Kakashi gripped the doorknob warily in his hand and slowly opened the door to the bedroom and saw that Nara was slowly waking. Looking back at Tsunade and Jiriaya anxiously. Hoping that they could give him some advice on handling a houseguest that wasn't one of his usual conquests, only to find that they were gone.

Son of a bitch! He thought in outrage and panic as he heard the front door slam shut.

Damn those two move fast. He should have broken one of Jiriaya's legs to slow them from escaping and leaving him alone in his house with a defensless human female that was wounded and totally off limits to him.

Especially since he had no idea how to deal with his current situation.

He didn't know the first thing about nursing someone to back to health. Let alone a fragile slip of a human female.

He opened the door a little wider when he saw Nara's eyes flutter open and figured that the first logical step to helping her would be to assure her that she was in a safe place and she would be protected from further harm.

Slipping into the bedroom he quietly moved over to the bed and vaguely noted that Tsunade had left some pain meds and some other stuff along with a small note to help him figure out how much was supposed to be used and when, on the bedside table.

And couldn't help but thank god for small favors since there could be seditives among the meds that he could use to put her to sleep if she became too much for him to handle.

He stood there for a moment, shifting form foot to foot nervously as he shoved his hands into his hands pockets and tried to hunch over a bit so that he would seem less intimidating than he really was.

After all if she went hysterical on him, she could reopen her wounds and bleed to death.

And it would be all his fault.

Which he was sure was something that he didn't want on his conscience as his mis matched eyes locked with unusual glazed teal colored eyes and he swallowed...hard as his knees suddenly felt weak.

Oh god, what the hell is wrong with me? He wondered as she looked around the room, somehow without moving her head any. Then looked back at him and asked in a raspy tone that sounded damaged or weak from being unused, "Where am I?"

The sound reminded him of Irish Whiskey. Both rough and smooth all at once. It was...lovely. Much like the woman herself. Or at least he thought so as he took his time replying to her query.

"Your safe." He finally managed to say as he saw her fingers clutch the bedsheets so hard that her knuckles turned white.

"This isn't a hospital-" She said and he quickly found himself shaking his head, unable to speak. Her voice was starting to do funny things to his insides and he wasn't totally sure but he thought his legs were about to give out on him completely.

"If this isn't a hospital, then where am I?" She asked after a moment or so of silence. Her mind seemed to be working at a much faster and more alert pace now.

Alarming him somewhat since she was probably about to start freaking out on him.

"Your at my place. I have a friend who's a doctor...she patched you up." He said softly as he thought darkly,Then ran away like a dirty dog with it's tail between it's legs, damn her. "She also said that you couldn't be moved which is why your not at a hospital right now. So I'm going to be taking care of you until your better." He continued awkwardly, hoping to cut off any anxiety she may be feeling and possibly put it to rest.

"Do you have any medical training?" She asked in a curious tone as she frowned at him. He thinned his lips and shook his head no and then pulled a hand out of his pants pocket and picked up the note that Tsunade had left for him and held it up and jokingly said.

"No, but I have a how-to-care-for-the-wounded-for-dummies mini book right here. That and I have my friend on speed dial so no worries. Between her, her husband and myself I'm sure that you'll survive whatever happens next." He said with what he hoped was an encuraging smile.

It wasn't.

"That doesn't really comfort me any." He sighed, somehow feeling as if she'd just hurt him and muttered.

"I know. I'm sorry." And he was. He was sorry about everything. About the fact that she had been mugged. About the fact that she had been hurt so badly. He was even sorry that he didn't know more about nursing wounds.

Hell, he was almost sorry that he had even been born!

That was how fragile she looked to him, laying among the pillows and blankets, all pale and weak from blood loss. "Are you in any pain?" He finally asked, wanting to steer the conversation away from anything that could cause her even more distress.

She moved her head slightly, indicating that she wasn't in pain then muttered in an barely audible tone, "Tired."

He removed his other hand from his pants pocket and used it to brush her hair back from her face, the action going unnoticed by him until he realised that he was actually touching her. He drew his hand back and looked at his fingertips, feeling as if he'd just been scalded and then looked back at Nara as his heart slammed against his ribs in an unusual manner.

Her eyes were already closed and she was oblivious to the world. Already asleep again.

He fisted his hand and took several shakey breaths then dropped his arm and retreated from the room, suddenly feeling that it was in his best interest to put as much distance as possible between himself and the woman.