Hey guys, I know I haven't posted anything to this story in a while but to be honest I haven't been coming up with anything good. This is something I've had for a while and I thought that since I had nothing else to add right now, may as well put it up. It's not long but enjoy...


Are you ever going to put down that book so we can finally start our session?

Hmm, this is a really good part. Once I'm done with this then...

You'll just start reading another one. Do you think your obsession with this series is healthy, Kakashi san?


How is your sex life? Getting any?


So you're in love with Maito Gai and you want him to have your babies, huh?


And you think that Iruka sensei is the hottest thing since the katon jutsu and you want to hit that?


Right. Kakashi!

*looks up* Yeah?

What did I just say?

That I should...uh...stop reading pornography?

Good guess but no. Give me the book.

*picks up Hikari's magazine from her desk* This book?

No, give me that book, your book, the Icha Icha book you are currently sitting on in an attempt to hide it. Give me that goddamn book now before I take it from you...

*eyes sparking* You can try, Hikari san...You can try...

*growls and pounces*

The smoke cleared as the couch finally burned down to ashes. On one side of the room Kakashi stood panting, feeling the effects of using the sharingan for too long. On the other side of the room the Therapist was leaning against the wall trying to stay upright, holding a hand to a gash on her side (caused by a glass shard from a shattered vase). She watched as he fell to his knees and was suddenly prone. Taking her time, just in case, she made her way cautiously to his side. His regular eye was open but the sharingan was closed. Dropping carefully to her knees, she pulled his hitai ate over it.


*smiling* We all have secrets, Kakashi, now let's see *begins searching him* ah, there it is. You should have just given me the book but noooo, you had to be Mr. Stubborn. *moves to stand*

*grabs her hand and pulls her closer* How?

*smirks* You tell me your secrets and I'll tell you mine...seem fair?


Thought so, hoped not. Oh well. Now that I have you here, I think it's time to check you into our 12 step addiction recovery program.

I won't go.

Go to sleep Kakashi...*he knocks out*

*walks to the door* Oi! Ibiki, I told you I could do it. Where's Anko, I owe her a favour since 'that time' and I know she'll want to be here for this...

Ibiki: For what?

Well, I'm checking Kakashi san into our 12 step program and we can't have him smuggling anything into the center now can we? *smiles evilly*


Who knows where he could hide those perverted novels...better to be thorough, you know?

... Right...I'll go find her.

*glances at her victim...I mean, patient...* that was my favourite vase...and *looks around* Goddamit! That's the fifth couch this week!