Inspired by a cute fanart that I found on deviantArt. I grew up as tallest and realized recently that now I'm the shortest.

It was a sad day for Michelangelo. Actually, a tragic day. It was one of those days where you always remember where you were when it happened. They were in the dojo. Mikey deflected a sai thrown in his direction with a nunchuck and then found himself in a headlock. In any other family this would warrant a call to police, but their father laughed at their high spirits and called them back to attention.

Mikey knew he could weasel his way out of Raph's grasp if he tipped his head down at an angle. It didn't work. Raph's arm tightened around his neck and he tickled him under his arm with his free hand.

"Hey, cut it out!" Mikey gasped. He stomped on Raph's foot to escape the giant.

He straightened up to look in Raph's eyes and gasped in absolute horror.

Their eyeline was off. Mikey said, "Raph! You're tall!"

"Huh?" He was smiling and panting at the same time.

"You're tall! Taller than me." He'd been taller than Mikey for a while now. He was the first one he had shot past during his growth spurt. But the elevation difference was skewed again.

Mikey had been used to his post as second tallest for several years and his stomach churned. Maybe the others weren't done growing. He'd never even considered the idea. He assumed that they would have the decency to close their growth plates at the same time he did.

"Don, come here," Mikey said. He motioned him over with a twirl of his nunchuck.

Don obeyed blindly, shrugging at him, mind busy with all the other stuff he could be doing at the moment.

Mikey squealed in annoyance, actually hopping up and down now. Don was a millimeter taller than him. Don was taller. They had been the exact same height for years and now he had betrayed him by growing.

Leo had always been taller than all of them, so there was no use in measuring against him.

But he realized that he could have his revenge on Raph for daring to surpass him in height.

"Hey, Raph. Are you taller than Leo?"

"No," he answered automatically between blows to the punching bag.

"Just check." He smirked at Don, who rolled his eyes.

Raph stood nose to nose with Leo, who raised his eye ridges at him curiously. But what was this? Somehow Raph was now taller than Leo. His carefully laid plan of vengeance crashed around his feet.

"No way!" Leo said. "Stand flat on your feet."

"I am," Raph said, now absolutely gloating.

Leo straightened up as much as he could to gain what little height potential he had been wasting. It still did no good. Raph was almost a clean inch taller.

"I refuse to accept this!" Leo cried, throwing his towel to the ground like a spoiled child.

Raph strutted out of the dojo, dripping with his newfound pride as tallest Hamato boy.

That was the day that Mikey realized that the short, nervous child with the speech impediment had turned into a tall and aggressive monster. And for the first time in his life, he was the short one.

"It isn't fair!" he whined at Don, who didn't seem to care at all. "Why did mother nature trick me so long? I thought I would at least have the satisfaction of being taller than Raph as an adult. And now he's taller than all of us."

Leo huffed and puffed for a few seconds and then said, "I suppose she wishes to teach us humility."

But Mikey was sure that every so often, when Raph was turned away, Leo stood on his tiptoes next to him.