Satisfaction hummed inside of him as he slipped out of the ritzy hotel suite where he had had his latest conquest.

She had been a pretty little thing, like most creatures of the fairer sex usually are. But she was nothing that could hold his attentions for long. He was a nymph. An utterly sexual. An utterly captivating in appearance-loved debauchery in all it's kinky forms-nymph. Women had only to look at him to want him. Such was a nymph's appeal. Physical beauty that rivaled the gods themselves, and predatory instincts that were triggered by certain things.

Like the delicious scent of a new prey. To the need to hunt and defend their territory and any females in it. Ranging in need and obsession, from gentle to to a killers violence. He stopped walking and looked around the champagne colored walls with gold trim, suddenly feeling a mite paranoid about walking down the hotel halls without his face mask on. Any human that gazed upon him would instantly want him.

And from time to time his lovers became dangerously violent.

And while his mask lessened the impact of his sexuality, in some ways it also made his sexuality worse. He reached down and pulled the black fabric hanging around his neck, up until it covered everything from his chin to the top of his nose then reached up and ran his fingers through his long silver colored hair. Pushing it back from his shoulder blades and wishing that his hair tie hadn't been lost by the female that he had just left.

He walked to the elevator and punched the down button and stood there waiting for it to come up so that he could go down and walk the five miles back to his car, which had been left at a bar that one of his friends owned, so that he could drive home and get some sleep before he had to go to work. There was a soft ping and the elevator doors opened, allowing him to step inside and relax a little bit since there was no one else around.

He leaned his shoulder against the side and waited patiently for the metal and wood box to stop again, once it did he stepped out of it and right into the large champagne and gold room where the front desk was located and waved to the guy behind the counter as he walked towards the door.

"Have a good night sir!" The guy called out. The man smiled behind his mask and called back in his husky dark velvety voice.

"You too." He stepped out of the hotel and looked up at the dark clouds in the sky, subtly inhaling the scent of a rain storm on the wind. It would be here in an hour or so. Wonderful. Now all he had to do was get from point A to point B (without getting distracted) an he should be in bed...two hours before he went into work.


Another sleepless night for him. He sighed, he should just go back upstairs and go back to bed with his latest lover and hope for an hour or so of sleep before she woke him up for another round of loving. He stood there in the dark silently debating with himself before deciding that he didn't want to deal with the female upstairs anymore and stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets and started walking.

He walked relatively easily considering that the side walks were still slightly full, and was entranced by he sights and smells, there was just something about the city at night that enchanted him. Maybe it was because he was a creature of myth, or maybe he was still in awe over how far the humans had come in the few short centuries since ancient times.

Building made of glass, steel and stone, buildings so tall that they could touch the sky above. Vehicles that were faster than horses and chariots, made of metal, glass and rubber. Vehicles that flew though the sky.

Honestly it was amazing.

Humans were amazing.

He walked past the park, just two in a half miles from where his car was.

He dug around in his right pocket for the cigarettes that he carried on him just in case he felt the need to blend in and smoke something and pulled them out of his pocket along with the small silver lighter with a wolf howling at the moon etched into the sides and pulled one of the slender white sticks out and tugged his mask down, figuring that it should be safe to do so since there was practically no one out at this ungodly hour and put the stick in his mouth and lit it, inhaling deeply so that he could feel the full force of the horrible poisonous smoke filling his lungs.

He held his breath and then let it out after a second or so and smiled. God he loved being so resilient. He could smoke, and drink as much as he wanted and his body would never suffer for his choices. Even if he ate nothing but junk food, his blood pressure, his heart, and other organs would never show any signs of abuse. He would remain in perfect health for another one-two thousand years or so before old age set in.

He took another drag as he stuffed the packet and lighter back into his pocket and exhaled as he started walking again.

He reached the neighborhood where his car was located and stopped cold when he smelled the scent of fresh blood. Curious by nature he tossed the cigarette aside and sniffed the air, trying to determine which direction that the scent of blood was coming from and started walking again, this time following his keen sense of smell to the sorce and froze. His predatory instincts kicking in as he gazed down at the frightened, shaking figure of a young woman, curled up on the pavement, her back against a red brick building.

There were bruises on her neck, her wrists, one on the side of her cheek, and there was blood running down her face from under her hair line, along her jaw, dripping down onto her soft purple shirt which was slightly torn around the neck. She looked up at him after a second or so, seeming to finally realise that someone was standing there as he dug out his cell phone and did some quick calculations in his head.

The nearest hospital was over twelve miles away, and she was bleeding far too much from her wounds to last that long. His car was just around the corner, and his home was ten minutes from here. He could have a doctor at his house in under that time. He pushed the automatic dial button followed by two and put the phone to his ear as he dropped down beside her.

"H-Help... Please..." She said weakly as he reached out and carfully pulled her up into an sitting positon and started to look over her wounds. Her voice was beautiful, even for her current state. So smokey, and sensous, it kindled a small fire in his blood fueling his need to do something to help her before her life slipped away. He checked the small wound on her head, determining that she probably had a fractured skull or something before asking.

"Where else are you hurt?" She blinked, and reached out a delicate bloody hand and grasped his shirt, her body shaking uncontrollably. He frowned, was she going into shock? He'd bet she was. And that wasn't good. She sobbed and he quickly shrugged off his jacket and started to wrap it around her when he saw that she was holding her abdomen and set his jacket asde for a second ad gently pulled her hand away from her abdomen and growled low in his throat.

Dear god, someone had cut her open! And the blood, fuck, no wonder she was in shock. He'd be in shock too if his hand was the only thing holding some of his intestines inside of him. He swore and grabbed his jacket and pressed it against her wound in place of her hand and applied as much pressure as he dared, he needed to stop the bleeding before the female died. His late father's friend answered the phone and he gave a quick order.

"Get to my place now and bring you're things." He snapped the phone closed and scooped up the wounded female and carefully as he could without causing her more damage headed back towards his car. If he could get there, he could maybe use the cigarette lighter in his car to cauterise the corners of the wound closed. It wouldn't fix his little strays bleeding problem but it would make the wound smaller and give him the time needed to get her to his place and get her the medical attention that she needed.