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A Winter Night's Promise

Ayla walked through the BCR Dome, sighing to herself as she looked at the few scraps of trash that had been left behind. Though it was empty now, it had been filled a couple nights before with her boyfriend's younger brother and a bunch of his closest friends for their annual Christmas Bash. She loved Matt, she had been with him for the past few years, but she just hadn't been able to take part in the party. Though she had been glad to see those closest to him again, like Jeff and Beth, she wasn't one to be around that type of atmosphere.

But that night was Christmas Eve, and she had been looking forward to spending it with just Matt. But she wasn't sure if that was even going to be possible now. Ayla pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, unsure why she listened to the voice message her boyfriend had left her earlier again.

"Hey, Ayla. It's Matt. Look, I know I said I'd be home by tonight. But due to the snow, our flight was delayed. A few guys and I are stuck at the airport. I promise you I'll be home as soon as I can. I love you."

Sighing, Ayla put her phone back before looking around at the vast interior of the Dome. Since he was wrestling with the WWE, she was used to Matt being gone for long periods of time. It came with the business. But he was supposed to be home for Christmas, not stranded in an airport. However, she couldn't control the weather. She would just have to hope her boyfriend could make it home in time for Christmas and the others stranded with him could make it home to their families.

After all, Christmas was the time for miracles.

Deciding she had stayed long enough, Ayla wrapped her coat tighter around herself and left the BCR Dome, glad for her boots as she trudged through the snow that had accumulated back toward the house. Snow was still falling from the dark night sky, but the flakes were now light and fluffy instead of the heavy snowfall earlier, which was the source of the problem for her boyfriend as well. She saw the lights from the house through the flakes, shivering slightly in the cool air as she approached it. She took her key out of her pocket and unlocked the front door, brushing some of the snow off her as she stepped inside.

Immediately, she heard the sound of small paws scraping across the wooden floor, and she smiled when she saw Matt's small white dog, Lucas, running toward her in greeting. "Told you I wouldn't be gone long," Ayla said with a smile, hanging her coat up before bending over and picking up the excited terrier. She held him close as she walked into the kitchen, setting him down again as she quickly made herself a cup of hot chocolate to warm up. She then walked into the living room and sat down on the couch, looking around for the remote.

Lucas made his way into the living room, jumping up onto the couch and sitting on Ayla's lap. She smiled as she started to pet him, his tail wagging happily when she scratched behind his ears. But then, her eyes narrowed slightly when a glint of silver on his collar caught her eye. She looked closer, seeing it was a thin sliver bracelet with a heart locket on it.

"That wasn't there before..." Ayla muttered, carefully taking it off the collar to look at it better. She carefully opened the locket, seeing there was a picture of her and Matt on one half, their names written on the other.

"Where did you get this, little guy?" she asked quietly, looking back at the small terrier as she pet his head.

Lucas licked her hand before jumping off her lap, walking over to the door and sitting in front of it. He whined quietly, scratching at the door a couple times to get her attention.

"You want to go out now?" Ayla looked at the small dog with disbelief. "Why didn't you come with me when I walked over to the Dome?" She had offered, but he hadn't wanted to leave the house at that time. When Lucas only whined again, pawing at the door, she sighed, putting the locket safely in her pocket and took a sip of her hot chocolate before setting it on the small wooden table next to the couch. Ayla then got to her feet, walking over to the closet and slipping her coat back on before putting on her boots.

"All right, little guy, come on." She grabbed his leash, hooking it to his collar before opening the door and stepping out into the cold night.

But then, Ayla stopped with shock and dropped the leash when she saw someone was standing in the snow at the foot of the porch, smiling up at her with snow tangled in his black curls. Lucas barked once happily, his tail wagging. "Hey," he said with a smile.

Once the surprise wore off, a broad smile spread across her face as well. Ayla hurried down the couple stairs separating them, wrapping her arms around him tightly. "When did you get back?" she asked.

Matt looked back down at her, brushing some stray strands of her light hair out of her face before winding his arms around her too. "Not too long ago," he answered. "But when I got here, you were gone. So I thought I'd let Lucas here give you a little something to make up for that delayed flight to surprise you."

Ayla smiled up at her boyfriend. "Well, just having you home for Christmas is enough for me," she muttered.

"I know. I'm glad to be home." Matt tightened his arms around Ayla, laughing a little when Lucas bounded around them. "Want to walk him together?"

"Yeah, sure," Ayla muttered, taking his hand in hers when Matt let go of her before leaning down and grabbing the end of Lucas' leash. "Let's go."

Matt smiled as they started walking through the light snowfall, pulling her close to his side. Ayla's smile mirrored his as she let go of Lucas' leash and watched him run around the snow-filled lawn ahead of them. "You must have gotten home when I was at the Dome," she said thoughtfully.

"Why were you out there?" Matt wondered, looking down at his girlfriend curiously.

Ayla shrugged. "Just looking around," she told him. "No reason, I guess..."

Matt's eyes narrowed slightly as he sighed. "Yeah, I know you're not a fan of that kind of thing," he replied quietly. "That's why I promised you I'd be home tonight. We'll have our own quiet Christmas, just you and me. How does that sound?"

"That's the only thing I'm asking for," Ayla said.

"Well, your actual gift is in the car," Matt muttered with a slight smile. "But you'll get that in the morning."

Ayla looked up at him, nodding slightly as they came to a stop. They always had their own personal gift exchange on Christmas morning before meeting with family. "And yours is under the tree," she added. "Is it wrapped? We can pick it up when we go back to the house."

Matt grinned sheepishly. "Uh, I actually have to wrap it yet," he mumbled. "So no peeking!"

"Don't worry, I won't."

"I'll do it later and get it under the tree," Matt told her. He then smiled, once again running his fingers through her hair. "For now, all that matters to me is spending tonight with you and not stranded in that airport."

Ayla wrapped her arms around him again. "That's all that's important tonight," she agreed, resting her head on the older Hardy's chest when he pulled her closer. "I love you, Matt."

"I love you too, Ayla." Matt gently tilted her head up and gave her a soft kiss. "Not that I don't like the guys I was stuck with, but I'd rather spend the holiday with you."

"And I'm sure they're glad to be home with their families as well." Ayla then turned and looked out at the snow-covered lawn, her eyes shining when she saw moonlight sneaking through the dark clouds and falling gently on the earth below, causing the snow to shimmer. "Isn't it beautiful?"

Matt nodded, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend and resting his chin on top of her head. "It really is," he muttered. "It's a beautiful sight."

Then, they heard a loud, friendly bark, and Ayla laughed when Lucas ran at them and jumped up at Matt. The older Hardy easily caught the excited terrier, a smile appearing on his face when he licked his cheek. "Yeah, I'm glad to see you too," he said, scratching the small dog behind his ears. "And yes, your gift is still in the car too, little man."

Ayla smiled as she watched her boyfriend and their dog, linking her arm through Matt's. "Ready to head back?" she asked. "I have some hot chocolate made, and I can get you a mug too."

Matt glanced down at her, kissing her forehead. "Sounds good to me, Ayla," he answered, turning as he began to walk back toward the house with them. "Let's enjoy the rest of our Christmas Eve."

"As long as you're here," Ayla muttered, resting her head against his arm as they walked, "it'll be perfect."

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