i kinda like one of the sevrnats on the islnad, his name is cannon

but heis reli shy so he dosnt let ppl talk much to him, he just goes away an cleans somrethin

but tihs mornig i woke up an cannon was ther over my bed an he was bringin me brekfsat an a red rose

"oh god cannon whatare doin" i asked in shock bcuz he wuld usully knock on the door

"milady i just wantd to gret you" he sed and then turned all red and i giggld bcuz it was reli cute, it wsas ovibous taht he loved me

"i love you too" i confefsed and turned red like a tomaot

"w-w-w-want to d-date me milday" he asked, now he was shakin aww X3

"y-yes cannon" i replied and tehn he kissed me and we kissed for reli long so i am going on a date with cannon soon its going to be reli romantic /