Megatron had not been idle after landing in the Artic. As his forces spread across the globe, he had quickly gained passage on a nearby ship. As a rather large robot, it would have been difficult. As a Walther P-38, it was fairly simple to slip inside the cargo hold.

Once getting near land, he just as easily slipped out. Hitting the water, he transformed back and swam the rest of the way. Once he was inside New York Harbor, he stood up. "This world, and all its energy, shall belong to me!" Ignoring the screaming humans and the pathetic gunfire from police, he casually made his way onto land.

Seeing a series of Freightliner semi-tractor trailer trucks parked in a yard, Megatron immediately dropped into a shooting stance and fired his laser cannon. As the vehicles burned, he smiled and laughed. "Merely human trucks. I forget the Autobots don't exist on this world!"

He laughed louder as he walked away, unaware of a red Freightliner pulling out of the burning yard and following him.

"Iron Man, report!" Captain America and the rest of the Avengers had been waiting with baited breath. So far, the various robots invading had been defeated by a large variety of heroes. Captured, they all spoke of their leader Megatron. The good captain had many flashbacks to another would be conqueror as the robots boasted of their leader's goals.

The faction known as the Autobots were different. Thanks to the Fantastic Four, they had managed to round up the other sentient robots without incident. All save their leader, Optimus Prime.

"Prime must have a good reason for leaving his radio off!" Jazz protested.

Iron Man's report drowned out Jazz's pleadings. "Iron Man here. That Mecha-Godzilla want to be is tearing up Times Square!"

"Stay put. SHIELD has been contacted and they are assembling. I've put out the call to the rest of the Avengers."

"Not good enough Steve. Wanda and I are the only ones with enough firepower, but I don't think the two of us can handle it."

Captain America grabbed his shield. "I can be there in one minute!"

The radio became garbled. "No good, he's seen us!" A blast of static followed by silence.

"You Autobots, you say you can fight this maniac?"

Ironhide nodded. "Yup. Been doing so long we can do it blindfolded!"

"Well, I want all eyes working. I'm going to gather the rest of the Avengers. You can follow, but I don't want you involved in the fighting. Not until we get Megatron away from the city, understand?"

There were a few disgruntled moans, but Ironhide saluted. "We understand. Good luck!"

Jennifer Walters made a habit of wearing loose fitting clothing. The chief reason was that the material could give, in the event of emergencies. Sadly, trapped in a maddened throng of people she didn't have time to change.

A giant robot had strolled in from the harbor and was making his way through town. She tried to listen to Captain America's orders, but with the screaming and panicking that was rather hard.

Forcing her way into an alleyway, she leaned against a wall as the people ran past. "No sense in causing more panic, but I have to do something!"

Seeing a red truck slowly rolling down the street, she broke free and ran in-between the giant robot's legs. He ignored her as he began laughing and making demands. "Figures, mad scientists always want an audience!"

Flagging the truck to a halt, she climbed up towards the cab when she made an odd discovery. "Nobody's driving?"

"Human, you must leave this area immediately, it's not safe!" A deep voice said from nowhere.

"Human? Wait, are you some kind of alien?" Jennifer sighed. "I swear, what is it about Earth?"

"My name is Optimus Prime, and you must leave before Megatron sees you!" The voice urgently pleaded.

"Look, I get that you're not on his side, but I have a job to do." Jennifer slipped inside the cab.

"What are you doing?" Optimus came to a halt. Megatron hadn't looked behind him, but Optimus knew he couldn't hide forever.

"My job." Jennifer unzipped her long dress and kicked off her shoes. Before Optimus could question, he was shocked when Jenifer hunched over. "I have a plan." She gasped. "Can you speed up?"

As she shakily exited the cab, Optimus couldn't help but notice her skin was turning green. Megatron stopped and began to turn around. "I have no choice now!" He lurched forward and began to pick up speed.

Megatron stopped in his tracks. He had been feeling as if he had been followed. "Impossible, the Autobots didn't make it through the space bridge, I know they didn't!"

Turning around, he swore loudly when he saw the familiar red truck barreling down the road towards him. What caught his attention, however, was the human holding onto the roof. "What method of attack is this?"

Firing a blast at Prime, he snatched the human from the roof as Prime was knocked on his side. "What manner of warrior are you?" It was a female, but with green skin.

"Give up?" She shouted. Megatron laughed and closed his fist around her.

"This was your plan? Prime you disappoint me!"

Optimus, now transformed into a robot, stared at Megatron in a cold rage. "That was a living being!"

"Not anymore!" Megatron squeezed his fist, but his triumph turned to curiosity when he felt resistance. Ignoring Prime, he squeezed harder. "How is this possible?"

With a loud pop and the scream of torn metal, Megatron's fist exploded, as his fingers were ripped apart from the inside. The She-Hulk pulled herself out, holding up one of his digits. "Give up?"

With a maddened howl, the Decepticon leader threw her at Optimus Prime. "I don't know how you managed that trick human, but it will be the last thing you ever do!"

Caught by Prime, the She-Hulk smiled. Shooting a glance to Optimus, she jerked a thumb at the other robot. "Want to tackle him?"

"My pleasure!" Optimus threw the jade giantess at Megatron as he drew his own laser.

Hitting Megatron hard enough to leave a sizable dent in his stomach, the She-Hulk quickly held on via improvised handholds. "Get off!" Megatron tried shaking her free, but she tightened her grip.

"One shall stand and one shall fall!" Optimus Prime fired a blast into Megatron's knees, toppling the robot.

At once the sky was filled with flying men. "Attention both combatants! You are to stand down immediately!" the SHIELD helicarrier floated overhead.

The She-Hulk helped various agents of Damage Control remove Megatron's cannon as large scale restraints bound the robot's arms and legs together. Cables dropped from the sky to haul the dazed Decepticon away.

"You were pretty good back there." Jennifer Walters, now in her regular form, leaned against Prime's leg.

"You were something special too." Optimus Prime nodded before transforming. Without a word, Jennifer climbed inside the cab.

The end


"I can't thank you enough Dr. Richards." Optimus Prime stood off to the side as the Decepticons, all them secured tightly and stripped of their weapons, were loaded into the transporter.

"It was an honor." Reed shook Prime's hand as he sent the robots back to their dimension. "That Wheeljack fellow is quite the conversationalist."

"Indeed." The process of getting everything ready had taken some doing. With a little bit of scientific know how, they had managed to locate the Autobots and Decepticons home dimension and open a portal. Once it was clear the Decepticons had arrived, the Autobots stepped onto the platform.

"I have to say, this was a pretty wild trip!" Bumblebee cast a long look at the assembled heroes.

"You can sure say that again!" Jazz moved aside as Optimus Prime took his place with them. "I wish I could stay longer, I heard some great tunes!"

"Tempting, but we have to return to our world. Even captured, the Decepticons are too dangerous a threat to leave alone for too long." He sharply returned Captain America's salute before they vanished in a blaze of light.

Megatron glowered at his ruined hand. In the event of his capture, he had installed a beacon in his chest to activate another teleporter. Through that, he was able to beam away when the rest of his forces landed inside the Autobots base.

Landing in the ocean, he promptly sank beneath the waves. "When I return to the Victory, I will get my revenge. First on those blasted Autobots, then on all those humans who opposed me. I swear it!" He shook his good fist at the water's surface as he went down.

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Now, as to when and where this takes place, for the Transformers I used a more general sense of continuity, borrowing mostly from the animated series and toy line. For the Marvel characters, just think of this as Earth-618, or something vaguely close to Marvel Comics in or around the early to mid 1980s.

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