When party-palls, Rose, Alice and Bella find themselves in need of a bail out, their one call goes to Emmett McCarty their not so tolerable, chauvinistic neighbor. When he, his brother, and his dick of a roommate come through it comes with a cost. Every penny will be paid back! But the girls are all in a big downward spiral. Bella was on the verge of dropping out from school, Alice is seven grand in the hole, and Rose's disrespect has her losing jobs left and right. Seeing some serious need for discipline, the guys decide to intervene. SPANKING LEMONS D/s DD BDSM

AN: I once had this up for adoption...I've returned to it, as I completed some other works of fiction. My mind is and always been a collection of stories, knocking to come out... they each have to wait in line and sometimes I leave them never to come back. Other times I return later (AN: updated 11.10.14)

"What the fuck Rose! Who goes about feeling up police officers? Did you honestly think you were going get off by you giving him a hand job!" I screeched, sitting on my heels and holding my aching head in my hands.

"Fuck you Bella! It was you who was pouring Jack down my throat and if you haven't noticed all three of our asses are sitting in jail. So do not try and put this all on me," she tossed her hair over her shoulder and gave me her icy blue stare. Alice, who sat on the cement floor was nasty ass mess of running mascara and incessant hiccups.

"Alice, get up off the damn floor. You have no idea how many dirty old freaks have pissed there," I scolded, pulling her from the concrete. "And stop it with the tears."

Alice was wearing green pumps and a sexy little excuse for a mini skirt, complete with her favorite off the shoulder emerald top. Rose on the other hand was in her little black dress and her red fuck me heels. I of course had been dressed by Alice and was sporting leather leggings and a sexy purple top with a plunging neckline, and God did I feel uncomfortable.

Alice and Rose had been my assistants in crime, my blood sisters and only true family ever since we were in the fourth grade. It was in fourth grade that we all three were placed in the same foster home. Rose was a year older than us, because she had made a habit of skipping school quite a bit she was held back. Alice, I think was one of those malnourished children, because her clothes were forever hanging on her. I had already been placed in seven different homes before the Denalis.

Carmen Denali was not really interested in being a mother. She had already raised three girls and now she just needed something to do. I don't know why the hell she chose foster parenting the woman should have picked up knitting or something. She never had any idea what we were doing or who we were with. She was rather forgetful while sober, but drunk she could not even remember our names. Her husband Al, was not around much and when he was just wanted us to stay out of his site. Still with the Denali's, I was never beaten or starved. All in all it was an A plus foster home.

The house was massive and they had 4 cars between the two of them; but still we wore old used clothing she pulled from the attic and shoes she bought at Good Will once a year. If it had not been for Alice and Rose my childhood would have been very lonely.

It was our sophomore year of high school that things changed. Rose beat the shit out of some scumbag after he grouped Alice in gym class. She was suspended, but worst of all her social worker was at our door the very next day. Alice and I knew what we had to do. The three of us stole as much valuable shit we could fit in our bookbags, and high tailed it out of there, before he could relocate her to a "home with more structure", as her social worker said.

Since then we had done it all; I mean it all. Rose had danced for a time. I did what I could while getting my GED, while Alice reamined the shoplifting queen.

Now that I was 21, I had calmed down quite a bit. Well maybe a little bit. We shared an apartment and paid the rent when we could. But we lived a little above our means- the place was really nice. I had been going to a community college, but things weren't going so well there. Alice while always dressed to the nine, did not have the kind of money she spent. And Rose, well she had her own issues.

Tonight was just a fluke.

In all our years together we had manage to avoid the law for the most part. Not to say that we had been good girls.

I knew we should have stayed home, but the party was going to be bangin claimed Alice. Fuck it all! It was a friend of hers, a Mike someone or other. Anyhow, what it came down to is this. Mikes party happened to be at this house where he worked, the folks were out vacationing or something. But they ended up coming home early, and when they saw the light on the phoned the cops, so long story short. The investigating policeman was not impressed with Rose wanting to play good cop, naughty citizen and now we were sitting our sexy little asses in a 12x12 cell, trying to rack our brains for a person to call.

"Call Jake, Bella, please! You know he would say yes in a heartbeat," begged Alice.

"NO!" I replied sharply. I was done using him. Jake was the only thing that was good in my life and I was not going to go pushing him away. He had been a terrible boyfriend, but as a friend the guy was golden. I could not call him. My pride just would not let me do it. "I already owe him nearly two grand. I'm not going to go crawling to him again, it isn't fair to him Alice," I told her curtly. She nodded knowing what I was getting at.

