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. . . . . . .

"Booth…" Brennan called out as she chased the angry agent walking away from her. "Booth!" They were now in the parking lot and Booth was walking (pretty fast) to his SUV. Brennan knew that Booth would eventually have to speak to her because they came together for their sessions and Booth would leave her stranded without a ride.

"Booth!" she exclaimed again as she caught up to him. "Booth, I need to talk to-"

"Just shut it, alright Bones?" Booth snapped. Then, seeing the rather hurt expression on her face, he mellowed. "Just-" He sighed. "I just don't wanna talk about it."

Brennan could feel a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Booth not talking equals Booth being incredibly mad. And for some unknown reason, she simply could not take Booth being mad at her. Raking her brain for a valid argument, she said "But- but Sweets says that lack of communication can be detrimental to a relationship."

Booth chuckled darkly. "And since when do you start listening to Sweets?"

Brennan caught his arm, and said with a pleading tone seeping into her voice involuntarily. "Booth, please-"

"I told you I don't want to talk about it, Bones. Just-just get in the car."

"Booth-" She turned him around to face her. "Booth please… Please listen to me."

"Okay." He crossed his arms and cocked his head to one side. "What do you have to say?"

It was Booth's classic defensive posture and for it to be directed at her… Quite irrationally she was hurt. And suddenly she found her mouth dry and her extensive vocabulary incredibly shortened. She felt incapable of saying anything. At last, looking at the ground, she managed to mumble, "I'm sorry."

Booth slightly felt bad at the obvious guilt painted over Bones's face. But another part of him – the major part was incredibly angry at her. "Well, apology accepted." He quipped sarcastically and turned to leave.

Brennan suddenly held onto his arm and practically begged, "Booth, please listen to me. Listen."


Brennan nervously gulped. She always found words escaping her when she had to reveal something. Especially to Booth…

"I pushed Jared off a stool."

"Wha-?" That was definitely not what Booth was expecting.

"Afterwards, when I realized that I had come to a wrong hypothesis even when all evidence pointed to the contrary, I-…" Bones sighed. "Even though, I was the one who didn't think rationally, I was quite mad at Jared for what I considered was tricking me…"

"So… you pushed him off a stool?" Booth asked, surprised.

"Well… I-I… I was quite mad at him, Booth." Brennan mumbled, slightly ashamed of her irrational behaviour.

Booth chuckled. "Well, that's my Bones." And started to walk back to his car, Brennan apparently forgiven.

"Booth…" Brennan called out.

Booth turned around to see Bones standing rooted to where she was. "I forgave you, Bones. Come on, let's go. Chop, chop!"

But she still stood her ground. "I find that I'm not done apologizing, Booth."


"I… It was completely… completely stupid of me to believe what Jared said even for a moment. I know… I know that you are not a loser, Booth. And if anyone is, it is Jared for ruining his brother's numerous opportunities for selfish reasons. I-I know that, though you may be inclined to feel otherwise I… I believe in you, Booth. I think you are a fantastic human being. I'm sorry for ever even doubting you, Booth. You didn't… You didn't deserve that. I'm sorry. I really am."

Brennan sighed and looked over at Booth who was still struggling to say something appropriate. Mistaking his silence as a need for further explanation, Brennan continued.

"I… I am not citing this as an excuse, but- But sometimes when I tend to form real human bonds, real friendships… I-I try to find out flaws in the other person. It is unintelligent and irrational, I know. But it has become… what can be called as a bad habit. I –I try to find out flaws in the other person so that I wouldn't be too attached or too fond of them. It is quite a senseless thing to do, but… I believe that was why I was so susceptible to Jared's lies." Brennan confessed.

Booth was elated at her apology. He really was. But at her explanation, a nagging question formed in his mind. He knew better than to ask it. He knew he just had to accept the apology that he got, but he blurted it out before he could think. "If you find faults in every meaningful relationship you have, Bones, then… then have you done the same with… you know, Angela?"

She hasn't. She knew it. And he knew it. And somewhere in the deep of her mind she knew why. Her relationship with Angela and her relationship with Booth was entirely different. Exactly why it was different when both of them were her friends, she really didn't want to analyze it right now. She decided to go with the truth.

"No… No, I haven't done that with Angela."

"Oh." Booth's heart plummeted. He knew the answer. But, he would like to think that he was as close to Bones as Angela. But obviously, he knew better now.

"Angela… Ange is my best friend." Brennan tried to explain as she saw Booth's face drop. He felt bad, she could recognize this. And she felt bad because he felt bad. Remembering a line that Angela had once said, she continued, hoping this is the right thing to say.

"Angela is my best friend. But… but you are my bestest friend."

It was stupid how a single sentence could make him feel so much better. But it did. So, he grinned and asked, "Really?"

Only to see Bones smiling back at him, shyly… almost naughtily. "Really."




They must have stood there for a few moments, grinning like idiots at each other, before Booth pulled Brennan in for another one of his 'guy hugs'. He smiled and discreetly dropped a kiss on her forehead, before pulling away and walking back to his SUV, this time Brennan with him.

"Well, the next time you wanna push Jared off a stool, Bones, call me too. I might wanna sock him in the jaw for kissing my partner." Booth joked.

Bones just beamed back at him.

As they entered the vehicle, Brennan turned to Booth and kissed him on the cheek chastely, since she didn't know how to express her gratitude and relief for accepting her apology readily. Seemingly unaware of Booth's shocked expression and seemingly vibrating body, she just smiled and said "Thank You, Booth."

And he just smiled his charm smile and said, "Anytime, Bones. Anytime."