Minamino Shuuichi Gets Laid
by Aqua

When Shuuichi walked into his class first thing Monday morning, the first thing
the other students noticed was the dazed expression on his face. Although his
fan club surrounded him, shrieking and begging for attention, Shuuichi didn't
seem to notice their presence. Although he wasn't rude enough to completely
ignore them, he lacked most of his usual politeness and hardly listened to a
word they said. He seemed a million miles away, his eyes not focusing on the
things around him, and a slightly goofy grin on his beautiful face. He put his
books down on his desk, sat in his seat, and seemed to drift into a world of
complete fantasy.

As the class went on, they noticed that he didn't seem to be paying any
attention to the teacher. This was very strange for the brilliant student, who
usually listens to the sensei's entire lecture with faultless attention. Yet
today he had to ask the frustrated sensei to repeat his questions because he had
not heard them the first time. He took no notes and simply sat there, looking
out the window with that same goofy expression on his face.

Half way through class, the sensei stepped out to take an important phone call.
That was when the boy beside Shuuichi leaned over and, in his loudest voice
possible, stated, "You got laid."


Hiei sat outside Kurama's classroom, his usual scowl on his face although he
didn't really feel upset in the least. Actually, he was in a very good mood. It
surprised him how good he felt both physically and emotionally, as though Kurama
had purified his entire body the night before.

Last night he had gotten the nerve to tell Kurama that he had feelings for him
beyond those of friendship. He had been scared shitless. Hiei, who tamed the
black dragon, had a jagan inserted into his body, and faced countless numbers of
bloodthirsty youkai every day, had been scared out of his wits.

He remembered coming in late at night, when Kurama had already had supper and
was just about finished his homework. He'd watched the beautiful red head from
his perch by the window, risking losing control of his actions as he watched
Kurama easily strip before him and change into his pajama's, talking casually
about the stupid ningen things he'd had to take care of that day. Then, in the
way that only Kurama could, the kitsune had turned to him and calmly asked what
was wrong.

Hiei had stumbled out an answer before he could stop himself. "What's wrong? How
can you be so perceptive and yet so stupid? I'm sitting here practically
drooling over you as you change, and you have never notice! I suppose it was
stupid of me to become attracted to you in the first place, but now that I've
fallen in love with you, I can't get out of it and you could have the decency
not to shove it in my face!" he'd exclaimed, jumping off of the window and
grabbing the kitsune by the collar of his pajama top.

Kurama had stared at him, his mouth opening and closing in shock. Hiei had then
realized what he'd blurted out and turned to bolt, only to come to a halt when
he'd felt a hand on his arm.

Turning, he saw Kurama staring at him with tears in his eyes, his expression
hopeful. "You mean that? You love me?" he'd asked softly. Hiei nodded once then
found himself crushed against Kurama's chest as the youko-turned-human clutched

"I never thought I would hear you say that to me. I've loved you for so long,"
he whispered in Hiei's ear. Their mouths had met in a frenzied kiss, and the
night had proceeded to be the most romantic, steamy night he'd ever experienced.

Kurama had been a remarkable lover, knowing exactly where to touch Hiei to turn
his body into flame. He might have been a virgin as a human, but he showed all
of his hundreds of years of youko experience. Hiei had been shy at first, unsure
of what to do, but as the night had progressed he'd been just as brave and

The night had been a very good one.

And when Hiei had woken up, he'd seen Kurama getting ready for school, a goofy
grin on his face as he'd looked over at Hiei with a satisfied grin. He'd looked
like a cat that'd been given all the cream, catnip, and food he could have ever
handled and was very obvious about it.

Now Hiei sat outside his classroom window, hidden within the trees, watching his
beloved as he did those boring ningen duties. The window was closed to the
pouring rain that was coming down (which Hiei was in too good of a mood to
really care about) so Hiei didn't know what was going on when the instructor
stepped out of the class and everyone suddenly turned to Kurama with huge grin's
on their faces.

The shocked expression on his face made alarms go off in Hiei's head and he was
instantly worried. Had they said something to his youko?! Not waiting to find
out, Hiei decided he was going to get somewhere that he could hear the


"You were so laid!" the student declared. Kurama stared at him in astonishment,
about to open his mouth and protest when the worst thing happened that ever
could have. He blushed. Totally and completely bright red, his breath taken away
as he stammered a few syllables.

