AN - This was my first attempt at Fanfiction. I posted this without the aid of a Beta and have learned a lot since then, so I decided to clean it up a little bit. I'm not using a Beta this time either, but the grammatical errors should be fewer and farther between.

SPOILER ALERT: I'm also going to post this as two stories. The original plan was to end this after chapter four, but I chickened out. Who in their right mind ever leaves Bella and Edward apart?

The title and overall theme of this little story comes from Sugarland's Stay. If you haven't heard it, Jennifer Nettles does an incredible job, and the video makes me cry every time. I love music of all types, but Country just tends to tell great heartbreak stories!

As many have said, Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight; I just frequently fantasize about Edward.

Chapter 1

September 13, 2010

Cuddling with Edward was my favorite past time, well maybe my second favorite past time. Feeling his arms around me made me feel safe and secure and loved. When I met Edward, I was blown away at the electricity that flowed between our bodies. It was a connection I had never felt before, and he swore he'd never felt it either. Being with Edward was all consuming – everything else ceased to exist. Our relationship was almost primitive. The absolute draw we held for each other was indescribable.

6 months earlier

I was assaulted as soon I walked in the apartment after work that Friday afternoon. "Bella! Hurry! We are going to be late if you don't get a move on!" Rose was absolutely freaking out in a very un-Rose-like way.

"Rose, I just got home, and who care really cares if we are late to this party?" I asked with a smirk, knowing something was up. Rose never lost her shit like this.

"Bella, don't!" She sound exasperated. "I told you, I really like this guy, and I promised him we would go to Ecl…I mean his party, and I really want to be there on time, Bella, so PLEASE just go get changed."

"I give, Rose! I'll go throw on jeans, and we can head out," I said as I started walking down the hall to my room.

"No!" Rose sounded almost panicked. "No Jeans, we are supposed to dress up for this."

"Rose," I whined. "I do not do parties that require dressing up, and you know that. You are the one that wants to impress this Emmett guy, so why are you torturing me?" I was giving her a hard time, and she was getting pissed but trying hard not to show it. I love fucking with Rose.

"Bella, I know how much you hate this stuff, but this is very important to me, and I really don't think it will that pretentious. I mean Emmett is the big teddy bear with NO manners, so I promise, you will have fun!"

"OK, Rose. I'll go and dress for it–just this one time, and you will owe me!" I said as I continued to my room smirking to myself. I loved it when she thought she owed me.

Once in my room, I stripped down to my bra and panties and stood in front of my closet. I really did not own many "nice" clothes. I had jeans and work clothes but nothing that fit the kind of attire going out with Rose required. I finally spotted a blue dress in the back of my closet. I had bought it for a formal my ex-boyfriend, Jacob, insisted I attend with him. It was really pretty, and I thought it might be a little much but thought 'what the hell.'

I slipped it on and realized the bra wasn't going to work, so I quickly slipped it off and gazed at my reflection. I never thought I was ugly, but I never thought I was pretty either. Tonight, I felt fabulous! The blue silky fabric clung to my curves and fell about mid-thigh. The halter style accented the cleavage I really didn't have but certainly looked like it in this dress. Quickly, I found the silver strappy sandals that were a little higher than I was comfortable with because I was more than a little clumsy, but for a pretentious party, I could hold up a wall or something, if necessary.

I walked out of my room, and Rose wolf whistled.

"Bella, you look H.O.T. On fire-blazing-hot, girl!"

I giggled and said, "Rose, what? Don't I always look hot?" I teased. She grinned at me, patted me on the ass, and dragged me out the door.

She drove her car because mine was 'a death trap' while I silently stared out the window. I wasn't too long before she pulled into a parking lot I wasn't familiar with. As soon as I realized it was a club, I gave her the death stare. Rose actually shirked away from me-she knew I'd be pissed.

"Rose, what the hell?" I asked through gritted teeth. "You said this was Emmett's party."

"It is his party, Bella. He owns the club, and this is the grand opening," she stated, softly. "Please don't be mad, Bella! You are my best friend, and I know I tricked you –AND I shouldn't have–I know I get it, but this is important to me." She finished, out of breathe.

I laughed. "Rose, IF you would have just said that to begin with, we could have saved ourselves all this… angst. You are my best friend, and if it's that important to you, you NEVER need to trick me, Rose. THAT is why I'm pissed. You didn't have enough faith in me and our friendship to trust I would have even shopped for this HAD YOU BEEN HONEST!" I almost shouted while still grinning at her. She was my best friend, and I considered her my sister. We were soul mates in the friendship kinda way, and I would do anything for her.

"You shop, Bella? Really YOU would have shopped?" She was almost rolling on the ground. "You NEVER shop–you HATE shopping," she gasped out still giggling.

I playfully hit her ass, and we walked towards the club arm and arm. When we got to the door, there was a line that extended down the block and around the corner. I groaned, not wanting to stand outside in these shoes all night.

As if she could read my mind she announced, "We are supposed to be on the guest list." She sounded very nervous as if she wasn't quite sure her name would be there, and you could feel her shaking when she said, "Rosalie Hale. Emmett Cullen said I'd be on the guest list."

The bouncer grinned and said, "Of course, Ms. Hale. Mr. Cullen is expecting you." Rose's grin widened, and she stopped trembling. The bouncer waved over to someone else, and the really cute blond curly-headed guy came over.

"Hi, I'm Jasper Whitlock, You must be Rosalie," he stated very confidently as he looked at Rose.

"Emmett has done nothing but drive us all crazy this week! Rose this, Rose that!" He was laughing, and Rose looked a little sheepish.

I quickly said, "Glad to know I wasn't the only one who went crazy this week!"

He glanced over and said, "Ah – you are Rose's roommate, Bella! Emmett is looking forward to meeting you."

I looked at him and gave a hesitant smile.

He led us to the back and up a flight of stairs that was labeled VIP Only. Okay, I was beginning to be impressed. As we ascended the stairs, I began to feel butterflies. I don't know why, but the current in room was just so strong, and as we reached the top, I felt as the wind had been knocked out of me. The VIP lounge was stunning: a discreet bar in the back corner, leather couches on the perimeter, tables of varying heights scattered randomly in the middle and of course a small dance floor opposite the bar. But that wasn't what took my breath away. It was the tall bronze-haired man that was sitting a table just in front of the stair case. It was almost as if he felt me enter the lounge. He looked right at me, and our eyes just locked. His eyes were the deepest shade of green I had ever seen. After what seemed like an eternity but was really only seconds, he broke our trance and looked back at the absolutely drop–dead gorgeous strawberry-blond bombshell sitting across from him.

Rose pulled on my hand, breaking the spell I was under, and we wandered over to a sitting area.

Emmett stood up and all of a sudden, picked me up and twirled me around. "Bella! Rose has told me so much about you, and you and I are going to be great friends!"

A little dizzy after being twirled, I toppled a little when he sat me back on the ground. Jasper caught me and made sure I was stable before introducing me to Alice, the five-foot-nothing bundle of energy that was his girlfriend and Emmett's sister. Alice was also very sure we all would be the best of friends. The five us sat around talking and generally having a great time. I could see exactly what Rose saw in Emmett, and within 5 minutes I knew, Rose had met her match-literally and figuratively. They were perfect together.

The waitress brought another round of drinks, and I traded my empty beer for a full one. Emmett also ordered a round of Jaeger for everyone. I was feeling no pain and having a great time. I was laughing at something Emmett had said when the green-eyed-god and his goddess walked up. I was truly trying not to drool; I hope I was successful. Emmett introduced them as his brother Edward and his wife, Tanya.