama, and do my best to get a hold of hers. Hopefully she'll be right as... well, snow," Kurumu smiled softly, "soon. We'll be fighting over who makes you bentos soon enough."

Kurumu stood on her tippy toes and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you for being such a knight in shining armor, Tsukune-kun. I only hope you never have to do it again for this reason."

Kurumu hurried away, even as Tsukune brought his hands to his cheeks to touch where the two girls had kissed him. He felt tired, and warm.

Tsukune's knees gave out and the world turned black.

"Well, at least I don't have a shitbag for an apprentice. I probably won't have to worry about you attempting an Ice Age."

Ezekiel hefted Tsukune onto his shoulder and headed off to the boys' dormitory.

X x X x X

"If that is how he fights, I doubt Ishigami was killed by him. Maybe Kuyou found a way to mimic his powers and attempted to frame him. That fox is too clever by half."

X x X x X

Ginei was worried. Moka had been far more sexually aggressive then he was comfortable with. Firstly, he was used to taking the lead in that department. Secondly, he didn't want to be beaten or drained to death. He remembered the trouncing he had gotten from the silver-haired Moka.

Still, as much as he wanted to stop her, he didn't. Her hands felt divine, or devilish in this case, trailing all over his body. He did manage to keep her hands out of his pants and her from placing his hands upon her breasts or in her panties. Still, she kept trying.


'Why won't he touch me? Why won't he let me touch him! This is not normal behaviour for a man!'

'He is smarter than you think, and remembers me. He, most correctly, thinks it is a trap. See your predicament? You have not only failed in securing Tsukune in the way you want, but you fail in gaining even the Wolf's favour. You are a failure.'

'If I am such a failure then why was I created? Why are you still behind the seal?'

To that Inner Moka made no comment.

'I'll get mine, bitch,' Inner Moka spoke into the seal.

X x X x X

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