A/N: Just a random one-shot, but I hope you enjoy it. My sister, kindacravingshortcake, gave me the idea…she's quite mad, you know; but then again, so am I *twitches*.

Pokémon Challenge

Older Luke looked at Younger Luke, took a deep breath and shouted: "I challenge you, Professor Layton! Go, Pikachu!"

The Professor raised his eyebrows. "Luke," he whispered to his young sidekick, "what is this frivolity?"

Younger Luke sighed before replying: "Don't worry, Professor, I've got this covered. Go, Infernape!"

Older Luke looked faintly queasy, whether at the prospect of fighting his younger counterpart or because of the mouldy fruit he had ingested earlier, it was hard to tell. He swallowed hard before making his move…

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!"

It wasn't very effective.

Younger Luke laughed quietly, mocking the weak and pathetic level 30 Pikachu who dared take on his awesomely epic level 7658485657457apple576977545 Infernape. Then he struck. "Infernape, use Close Combat!"

It was super effective; the Pikachu collapsed on the ground, exhausted, as Young Luke smiled smugly at his older self, who looked sheepish.

"Booyah! Oh yes! In your FACE!" screamed Layton, leaping around and dancing like a drunk turtwig. The two Lukes shared a look of intense embarrassment.

"Well, he's not my responsibility," they both said at the same time, edging away from the middle-aged man in the middle of the street, who was now doing the Funky Chicken and had attracted rather a crowd of adoring female fans of the series. He was lapping up the applause, and this made the two Lukes move away even faster.

"So…fancy a coffee?" The Older Luke turned to his companion with a questioning look upon his face.

"Ummm…yeah, sure," said Younger Luke, and they set off for the Starbucks at the end of the road hand-in-hand.