There were a few minutes of collective silence before all the males in the class
began cheering and hooting. A few of them even clapped.

"Way to go, Minamino!"

"Took you long enough!"

"Looks like you got it good too!"

"Who was the lucky lady?"

The last question was the prize one and everyone went silent, staring at him in
eager curiosity. The girls were on the verge of tears; distraught and filled
will vengeance that they would never be the famous Minamino Shuuichi's first
lover, while the rest wanted to know who finally won him over.

Kurama felt himself go even redder and cursed this ningen weakness. He never
would have blushed if he were a youko! Never! His silence got even more people
riled up, elbowing him and throwing suggestions at him. Kurama desperately tried
to come up with an excuse but was distracted by the cheering and yelling, trying
not to make a wrong facial expression so that none of the girls would be though
of, while trying to relocate Hiei's ki. His lovely little youkai had seemed to
vanish a few moments ago.


Hiei traveled so quickly down the hallways of the school that he appeared as
nothing more than a black blur to those that were there. He arrived to Kurama's
class, looking for a way to get in so that he could hear what they were talking
to his kitsune about. Finally he noticed an open vent in the ceiling, many more
in the hallway.

It did not take him long to get into the ventilation system and he angled
himself toward Kurama's classroom. When he got there, some boys were randomly
declaring girl's names. Others were hollering and cheering. The girls were
bawling and discussing different ways to torture someone.

However, it wasn't until someone questioned Kurama on who had laid him that Hiei
realized what was going on. And, for the life of him, he couldn't stop his own
face from turning a little red. Well, it certainly hadn't taken them long to
figure out!


Luckily for Kurama, the teacher came back into the classroom, quickly settling
everyone in his or her places. His face still burning, Kurama forced his full
attention onto the lesson and ignored the snickering and whispering around him.
He never would have thought his love life mattered this much! Apparently it was
a big thing for him to become involved with someone. He almost wished he could
just tell them so that he would leave him alone, but he knew that would only
make things worse.


Hiei took a step forward, determined to get a bit closer to Kurama. He easily
stepped over the obstacle in his path.

*********ONIICHAN! TRIP!!!!*******

Hiei stuck out his tongue at the invisible force trying to control his actions.

Then promptly tripped over nothing.


Kurama sighed as the lesson went on as normal. He still couldn't seem to
discover Hiei's ki. It was very close, almost as though he was above him. But
why would Hiei be in the ceiling?

Just as the question appeared in his head, Kurama heard a strange thud, a
snicker, the sound of Hiei cursing, then the ceiling boards above his head
abruptly exploded as a small black figure fell through them. Too shocked to
move, Kurama sat there as Hiei fell through the ceiling and landed on top of
him, sending them both crashing to the ground.

The entire class gasped in shock when they saw the black clad child sitting on
top of their star student, his face adorably confused and pissed at the same
CERTAINLY NEVER TRIP!" he yelled as loud as he could.

Then they looked at Shuuichi, who was blinking up at the strange child with the
most astonished expression on his face, a slow burn appearing on his cheeks as
the younger looking person didn't move but continued to bitch and complain to
this invisible 'annoying little sister' force that had caused him to fall.

"Hiei," Kurama said softly, hoping no one would hear him and start asking
thousands of questions. It didn't work, because the youkai wouldn't stop
screaming long enough to listen. "Hiei!" he said louder. "HIEI!!!" He yelled
when that didn't work.


"KOI! LISTEN TO ME!!" Kurama screamed.

Shocked, Hiei shut up. Kurama calmly lifted Hiei off of him, stood, then helped
Hiei to his feet. "I have to finish school. You can explain to me later why you
were in the ceiling. Right now, I have to explain to the teacher why there is a
hole in his classroom, alright?" he said in a calm tone.

Hiei looked guilty, then nodded, and left the classroom.

Kurama sighed and turned toward everyone. His eyes went wide when he saw all of
them staring at him with astonished expressions on their faces. Then the same
student who had started the whole mess stood and looked at him with a half
confused - half amused expression.

"Ano... Shuuichi... wasn't he kinda young?"

Kurama groaned and immediately decided it would be a very good thing to transfer
from school. Better yet, move out of Tokyo. Maybe even leave the Ningenkai
permanently! They would never let him live this one down!