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I miss her, I miss her so much. The moment the life left her body it also left this office.

I remember so well the day she found me. It was a bright clear day. She picked me out of so many others.

She helped me, nurtured me, took care of me, loved me. It was the greatest feeling in the world, the way she'd smile at me every morning and whisper goodnight before she left. She used to say her relationship with me was therapeutic, that it helped settle her down and relieve some of the stress that came with her daily life. I could see that, she seemed calmer when it was just the two of us, more at peace.

I was always right here, keeping her company as she toiled endlessly over her law books and cases, sometimes until four in the morning, trying to make sure that justice would always be served. Sadly it was this love of the law, this sole passion that consumed her that would wind up bringing her face to face with her end.

Her younger sister and little cousin look after me now, and that's nice, they're both really good kids and they even treat me like family, but it's simply not the same, they don't have the same elegance, the same grace that she possessed, and in comparison they're quite immature. It may seem like I'm being ungrateful, but I'm not, not at all, but there's a stark difference, Maya and Pearl care about me only because of my past with Mia, Mia cared for me just because she did, it was simpler and it made it more special.

Now, her protegee, a goofball with a pure heart named Phoenix runs what was once her office. I remember the first time I lay eyes on the boy, he seemed to me to be an idiot, but Mia had such faith in his being able to be a great lawyer that it was hard to dislike him, she always had such impeccable taste. And this faith turned out to be well placed, Phoenix surprised everyone, even me with his ability to win his cases, which, from what I know about them, were all rather quite difficult. I'm sure Mia's proud of him, in fact I know she is. Maya has the ability to channel the dead, and she does so to help Phoenix out with his cases, it's very nice to see her, even if it's only her in Maya's body, but this only usually happens during an emergency and she never has any time for me. Then the connection fades and she's gone again.

Phoenix openly admits he's not as good as Mia, which is true, as good as he is, he'll never reach that level. She was one of a kind, there will never be another like her.

I was here the night it happened, in my usual spot the night that big chinned idiot broke in here and took her life with an object that had been given to her by one of Phoenix's friends as a present. I couldn't do anything then. The sounds of the lampstand falling and her trying to get away still haunt me, I was powerless, even though I knew full well what was going on. I couldn't comfort Maya when, as an innocent of seventeen entered and found the body of her beloved sister lying lifeless on her office floor. I couldn't help when Phoenix entered and nearly passed out from the sight of his mentor taken from him and the rest of us all too soon. And I was useless in the investigation, even though I knew exactly what happened I couldn't tell anyone, couldn't testify, couldn't help.

No, there was nothing that I could do, but I take comfort in the fact that no one could have expected me to do anything, Mia couldn't expect anything, and I know she forgives my impotence, after all I'm only a houseplant.