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Dearest to his heart

Chapter 15


Arthur was looking for Merlin. He checked the dark haired man's chamber, Nicholas' quarter, kitchen and some other places. Although the king knew that Merlin was fine and he wouldn't try to kill himself, he couldn't chase away a slight fear. It was stronger than his common sense. He had this strange feeling every time when he didn't now where Merlin was or what he was doing. It seemed quite paranoiac but Arthur needed more time to become less protective.

Not knowing where to go, he decided to go to his own chamber. Arthur felt a warmth in his heart when he found Merlin there. The sorcerer was watching through the window and didn't even notice his king's presence. In these days Merlin was more pensive than he used to be but Arthur knew that the past events couldn't be completely erased. He understood that it was the warlock's way of dealing with all what had happened.

"I've been looking for you," Arthur said softly. "And you've been in my chamber all this time." He sighed shaking his head.

Merlin remained silent but the king knew that the warlock heard him very well. There was something in Merlin's posture what was telling Arthur that he was listening very carefully.

"Merlin?" The king touched the other man's shoulder gently. "Why aren't you looking at me?"

The warlock turned around and faced his king. "I... it doesn't matter."

Arthur saw that he was about to leave so he stopped him. "It does to me," the blonde said firmly. "And you know it very well."

"It's silly. I don't know what I've been thinking..." He sighed. "Please, let's leave it at peace." He glanced at Arthur pleadingly. "Besides I really should come back to my chamber. It's..."

"You avoid me when it's getting late," the king pointed out. "I thought that it was just my paranoia but now I can see that it's not."

Merlin looked down, too ashamed to look Arthur in the eye.

"You can stay here, Merlin," the blonde said softly. "You don't have to come back to your chamber."

The sorcerer still avoided eye contact and it made the king wonder.

"That's why you've come here," Arthur said as the realisation came to him. "That's why you feel ashamed now. You want to stay." The fair haired man sighed. "I thought you knew you could."

Arthur wrapped his arms around thin body of his dearest friend. He kissed Merlin's neck tenderly, wanting him to relax. It took Arthur a while but finally the sorcerer started responding to his gestures.

"Stay here with me," the blonde whispered into Merlin's ear and despite some doubts he couldn't say no because he really wanted that.

Kissing more and more passionately, they found the way to the king's bed. Arthur pushed Merlin lightly on the silken shits and very soon joined him on the bed. Then kisses became more tender and careful. This night was meant to be theirs so they both wanted to make it slow enough to remember as many details as it was possible.

Arthur's hand slid under Merlin's shirt and started massaging warlock's tensed stomach. The sorcerer couldn't really complain because it felt wonderful. His pale skin was on fire but he didn't want to put it out. Their feelings were the fire so it couldn't harm them. It was all safe, beautiful and natural. Arthur's fingers belonged to Merlin's skin. They just fit there.

The dark haired man had been a servant of the blonde for years but this time Arthur was the one who was fulfilling servant-like duties, taking off Merlin's shirt slowly. The king remembered very well the times when the warlock helped him in putting his armour on and taking it off. These moments were always strange but in a good way. Just now Arthur realised why. The touch of Merlin's a bit clumsy fingers was something what had been tempting for a very long time. In the past he had just chased the possibility away.

After a while they both were shirtless. However the atmosphere around them was far from cold. Their hands, their fingers and their skins touched but the feeling that they shared was the thing which warmed them up the most.

"Arthur..." Merlin moaned when his lover's lips reached his nipples. It was a very new and very pleasant sensation that he didn't want to stop feeling. His hands found the way to Arthur's hair and he pulled him closer. It gave him some sort of control.

Arthur kissed the way down Merlin's chest, paying a longer attention to his navel.

Then the king looked up at the warlock who won his heart without any magic tricks. Arthur didn't have to say anything. His blue eyes were asking for permission.

Merlin could only nod. He was too excited about what was going to happen to give some sensible answer.

