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Storyline: Arthur is a king almost for three years. Merlin is a Court Magician. Their friendship is very strong and beautiful. However Arthur should finally find his queen. Princess Miranda seems to be a perfect candidate. She's beautiful and charming but there's something about her that Merlin hates. The truth is that he loves his friend more than anything and he's simply jealous. The Lady is not fond of Merlin too. Actually she wants to destroy the bond between the king and the warlock. She'll do anything to become the queen of Camelot. And what does Arthur really feel? Find out!

Warning: SLASH

English is not my mother language.

It's the first chapter and as always I'm a bit nervous at the beginning of my new story. What can I say then? Well... I hope you'll enjoy! :)

Dearest to his heart

Chapter 1

"Lady Miranda"

Arthur Pendragon was a king almost for three years. His reign was the time of changes. The magic was no longer banned in Camelot. Moreover, the king promoted his manservant. Now the dark haired boy was the Court Magician, who was meant to oversee the magic in the kingdom.

"You wanted to see me, Arthur," Merlin said, coming into king's chamber.

The fair haired man shook his head with disbelief. "Are you ever going to learn to knock, Merlin?" he couldn't help asking.

"Some things change, some don't, Sire." The warlock smiled in his adorable way. "You should get used to it after all this time." He came up to the window and looked through it. "But I doubt my ability to knock was the reason for calling me."

"You're right, Merlin. It wasn't the reason."

"So you missed me!" The younger man joked, turning around and facing the king. "I'm not your servant for three years now. That's the next thing that you should get used to. You need to remember that I've got now other duties and I just cannot spend every minute of my day with you."

"Merlin!" Arthur had to raise his voice. "I sometimes think that you try to hide something with that babbling."

The sorcerer kept silent. He knew that the blonde didn't really suspect anything but his heart's beating quickened anyway. Arthur couldn't know that all that jokes were his shield. Merlin had feelings for the king and the truth was that he was the one who missed him all the time.

"I wanted to talk with you about our tomorrow's guests," the blonde told his friend.

"Lady Miranda of Gwent with two knights and her handmaid," Merlin murmured a bit bitterly.

"The princess Miranda!" Arthur reminded him. "The daughter of king Ulric. You need to remember that."

"I do!" The warlock sighed. "I think that it's not a good idea," he added after a while.

"Merlin! Don't start this nonsense again!" The prince came closer to his friend.

"How many times have you seen her? Twice? When was the last time? Five years ago!" Merlin shook his head. "You don't know her! And still... You and king Ulric talked six months ago about your engagement with her."

"I'm not getting married tomorrow, Merlin. She's going to be my guest. We will get to know each other." Arthur tried to sound reasonably. "Besides the union with kingdom of Gwent can be very profitable."

"Arthur..." Merlin looked directly into his eyes. "I am not only your advisor... I am your friend and I need to ask you that question. Do you want to trade in your feelings for some union?"

The blonde turned his gaze away. "You, of all people, should understand me," he said.

Merlin's heart skipped a beat. He started to wonder if Arthur knew his secret.

"What do you mean?" the warlock asked weakly.

"You know that I used to love Gwen and you know how it ended up," Arthur said a bit too angrily.

"She married Lancelot who is now one of your best knights," Merlin admitted, feeling as relief filled his heart.

"You see! She broke my heart and that's all. If I marry Lady Miranda, at least the kingdom will get something." Arthur smiled sadly.

"But the world is not limited to Gwen," the dark haired boy reminded him shyly. "Maybe you should look around...? Merlin there's someone who will love you until the end of time?"

Arthur laughed lightly. "I'm looking around now and the only person that I can see is you," he said. "But you're not going to love me forever, are you?" he joked.

"Never!" The sorcerer had to use all his will not to scream Are you so blind?.

"I thought so..." the king mumbled. "You see that I can risk and meet with Lady Miranda. Believe me that if I find out that she's horrible, I will not marry her. Above all, she will have to be the great queen. I will not hurt my kingdom."

"What a relief..." Merlin smiled a bit. He had to. He didn't want Arthur to suspect anything.

"You see!" The blonde smirked. "That's all. Feel free to go. We'll meet later."

"Are you trying to get rid of me, Sire?" the younger man couldn't help asking.

"You're smarter than you look," Arthur said, winking. Then he clapped Merlin's shoulder. "Go, go..."

The sorcerer glanced at his king last time and then walked away from his chamber. He sometimes couldn't believe why he loved the prat so much. That was one of that moments.


Lady Miranda arrived at the gates of the castle at noon. The king couldn't greet her then so she met with Lady Morgana. The king's almost sister didn't prolong that meeting. The princess was soon led by one of Camelot's servant to the chamber prepared for her.

In the evening there was going to be an official feast. King Arthur was meant to greet Lady Miranda with all honours.

