Millions of years ago by mankind's understanding, there was a war raging across deep space. This battle was waged by a strange species of sentient machine. Divided into two factions, they fought their battles across the cosmos. The Autobots, lead by Optimus Prime, clashed with the Decepticons, lead by Megatron. The two seemed destined to fight forever until their ships crash landed on Earth.

Awakened near the end of the twentieth century, they renewed their conflict. Aided by the humans, the Autobots scored several key victories against their foes. From their sunken spacecraft deep at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean the Decepticons considered one more desperate gamble.

"And I say this plan is utterly preposterous!" Starscream fumed. The second in command of the Decepticons made it clear he wanted Megatron's position, and had been voicing his dissent quietly over the past few weeks.

"And I say the plan is perfect." Megatron growled. The grey and black robot pointed to a bank of computer screens. Scenes of their various failures played on all of them. "Your bungling has cost us more than victories Starscream, it has cost of us energy. This plan will allow us to restore our reserves and allow us to conquer more worlds."

"Yes, but what about the device? The space bridge takes a tremendous toll each time we use it. But for this-" Megatron silence his subordinate with a glare.

"True, there is danger, which is why I'm only taking a small force. But the rewards will make it all worth while. Think of it!" He gestured towards his assembled troops. "A world overflowing with energy and not a single Autobot to stop us!"

Starscream crossed his arms and silently sulked as Megatron moved past him and spoke to the rest of his followers. "Decepticons, our time is now! Follow me, and I will lead us to victory and eternal power!"

The cheering was almost deafening. The mono eyed robot known as Shockwave appeared on the viewer. "Lord Megatron, I have the coordinates ready."

"Excellent Shockwave, excellent." Turning back to his followers, Megatron silenced them with a raised hand. "In order to ensure victory, I will personally lead the expedition!" He clamped one down on Starscream. "And to make sure it's safe, I'm sending you first!" he whispered.

"Incoming teleportation beam from Cybertron!" Teletran I's voice buzzed from the intercom.

"Autobots, front and center!" Optimus Prime's rang out over the speakers. Within seconds, the Autobots were standing in formation before their red and blue leader.

"What is the nature of the beam Wheeljack?" Optimus looked to their science expert. The older robot scanned the monitors, his flared out mouthpiece glowing as he spoke.

"It looks kind of like the space bridge, but it seems different somehow!"

"Shockwave sending a nasty surprise, no doubt. Can you pinpoint its location?"

"Within a mile." Optimus nodded and turned back to his troops.

"Autobots, transform and roll out! We have to stop the Decepticons no matter the cost!"

If their human companion Spike Witwicky were present, he no doubt would have impressed at the sight of the robots stepping back and changing into various vehicles. Optimus, in the guise of a large red Mack truck, pulled out and lead the convoy of cars as they drove into the woods and surrounding area.

The sky above the canyon glowed with an eerie light. No matter how many times Megatron saw it he always got a glow in his receptors. The clouds swirled and lightening arched through the sky. With an awesome crash a beam of pure energy shot from the heavens and struck the ground.

Before them was a large circular piece of machinery. Unknown by human standards, the space bridge was designed to transport material across great distances. Only now, that design had been altered somewhat. "Decepticons, before us is the gateway to infinity!"

Starscream, prodded by Soundwave and Skywarp, nervously stepped forward. "As a loyal Decepticon, I proudly volunteer to go first, oh mighty Megatron!"

Manning the controls, Megatron entered the coordinates designed by Shockwave. The bridge's light glowed red as he input the data. "If our research was correct, the bridge will now open a gateway to another Earth, one free of those blasted-"

"Autobots!" Thundercracker shouted as he dove into the canyon. Another fighter jet, like Starscream and Skywarp, the blue air warrior transformed and landed on the walkway. "Dozens of them, heading our way!"

"We'll have to speed up the process!" Megatron threw the switch, kicking the conveyor -belt into overdrive. Starscream, taken unaware, was sucked into the glowing void and disappeared in a flash. Reading over the screen, Megatron chuckled. "Well, it appears Starscream landed safely." Turning back to his troops, already engaging the Autobots in a firefight, he stepped onto the belt. "Soundwave, Skywarp, Thundercracker, follow me! The rest, disable the bridge and return to base!" Megatron howled with triumph as he jumped into the glowing void, his troops following behind him.

"Optimus, Megatron is bugging out!" Jazz took cover before a laser barrage took his head off.

"Whatever Megatron's schemes are, we have to stop it!" Optimus spied the Decepticons breaking into two groups. "We have to follow them into the space bridge!"

Leaping from his spot, Optimus and half his forces transformed. The few Decepticons that stayed behind promptly fled at the sight of the convoy bearing down upon them. The space bridge began to dematerialize just as Optimus and a handful of his brave followers entered it.

With a flash, the space bridge vanished, leaving only a few Autobots behind in the now deserted canyon. "What just happened?" Beachcomber asked.

"I have no idea." Grapple shook his head. Examining the space bridge's control panel, which had taken a few hits during the fight, the large robot picked it up effortlessly. "Perhaps we can find something from the controls, but I'm not sure."

Megatron opened his eyes. "Where are we?" Sitting up, he found himself in a snow bank. The rest of his forces were scattered around the landscape. "Soundwave, report!"

"Earth transmissions are similar to our dimension. Presence of Autobots: negative"

"Excellent! This world is completely defenseless. Decepticons, split up. I want you to scour this world and bleed it dry of energy."

After a brief salute, the ten robots each took off towards a distant part of the globe.

"Autobots, report." Optimus gazed around the blasted desert.

"Landscape looks different, but my sensors say we're in the upper Southwest quadrant of the United States." Bumblebee spoke up.

"Odd, but let's stay in vehicle form for the time being. I want everyone to partner up, and stay in radio contact at all times. This may not be our universe, and we don't want to panic the locals."

"Ok boys, can anyone tell me what in blue blazes is going on?" Nick Fury was not a man accustomed to waiting for information. He had been woken up, which by itself was a bad idea, by incoming reports of two energy anomalies. He had been on the bridge of the SHIELD heli-carrier for almost forty seconds without being told what they were looking for. "Aliens or Russians?"

"We don't know yet sir." Jasper Sitwell, a bookish fellow, gulped. "Our satellites picked up two odd occurrences, one at the North Pole and another simultaneously in Utah. Our men were there within thirty minutes but found nothing other than slightly higher levels of radiation and a few odd tracks. We're investigating now."

Fury bit down on his cigar. "I don't like this. Put all units on standby, and I mean all. We could be looking at something big here."

To be continued…