Hi All! So, this is an idea that's just begging to be written, so I decided to write it before I start book three of my Son of the Dark Lord series. This is just the prologue and set up, the present day characters will all show up in the following chapters. I will take some liberties with history, and I'll consider this a Harry Potter Historical Fiction. It shouldn't be too long, maybe four or five chapters. I hope you enjoy it.

January 29, 1547

While the English people were celebrating the beginning of what they hoped would be a new era, the soul of the recently deceased King Henry VIII was being held in limbo. He had not been sent to heaven or hell, which confused him. He had not even been sent to what he expected purgatory to be. There was simply a vast plane of nothingness.

He was aware of himself beingbut he did not seem to have a body, nor did he seem to have any control over his consciousness. He was unaware of time passing, and he could have been there for years or seconds without realizing it.

Finally, a voice spoke to him. The voice filled the nothingness and filled his entire being. Henry deduced that this must be the voice of god.

"Henry Tudor," it roared, with devastating volume. "You deceived yourself greatly while you were living. You managed to convince yourself that the terrible crimes you committed were, in fact, done so for the greater good of England. You were so focused upon having a son, that you were unable to see what remarkable women your daughters could be. You tormented your wives, and murdered countless people in your ridiculous, unending quest."

Henry thought about what this voice was saying. Had he been wrong, then, to do whatever was necessary to secure the succession? Everyone knew women could not rule, and, as such, he had sought to provide the nation with a male heir. He was a strong boy, who would easily live to maturity and continue the Tudor dynasty for many generations to come. The voice spoke again, sickening Henry with what it said.

"Your son has died hence you have been here. He departed the earth on July 6, 1553. He was fifteen and died childless."

Edward is dead? Thought Henry. And without issue? His carefully constructed world was crumbling. The throne would, indeed, pass to a female. He felt anger boiling inside him. He had done so much for that boy, and he had failed him. However, the voice had not finished.

"Edward declared Jane Grey to be his successor, on the grounds that your daughters were both illegitimate. The Lady Jane Grey was queen for only nine days before Mary defeated her and took the throne. She could have been a great monarch, had you thought to teach her well and show her some compassion in life. Instead you shunned her and drove her to the only comfort she could find: her faith. As such, she started the burnings, which would earn her the name of "Bloody Mary." She married Prince Phillip of Spain, earning her much hatred amongst the people. She will also be forever remembered for losing English control of Calais."

Calais? Gasped Henry. She lost Calais? And while married to a foreign prince. Henry was disgusted.

"She, too, died childless on the 17th of November, 1558, naming her sister as her heir. Now, Elizabeth, the daughter of the woman you labeled a whore and a witch will be remembered as one of the greatest monarchs of all time. She brought peace, refilled the treasury, outwitted the monarchs of Europe as well as the pope, defeated a Spanish Armada, and helped bring tolerance to England, all as an unmarried woman. She ruled alone."

A woman ruling alone? My daughter? Henry couldn't believe what he was hearing. To think that the English people had allowed a woman to rule them. And most likely with an iron fist, considering how much like him she had been. Elizabeth would have been perfect in his eyes if she had been a boy.

"As Elizabeth died unmarried and childless on March 24, 1603, she was the end of the Tudor dynasty. All of your plots and schemes were worthless, Henry Tudor. You must learn your lesson. As such, it has been decreed that you, and some of the most important people in your life, shall be returned to earth, and soon. You shall all be placed within close proximity of one another, to ensure your meeting again. You will recognize their souls, but they shall not recognize yours. You shall be given this one chance to rectify your mistakes. If you do not, the consequences will be severe."

The last echoes of the voice faded as Henry contemplated what he had been told. He wondered if this meant he would be able to do everything over. However, every other thought was wiped from his consciousness except that of how badly Edward, the son he had risked everything for, had failed him.

It was this last thought that he held to as he felt himself jettisoned back towards earth.