Okay, this isn't exactly a Alice story but its a story based on the books Phyllis Renyolds Naylor wrote the Boys-vs- Girls series and seeing that there is no section to post this in So I thought here. Don't worry I do actually have an Alice story to post but based off of the books rather then the movie.

The Benson family moved back to Buckman, and the Malloy family was staying too. Coach Malloy decided to take the position to coach high school football and now they were renting the house next to the Hatford Family. The only kids happy with this arrangement was Steve Benson, and Peter Hatford.

"Why do they have to stay? I was eager to see them off!" cried out Jake the twin of Josh Hatford.

"You're being a bit mean Jake I like them," defended the youngest Hatford boy Peter. He liked being around Caroline, she's the funny one. Beth made good cookies and Eddie always kept them on there toes.

"Yea at least the Bensons' are back," perked up Josh. He was okay with the Malloy girls at one point he had a crush on Beth. Peter bets that he still does, but said nothing about it. They have been friends with the Benson's and glad that there back from Georgia.

"Yea but we hate the Malloy's they actually like them," protested Jake. To be honest he got the hint that Steve likes Eddie and he was grossed out by this revolution. And he kinda sorta likes Eddie too. Shh don't tell anyone!

"Ohh Dougie can try Beth's cookies!" cried out Peter over joyed with this bit of information that blew up in his head. In his mind Wally groaned, really Peter? Really? Wally turned back to trying to get the same color fruit loops on his spoon. Jake and Josh returned to there cereal and he could hear Jake still complaining mumbling under his breath.

"Well kids, summer is over lets get going for school," said there mother and all of them groaned. Jake couldn't wait to see Eddie and Steve start flirting with each other. Wally couldn't wait to have Caroline poking at his back again with her ruler.

Ah well short maybe a ficlet? Still hope you enjoyed.