Gui Gui leaned back and reclined her seat a little. Next, she merely placed the inflight magazine over her face while shutting her eyes tight.

Beside her, Aaron was somewhat concerned, "Are you afraid of heights?"

The magazine dropped and she turned to him, "Bingo! Oh, this is my first time travelling on an airplane!"

He gave a consoling smile and offered his hand, "Just cling onto me...and imagine me wrapping up every single bit of your fears within this palm of my hand, keeping the lid over them...How does that sound?"

The pouting Gui Gui soon felt at ease and her furrowed brows now replaced with a bright carefree expression. She smilingly grasped Aaron's hand and rested her head on his strong shoulder, "Thanks..."

It delighted him alot to see her mood once more brimming with happiness. Gui Gui then added, "So we're surely visiting the orphanage during our summer break, right?"

He nodded, "Ain't it great, we're both able to attend the same university in the States and also living close to each other?"

Just the thought of what he said provided Gui Gui much bliss, "Of course, our parents turn out to be long-time business partners...It seems that God is on our side this time...Hopefully, it won't take much time before dad and mom can join us once they've settled all matters in this country..."

"Right," he agreed fully.

After some pondering, she brought up another topic again, "Oh, I don't understand why that balloon ends up losing the wish you've written down...I only found the pebble attached without that strip of paper..."

Aaron simply shrugged and teased her, "Let's just keep that a secret for myself then?'

Gui Gui responded with a frown again, "Come on, Aaron...would you please tell me what's in there?"

He dismissed and pretended to close his eyes, "I need to catch up on my sleep...getting a little tired now..."

It annoyed Gui Gui greatly, "Oh...sleepy head...I'll keep on chasing you for the answer no matter what..." She has no choice but to grab a seat pillow to at least enjoy a nap...Yet, she could not resist stealing a number of glances at his handsome face before dozing off. It was worthwhile to be resting in his company after all.


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