The officer standing at the barred door was clearly perturbed, for he was rolling his eyes. Rose looked at the two of us then went to the door.

"Wait, Rose, who the hell are you going to call?" I asked, confused. She looked at me, then slid her hand into her bra and pulled at a small corner of paper. She carefully held it up to the light and read aloud.

"Ummm, Emmett McCarthy," she said with a wicked smile. The girl was like a phone book; there was not a single night since she got boobs that she did not come home with someone's number.


"You know that ass who lives across the hall who is always eye fucking me. He gave me his number this morning. We were going to go to a ball game together," she explained, impatiently.

"Him? I mean we hardly know him except for when he comes banging on our door for us to turn down the music. Plus Rose there is no way he is going to have that kind of cash!"

"Uhh have you seen his Rolex?" asked Alice, snippily. Only Alice would have noticed that. "The guy is made of money!"

"No one has enough money to blow to bail out strangers!"

"Shut it, you two and listen! He is not going to bail us out he is going to break into our apartment and bring the VISA," she growled. At this I noticed that Alice turning a shade whiter and fidgeted nervously.

"Uhh, Rose that is not going to be possible," said Alice quietly, now looking intently at her new pedicure.

"And why the hell not?"

"Because the account has been suspended until I start making payments," she whispered as if in pain. Alice glanced up for a moment only to hang her little head in shame once again.

"WHAT? ALICE! I cosigned for that card!"

A snifflely Alice began to apologize. "You know what just do not talk to me. Do not try to talk to me now and you sure as hell better not try to talk to me when I get back!"

With that, Rose followed the officer out the steel door and down the corridor. Alice looked at me with her big green eyes and began to cry streams of tears. I wish I could have thought of something to say to comfort her, but our lives were so shitty now there were no promises I could make.

It seemed like forever but in reality, it could not have been more than like ten minutes. Rose was escorted back into the cell hanging her head in a way that her hair all fell forward. She looked smaller and somewhat sad, which was strange for Rose as she usually sported little emotion. At this point I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to call Jake. I gave her a quick hug and tried to get her to look at me.

"It's not a prob. Rose, I'll call Jake and he can settle things," I told her sweetly, pushing her perfect golden curls behind her ear.

"No you don't have to," she said looking up at me again. "He coming and he said he will take care of it."


"EMMETT! God, at least try to keep up," she bit at me crying the whole time.

"If he is coming, why are you so upset," I asked confused. At this she started crying even more.

"I-I don't know. He got all stern with me and yelled at me for like ten whole minutes. He even pulled that whole 'I am disappointed in you, Rose.' Hell he doesn't even know me!" She stopped for a moment to wipe her eyes on the back of her hand. "But apparently his brother use to work with juvenile delinquents, running some alterative incarceration program. He no longer runs it, but has offered to give us rehabilitation classes."

I blinked and tried to take in what she was saying. She was upset because our hard ass neighbor scolded her like a little girl and offered her classes. Hell, she had to be getting her period soon or something. Rose was not one to cry about what people said to her. Even Alice was thinking that she had gone off the deep end, I could tell by the way she was looking at her.

We waited about a half hour before our help arrived. And this guy looked ticked. He was buff, but holy shit the guy was big. I was surprised that Rose had not planned on calling him. The guy was drop dead sexy. Clean shaved, with these big eyes and perfect hair, he was her type.

"Come on you three let's move!" He commanded in a booming voice. We followed him out of the station paperwork in hand.

It was relieving when stepped outside into the warming morning air. None of us had a coat so we were grateful to the breeze, since most likely we'd have to walk home. But here I was wrong again.

"I'm parked over, here," he directed with a wave of his hand. "Let's get you in the car before passersby mistake you for a bunch of hookers."

"We can wal-"

"Hell no, I just laid down 18,000. You are not leaving my sight until we come up with some sort of agreement," he said laughing at himself. He walked briskly over to his shiny new Jeep commander and opened the door for us, motioning politely for us to get in. Alice hopped in struggling only a bit with the height, I jumped in behind her, while Rose sulkily went to the front door. She got car sick easily, so this did not surprise me.

Once we were all in his work Jeep he turned in his seat looking at Alice and I.

"Buckle up," he demanded sternly. I did as he said but I knew Alice would not have it. Alice's birth mom had tied her to a chair and left her for two whole days. Ever since then she had a problem with anything the least bit restricting: seatbelts, blankets, harnesses, panties.

"I don't usually-"

"I could care less what you usually do! In my car you will wear your seat belt and I do not want to hear another word about it," he growled at her. Alice quietly did as she was told and shrugged to me. Emmett peeled out, and merged onto Main Street, pushing the speed limit. He brooded silently a uncompromising look on his face, as he drove.