Arthur saw that his dear friend was a bit tensed. The truth was that the king himself was a bit scared. He had never been in such a close and intimate relation with anybody. He knew that Merlin was going to see now the most vulnerable part of him. However if there was a person in the world to which he would show his naked soul, it was Merlin.

The sorcerer's breeches were slowly removed by Arthur's skilful hands. Now the king could freely watch Merlin's underwear or rather a bulge which just formed there.

Arthur wanted to tear off that last piece of Merlin's clothes. He wanted to admire his naked body and his beautiful soul while making love to him.

"Can I...?" Merlin whispered, touching his breeches.

Arthur placed a soft kiss on the warlock's lips as an answer.

Very soon their underwears followed the breeches, landing on the floor next to Arthur's bed.

These two men were lying on a king-size bed, touching each other tenderly. There was nothing to rush now. They were naked and close to each other. They were in Arthur's bedroom where no one could disturb them. It was perfect time and perfect situation.

For a while they were just watching one another, caressing each other's arms. Merlin was quite nervous so it was Arthur's priority to calm him down. He wanted the warlock to feel comfortable and enjoy it as much as he himself was going to.

When the king thought that the other man was calm enough, he decided to take a further step and he moved his hand towards Merlin's cock.

The dark haired man gasped for air. "Arthur..." he whispered pleadingly and clung to the larger body.

The blonde kissed Merlin, keeping on stroking his shaft. The warlock thought that he was going to explode in a minute. He didn't want to ruin such a wonderful moment but he wasn't sure if stopping this temptation was possible. Coming then and there seemed to be so simple and so natural. Nevertheless he decided to fight. Merlin didn't want to disappoint Arthur in any case.

Luckily the king understood in time that it was too quickly for his dear friend. "I'm sorry," he said quietly and slowed his moves down.

Merlin blushed. He didn't want Arthur to feel sorry either. "That's nothing..." he assured his king. "It's just... I..."

"Don't explain it," the fair haired man said. "I do understand." He smiled to comfort his warlock. "But I need to ask you a question. Do you want to do it now? I won't feel offended if..."

"I do want," Merlin assured him. "I do want you and this." He swallowed hard. "I want it now. I've been waiting long enough."

This time they were touching each other with equal effort. They kissed and touched each other, stroked one another's cocks and simply were very close. It took them a longer while to come to the most important point but eventually Merlin was lying under Arthur's sweaty body. The blonde was preparing Merlin as tenderly as he could. However it had to be painful. It was quite known that pain came before bliss.

Finally Arthur replaced the fingers with his cock. It was more difficult than any of them had thought but in a minute they found out that it was worth their efforts.

Arthur was moving slowly, trying to give all his love to Merlin. They kissed a bit but most of the time they were just looking at each other. But it was perfect. All of the new sensations led them to the brink. It was really impossible to prolong it longer so Merlin let go and came. A few seconds later Arthur followed him.

They lay in each other's arms. They were silent but it was a very comfortable silence. Merlin breathed Arthur's scent and let himself think about nothing but his lover.

It didn't take them long to fall asleep. This evening was special but also very tiring.


Before Arthur opened his eyes he felt that something was wrong. He remembered very well the previous evening and he was pretty sure that Merlin fell asleep in his arms. However lack of other body was undeniable.

The king looked up and saw him. The warlock was dressing himself definitely in rush.

"Merlin?" Arthur asked, startled.

The dark haired man turned around. It was clear that he didn't intend to wake the king up.

"What are you doing?" the blonde asked. "Come back to bed."

Merlin sighed heavily. "Last night... it was amazing..."

"I think so too," Arthur assured him quickly.

"I know but... I want you to know that I will never forget it. For the last two weeks I thought that we could make sense. It was so easy to believe..." Even in darkness his sad smile was visible. "But you're the king, Arthur. I love you and I always will but you need an heir. I cannot give you one."

"I'm not stupid, Merlin," Arthur said firmly. "I know that even your magic can't help in producing an heir. But I don't care!"

