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SASUKE Session 1

I'm sorry about this, believe me, if there was any other option I would not insist but you can only chidori so many couches before we have to tie you up. Now are you ready to begin or should I take out the drugs?

Go to hell you worthless bitch.

Drugs it is then.

Spongebob narrator voice: 10 minutes later...

And then he tries to kill me...again *sob*. I don't know why he hated me soo much and then he said he loved me! I'm so confused! And always with the stalking! And the flowers and chocolate! *wails*.

Wait are we still talking about Orochimaru? Or is this Itachi?

No, I'm talking about Sakura! Don't you listen? I thought that was your job... You hate me too don't you? No one loves me! Waahh!

*observes rolling waves of snot and tears* Of course I'm listening Sasuke, its just that Sakura is a girl so I was a little confused about the whole statement. So you were saying, Sakura tried to kill you...?


*wonders to self: what the hell did Ibiki put in those drugs?*