"Listen if this is about the money. We will pay you back," started Rose, in a bitchy tone. God she had gall!

"You're damn straight you will, but we are not even going to go there until we get back to my place," he told me in a voice that bore no room for argument. Alice and I remained quiet.

"We can go back to our-"

"No you can't because you were evicted this morning. I being the good neighbor, I am had them move all your shit into my place. We will discuss that as well."

All three of us shared a brief worried glance. Had we been that behind with rent?

When we got to Emmett's beckoned us in somewhat impatiently and we followed him. As if in routine, he tossed his keys on a buffet table in the entrance, flicked on the lights and slammed the door. The sound echoed off the shiny wood floors, an upgrade we could not afford.

"Go sit on the couch and we'll talk options," Emmett growled, shucking off his coat and hanging it in the closet. We all watched him for a moment and looked around. The place was immaculate, and decked out with high end furniture and the latest technology. Our neighbors were loaded. And our measly crap was piled in the dining room to our right, like a pile of garbage in the middle of the Plaza hotel.

"I said sit, damn it," he grumbled again.

The three of us sat down, not saying a word. Rose was hugging herself self-consciously, Alice was acting rather dethatched, and I was jittery with nerves. I mean 18,000, that was a shit ton of money. I've heard of people borrowing sugar from their neighbors but this? This was crazy.

Emmett walked in carrying a phone and sat on the leather chair across from us.

"I know Alice is out of the system. But I suggest the two of you call your parents. If we can settle the money thing that way it will be the easiest for all of us," he said rubbing his face in his hands tiredly. The three of us were voiceless for a moment, but then Rose gained her nerve back and spoke up.

"It's not just Alice. We don't have parents or family. We all grew up in foster homes and not the good ones if you catch my drift," explained Rose. I supposed Alice must have told him at one point she was parent-less; it made me feel like a reject to admit it, so I never did, not to anyone.

With a deep sigh Emmett nodded at us, granting Rose one of those stares people give you when they pity you. I hated those stares.

"I, see. Do any of you have any source of steady income?"

The three of us shook our heads shamefully. My financial aid was the most steady source of money, but with my grades that was about to come to an end.

"Ok then, so I called my brother who's dealt with the system. Jasper went to go get him and they should be back shortly. I talked briefly about stuff to him on the phone," Emmett shared looking at the three of us sternly. "Now the way I see it, you three are in serious shit. So you will watch your mouths and listen to what he has to say when he gets here. I have put up with your loud parties and the freaky little fucks you call friends for an entire year. All I've ever asked is that you keep your firkin music down! And then you go and throw a party in my parent's house? What the hell!"

My jaw dropped.

"We honestly did not know it was them. A friend of ours invited us," tried Alice.

"I honestly do not want to hear it," he said, holding up his hand. Two more guys walked in. Edward's hair was longer and a shade redder than that of Emmett's and he wore it in this tousled bed head sort of way. But they shared that beautiful perfectly sculpted face. His body was lean but muscular. But he was just as ungodly sexy as his brother. Jasper, who I had seen before, was not bad looking either. He was blonde and had a nice looking face. His general build was athletic; lean and tall. His eyes were a gorgeous greenish blue. In all honesty this was the best sampling of men I had been among in a long time.

"This is Jasper my roommate and Edward my brother. Edward here makes a living out of dealing with people's shit," he introduced calming down now, and smiling slightly at us. I pulled my shirt up trying to cover by chest. I do not know what it was about these guys but they made me want to look acceptable.

"I prefer to call it life issues Emmett, not shit. Anyhow have you pitched them the proposal yet?"

"No not yet but I'm about to," Emmett said as Jasper pulled up a kitchen chair, and Edward leaned causally against the wall behind Emmett.

"Here is the deal. I am remolding a house, one of my properties in the historic district. It is mostly done, so it's livable. One of you will live with me there and help me during the day. You'll receive a salary that will go toward your debt. Living expenses and what not will be free," he offered with a shrug.

"And one of you will stay here and help me. I'm working on my PhD and currently am teaching a few night classes at FLU. I'll need someone to help me with stuff here and as well as maybe grading papers every now and then," he said simply. "Not too much, but enough to keep you busy."

"And I, just bought a condo around the corner. One of you may live with me, given you agree to my method of rehabilitation and our willing to help me out," he said flatly. "And do not go telling me you needn't be rehabilitated. This is the must disastrous lifestyle I've seen out of three young women in a long time."