"You should," the sorcerer said, shaking his head. "People will wait for the prince." Merlin looked at his king softly. "I promise that I won't leave you. I'll stand by your side until the day I die..." His voice cracked. "But I can't be more than your friend and advisor. Please, don't make it more difficult."

"Merlin," Arthur whispered, getting up. He walked up to the other man and looked him in the eye. "I will not marry a woman, no matter what you do. I won't fool any woman and I won't fool myself." He hugged Merlin tenderly. "I had pretended long enough."

"But people..." the warlock started but Arthur did not let him finish.

"No but's, Merlin," he asked him. "I've already made up my mind. I'm not going to change my decision." The blonde stroked his lover's hair. "I've understood that unhappy king will not be a good one. Do you agree with me?"

Merlin nodded slowly. He knew that it was true but there was still so many other doubts.

"Don't bother an heir. There is one solution," Arthur said softly.

The sorcerer lifted his head up and looked at the other man intently. "What is it?" he asked.

"Let's come back to the bed and I'll explain everything to you." The blonde took Merlin's hand and led him towards the silken shits. Everything was going to be fine.


"You wanted to see us, Sire," Lancelot said quietly. He and his wife were in the Throne Room. Except them there were three other persons in the chamber.

Arthur was sitting on his throne and Merlin was standing by his side, squeezing his arm. It was clear that he was quite nervous. There was also Morgana but she was watching them from other side of the room. The theme of the conversation didn't concern her but she still was complicit in the whole situation.

"Yes," the blonde confirmed. "But please, don't call me Sire."

"Of course," Lancelot said, nodding.

"I..." He glanced at Merlin and smiled. "We have a request for both of you. That concerns the future of this kingdom."

Gwen and Lancelot looked at each other. None of them had any idea what they both could do. It was true that Lancelot was a knight and he would fight for Camelot until his last breath but Guinevere was just his wife. She couldn't fight or anything like that. The whole idea seemed to be just ridiculous.

"I don't understand," Gwen admitted shyly. After a few years she still wasn't sure how she should treat the king. After all, they had once dreamt about the joint future. That uncertainty made her quite timid.

Arthur stood up slowly and he walked up to them. Merlin followed him immediately. They started behaving as if they were unity. In some sense it was true.

"The kingdom needs an heir to the throne. However I'm not going to marry some princess... I can't." He looked at Merlin. Their eyes shone with such an affection that the blind man could see that. "I won't do this to Merlin. Nor to myself."

Lancelot and Gwen understood Arthur's motives but they still didn't know how they could help.

"It's about Dominic." Merlin spoke up for the first time.

"Dominic?" Guinevere blinked a few times. "What's about him?"

"We would like to declare him my heir," the fair haired man said in a trembling voice.

"What?" Both the knight and his wife asked. It was the last thing that they had ever been expecting.

"He's a perfect candidate," Arthur assured them quickly. "He's still a baby so we would start preparing him in the right moment. Besides I know both of you. You, Lancelot, are one of my best and the bravest knights. And you, Guinevere, have a very kind and fair heart. I'm sure that he's going to be just like you two." The blonde smiled. "Brave and strong but still good and fair. These features make the best king, don't they?"

None of them knew what to say. For Arthur it seemed so easy. However for them it would be a total change of their lives.

"We're really flattered but..." Lancelot glanced at his wife. "I'm not sure if it's going to work. What will people say? After all nor me or Gwen were born in a noble family."

"But you are nobler than most of these good-born people," Merlin told them. "Your heart are noble and that is more important than empty titles."

Gwen took a deep breath and looked intently at her husband. Lancelot looked her in the eye and finally they both nodded.

"Do you agree?" Arthur asked them.

"Yes," the knight said in a trembling voice. "It's an honour."

Morgana smiled to herself. Everything was going to be fine thanks to her brilliant idea. She was sure that without her help, Merlin and Arthur would never find such an easy solution.

The End

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