It has always been him. Why was he allowed te be a ninja and not me. Why was I only allowed te heal. Why! It has always been him, never me. I was never allowed to be me. Why? Because I am a woman. That's what the elders would say. In my clan women aren't allowed to be a ninja.

My name is Mikagi Kayra. But Kayra is just fine. I am sixteen years old, have brown reddish hair and green eyes. Green as grass my mother would say. In the mikagi clan women aren't allowed to fight. They are just allowed to heal. Whole my life I have wanted te be a ninja. I never became one. My brother did. He sucks at it and even than Father loves him more than me. Our clan used to be very powerfull. That was before our bloodline limet was sealed away a hunderd years ago. The allied countries saw it as a treat to them. It has been said that the kimmagure as it is called was one of the most powerfull kekkai gekkai's known, but nobody has ever been able to use it again. The users eyes would become Ice blue and the user would be able to look in the future for a few seconds. Thus knowing what your enemy would do before he even knew it himself. But like every kekkai gekkai it has a bad side. The people from my clan found out they can manipulate any liquid. Even blood. That is why we are sometimes called bloodbenders. A kimmegure user has never been beaten before is said. It is even said some users were able to bring people back from the dead. But i don't know if that's true or just fiction. In our clan we are al water and wind users. The best of us can even combine them and make ice. The water can heal we have found out and that's what i have been learning for over 16 years now.

But every night i would sneak out and train. Train to be a kunoichi. To beat my brother and to convince my fathert that i am a formidable kunoichi. So far i have even been able to control ice. Father knows i disobey him and i have already received many beatings. But i just keep going. I won't give up. Never.

That night i woke up to the sound of explosions. I jumped out of bed and ran to my parents bedroom. It was empty. I ran to the front door and pulled it open. BOOOOM! I flew back into the house. I jumped back up and ran outside. Our clan was being attacked and we were losing. Losing bad. "Aniki! Mom! Dad! Where are you!" I couldn't find them. I cept running. There! Dad was fighting 3 other ninja. They looked strong, probaly all Jounin. "Dad!" I sceamed. "Kayra run! Go heal the others! There are a lot of wounded people!" He wanted me to heal the others even when he was in danger? "NO, you can't handle them. They are to strong dad, you will get yourself killed! I am not going to heal i can fight!"

I attacked the Jounin with my water whip and caught him by suprise, that gave me enough time to make a doppelganger and hide myself on the roof of the nearby house. My clone made ice shurikens and trew them at the other jounin and teleported myself behind the only one left. I stabbed him with an ice dagger and he fell down. 6 Kunai came my way and i dodged them. I made more clones and made them do the ice rain jutsu with me. The deady ans sharp ice came down on them and they fell down limp. I ran to my dad and crouched down beside him. Dad are you okay? Smack! I felt my cheek burning from the blow my father gave me and looked at him. He looked at my with the dissapoited and angry face he always gave me when he found me training. "How many times do a have to tell you that women aren't alowed to fight! When this is over the elders and i will talk about your punisment, maybe we will even ban you from the clan!" Ban me from the clan. I looked my father in the eyes. He was serieus. Even when i saved his life he treated me like this. I felt the anger boiling up inside me and something else too. "I saved your life and all you can do is hit me and yell at me! Why am i not allowed to fight! Why! Why is brother allowed to fight when he clearly sucks at it! I hate this clan! And i hate you! You never accepted me for who I am! I am not your little princess or just a helpless girl! It's in my blood to be a Kunoichi and from now on I will do what I want, not what you want! Ban me! I don't give a shit!" I looked him in the eyes and i found fear. He looked at me like i was a monster.

"Impossible….sealed away…. Eyes" My father mumbled. What i didn't know was during my outburst i had waved my arms around a little to much and had created almost a new ice age. Or that's what it looked like. Unknown i had even activated my kekkai gekkai and i was staring at my father with the ice blue eyes of a kimmagure user. "That's al you have to say!"I screamed with tears leaking down my face. My father stood up and walked over to me. I backed away usure what he was going to do. He held my face in his hands and looked me right in the eyes. " You activated the kekkai gekkai." He whispered. "This shouldn't have happened, why have you activated it! Why!" He cried. I was shocked. My father was crying over me because I had activated the kekkai gekkai?

"For al these years i have tried to protect you, forbid women to train and by that banned you from training. And even than you were able to activate it. You truly are a prodigy, but why haven't you listened to me! I knew you were likely to activate it. That's the reason your mother and I banned you from training. That's why i beated you up every time you trained and i yelled at you. If the elders find out that you have activated the kimmegure you will get killed." He spoke. I will get killed? I thought. " You mean you never hated me and made my life hell to protect me? I spoke. "Of course, i love you Kayra. But you are my daughter and as your father it is my duty to protect you. But you are just as stubborn as your mother. You never gave up on the idea of being a kunoichi. And i wanted you so hard to give it up. To be safe." He said.

He took my arm and we ran home to my room. He started packing my stuff. " Dad what are you doing? What's wrong?" I asked " You have to leave, the elders have most likely found out by now that you have activated it and are coming to get you. I have packed your stuff and have put the forbidden scrolls of our family in your bag. You have to go. I will keep them busy." He said. "But what about you, mum and aniki?" He looked at me with pain in his eyes. "We will be fine love" He said. He was lying. " No don't lie to me dad. I don't want to lose you and mum, not after i finilly know you do care about me." I croaked through sobs. He pushed me foward out of the door and futher out of the house. "Take my two katanas to protect youself and this money. Now go! Go! And don't ever look back!" He yelled while he pushed me away from him. " Do this for Me and your mother please!" For once in my life i listened to him and did as he said.

I ran pushing chakra to my legs and feet. I ran and ran till I almost couldn't hear the villige. Till i couldn't hear it at all. Till i collapsed in a heap on the forest floor. I dragged myself behind a tree and cried till i couldn't cry any more. I knew they were death and i knew it was all my fault. They tried to protect me and i was so selfish. It all became clear to me. The conversations that stoppe das soon as i entered the room, the proud look on my father's face that in a second changed into anger and my mother crying every night as i trained. I lost everything. I was now completely alone in the forest.

I felt my eyelids drop and i fell asleep crying. I would become a restless night full of nightmares.