Everybody who was invited to the feast was already in the ball room. Everybody but the princess.

Merlin was a bit amused. He noted her first flaw. She was latecomer. He didn't think about the fact that when he'd been Arthur's servant, he had rarely been on time.

People already started talking when Lady Miranda came into the room. The warlock stopped smiling in amusement. She might have been late but she looked beautiful. Merlin had to admit it.

The princess had long, curly and red hair. She was slight but there was something in her moves what made the others shiver. Besides Lady Miranda was wearing rich green dress which matched her eyes.

"My Lady!" Arthur stood up and bowed in front of her.

When she came closer to take a seat by his side, the king nonchalantly kissed her hand.

"King Arthur." She also bowed. "It's such a pleasure to see you."

"I'm glad to see you too, my lady," he said, offering her a chair.

"I don't think it's not necessary to call me so officially, Arthur." The prince raised her right eyebrow. "You want me to feel comfortable here, don't you?"

"Of course."

Merlin bit his bottom lip. He hated the way Arthur smiled at her.


Lady Miranda sat on the edge of her bed. She looked pleased and her handmaid noticed it.

"It seems that you enjoyed your time, my lady," the girl said, adjusting pillows.

"I did, Kiara," the princess agreed, smirking mysteriously. "King Arthur is not only very handsome but he's also a good interlocutor."

Kiara giggled what amused her mistress.

"However I don't know what to think about Lady Morgana... She is quite mysterious. I'm not sure if she's always like this for people that she doesn't know well or if it's something else..." The red haired woman sighed. "Besides that Merlin..."

"A Court Magician?" the maid asked, looking up at the princess.


"What's wrong with him, my lady?"

Miranda frowned. "The point is that I don't know. He is strange... I think I'll have to watch him."

"It's a good idea, princess Miranda," the girl said politely. "But now you should take some rest."

The woman looked at her servant. "You're so caring, Kiara. What would I do without you? I hope that I can always rely on you."

"Of course." The girl bowed respectfully.

"You may go now," Miranda said finally.

Kiara bowed last time and disappeared in her own little room.


Morgana woke up in the morning with strange feeling. She had a vision at night but now she didn't remember it. The woman was a bit afraid.

Her maidservant, Lizzie, brought breakfast to her and then went to wash some clothes. Morgana was glad. She liked Lizzie but she wasn't Gwen. Lady missed her previous maid. That's why she decided to visit Guinevere. Besides she wanted to talk with her about Lady Miranda. There was something that Morgana didn't like about the princess.


Gwen, as a wife of a knight, became someone important. However she couldn't get used to the new life. When no one was watching, she cleaned the house or do something like that.

She and Lancelot lived in a small house in Camelot. Gwen's husband had training sessions and the young woman felt lonely. Luckily it was going to end soon. Guinevere was pregnant.

"Morgana!" Gwen was pleased seeing the other woman. She hugged her former mistress and let her in. "You should visit me oftener," she said.

"I would tell you the same but I cannot. Just take a look at your huge belly." Morgana winked. "You need to be careful. I just can't wait to see your child. I promise to you that I'll be an amazing aunt."

Gwen laughed. "For sure." She smiled sweetly. "But something is telling me that you didn't come here to talk about relations between you and my child."

"That was the reason!" Morgana assured her. "At least one of the reasons," she added after a while.

"I knew it!" Gwen said, pleased. "Then what's the other reason?"

The king's sister glanced at the cup of tea and after a while she dared to look up at her friend. "Lady Miranda," she whispered.

Guinevere frowned. "What's wrong with her?" she asked curiously.

"I don't know but... I have a feeling. That feeling."

The women exchanged meaningful glances. Gwen swallowed hard.


King Arthur had an unofficial late breakfast with Court Magician. The dinner, of course, was reserved for Lady Miranda. It made the sorcerer angry.

"Luckily she's not bad," the blonde said out loud. "She even seems to be quite nice."

"Very," Merlin murmured. He couldn't believe that Arthur was so blind. For the warlock it was obvious that she was only using her female tricks. The terrible jealousy that he felt was not the reason of that accusations. Of course not.

"Miranda looks like a perfect queen. She is beautiful and charming," Arthur continued. "I haven't made up my mind yet. It's too early. However I think that it can work."

Merlin looked down at his sausage. He wanted to chop it to let go of his frustration. However king's presence stopped him.

"Before you make any decision you need to check her relations with other people," the dark haired man said eventually. "It's very important."

"Are you suggesting that she's rude?" the blonde asked him.

"I'm not suggesting anything, Arthur." Merlin sighed. "I think I need to go."

He stood up and before the king could say anything, he was no longer in the chamber. The warlock hid in the nearest empty room where he breathed in and out. He had to calm down.

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