Leonardo kept that pressed flower hidden between the pages of his favorite book, as a fond token of his affection for her. On later years, he would admit to anyone that his feelings for her back then was not love, not really, but more of an epiphany... an understanding. That despite the fact that they were two different individuals she considered him worthy to be by her side. She never cared by the fact that he happened to be a mutant turtle with a stiff code of morality. No... she sees him as an equal and a worthy opponent. And for him, she was this as well.

He never saw Lotus again, though April's investigative journalism skills tuned him in that the female ninja was currently in the employment of an influential politician, he decided that he should respect her decision that they both keep their distance. "There is little gold in goodness." Was her practical reply, and he wondered if she still held that opinion now years later, if his feelings for her would have changed had his own choices had been different, or if they'll ever cross paths again.

He closed his book, his cherished lotus flower preserved in its pages, along with his own memories.