"I want to make it clear that this is an option," cut in Emmett as he eyed each one of us." We'll pay you each until you pay off your debt, you will not have to worry about paying for rent or groceries; you just need to follow our rules. If you wish to do this your own way that is fine, but you we will be having my lawyer draw up a legal agreement prior to you all leaving here."

The three of us looked at one another. It was one of those time where we all knew we were in too deep to help ourselves. Alice and I would have agreed then and there but we always went with what Rose said and she did not seem too pleased. She tapped her foot and rolled her icy blue eyes trying to think of a way out.

"So, what your saying is that we would all live separately, as in not with each other," she clarified with narrowed eyes.

"That would be correct," Emmett responded.

"I hardly know you. How am I to know if you're not a bunch of creeps?"

At this Edward scowled and folded his arms across his chest.

"I can assure you that Emmett, Jasper and I are all well behaved, morally sound people. If you need a reference or someone to ease your mind about this you're more than welcome to call our father. He has been the Pastor at The First Memorial Church on 82nd for over twenty some years," he said, his brother nodding in agreement. Rose seemed somewhat pacified by this for she eased back in the sofa.

"The important part is that you understand the terms under which this will operate. There will be rules and expectations and from what I can see boundaries are just what the three of you need. These terms will be consistent amongst us, so it is not as though Jasper will expect something that I will not. Jasper and I spoke on the way over and I think it is best for us to cover it all now."

Jasper leaned forward and rested his shoulders on his knees.

"All of your expectations are fairly modest and reasonable. Respect for yourself and for others. You are to be respectful in the way you talk, in the way you act, even in the way you dress. You'll be expected to do your part around the house and clean up after yourself. You are expected to be law abiding citizens. No stealing and certainly no assaulting any more officers. There will be no drugs or men. Both of those will just hinder your development. Truly you don't have time to give to a man, if you're focusing on yourselves the way you should be."

"As for drugs," cut in Emmett, "I just want to let you know that your "houseplants" went down the garbage disposal leaf by leaf."

At this Alice, gasped in horror. "Sherri, Sue and Sammy!" Shit what a waste and they were almost big enough to harvest. Money down the drain, literally.

"I don't know their names but they're gone." The three of us looked at each other desperately. Alice looked as though she was going to cry.

"Back to the rules: You are to be honest with us and yourself. I cannot speak for the others but the one thing I will not stand for is dishonesty," stated Edward. "Also I understand that we are not dealing with juveniles, you're all are grown women. But I still think that there should be a sort of curfew. Monday through Thursday will be ten; the weekends you may be out as late as you like as long as you are still abiding by the rules and letting us know where you're at. Not following any of the mentioned expectations will result in consequences."

Now that was a term I had not heard in a long time. Consequences, as I child I hadn't the slightest idea what teachers meant when they said that. I looked up at the guys wondering now. Rose and Alice both shifted nervously.

"And those consequences will most always be spankings."

At this Rose shot to her feet, her cheeks flushed. She stared at him incredibly, as if she was trying to reinvent what she just heard. "Like hell they will! Fuck you all I'm not staying around for this shit," she said but Alice stopped her.

"Sit down Rose and hear them out." She begged tugging on her arm until she plopped down beside her again. "It is not like we have plenty of other options. We're going to have court fees and hearings. We have to be realistic." I too was dumbfounded but Alice was right. What else was available to us?

"You will be, in no way, abused. Spankings are simply effective. They can vary in severity, they can be administered virtually anywhere and they can be quick and over with. Think about it if I were to take away, say….your weekend, then you would be sulking about bitterly and I would still be upset with whatever actions caused it for an entire two days. But with a spanking it is all condensed into a short time, in five minutes it's over with and we are moving on. It really is the best option," Edward explained. All the guys watched us, trying to judge our reactions. I had so many questions but I was too embarrassed to ask. Alice on the other hand was already signing her name.

"Ok, I'll do it. What's a little spanking every now and then? I'm sure I will survive," she reasoned optimistically. The guys nodded approvingly to her. She was crazy! I groaned inwardly not believing what I was about to say.

"I'll give it a try I guess," I said, tucking my hair behind my ear and biting my lip. Rose looked at us with icy daggers; her mouth was slightly open as if in shock. I could tell that she felt that if Alice had the guts to do it than she certainly should be able to manage. We all looked to her for a moment waiting for her to cave.

"Ahhh, fuck! I'll do it," she moaned, still glaring at us. She was hot.

I couldn't blame her. We had just volunteered to let three grown men wail on our asses whenever we screwed up. And we weren't your average screw ups! No. Rose, Alice and I had made a life out of screwing up. Our asses were so busted.