i am reli nervous rite now, im going on a date with cannon-kun /

we are goin to the city because there isnt much to do on the island but i dont like boats

so i met cannon at the dock an he looked at me an saw i was nervous "milday shall i hold youre hand" he asked

i nodded bcuz i was reli nervous, it might shake reli bad and i didnt want to get seasick

adn we went on the boat but it wasnt scary at all bcuz cannon was with me ^_^

and we went to a restrant and ate it was reli tasty almost as good as godhas food maybe even bettr bcuz cannon was ther yknow ;)

tehn we wakld back to the boat an he held my hand and kissed me on the forhed and smild

"it was a gret day milday, tahnk you so much"

an i just smiled back i was too happy to say anythin and tehn i returned home an told bren about my date