Yay, my second fanfic! I spent so much time on the other one, that I forgot to write other stories. Please comment! Sorry for the bad intro! The chapter may be quick, but it is supposed to happen very quickly, okay?

iAm Trapped by Psycho-Nora

Chapter 1

Boom! Gibby rammed right into Nora Dirshlitt, toppling her. In the background, Carly, Sam and Freddie cheered for their tubby friend.

"Come on, Gibby, you can do it!"

Nora took the blow, shook it off and then smashed Gibby into a bunch of boxes, giving him a bloody red lip.

Just then, Guppy showed up, giving the iCarly gang the key to escape the sound-booth. They defeated Nora when Sam put her to sleep, and then called the police. The police slowly dragged her away and within thirty minutes of being in the police car, she woke and struggled to free herself, obviously unsuccessful. She screamed her lungs out to get free…

Nora jolted up from her flashback nightmare, covered in sweat. She was safe in her "sound-booth" with her chicken Maurice squawking in a separate cage. It was a year after she trapped iCarly and she still remembered the whole period of time.

"Nora," her cellmate whined sleepily. "Go back to sleep and shut up your stupid chicken."

"His name is Maurice!" Nora shouted angrily with her nasal voice. "Don't be disrespectful to him!"

"Like I care what his name is!"

"Well you should care!"

"Ladies!" their guard shouted. "Break it up, it's past curfew and it's my first day! Apologize to your cellmate, Jordan!"

"I am so sorry, Nora," she said generically, and obviously not very sorry.

"Oh, that's alright!" said Nora politely and happily. "I can't be angry at you forever! You're practically my best and only friend now!"

The guard shook his head in disbelief and walked away.

Nora was headed to turn her light off when she noticed a small shining light on the other side of the cell bars. She walked slowly up to it and smiled when she saw what it was, taking it in her hand.

"Jordan?" she asked.


"You know how I got here right?"

"Sure I do!" she responded. "The medaling iCarly gang called the police after you captured them and you made Freddie kiss you! That's the only reason why I like you by the way."

"Err… yes, well," Nora continued. "I would like it if you helped me with an escape plan."

Jordan slapped her forehead.

"Nora, you KNOW why we can't do that," said Jordan, shaking her head. "The only way out is with…"

"A key?" Nora finished, holding the key in the air so Jordan could see. They both smiled evilly.

They both knew that the key worked on their window, (life just got lucky!) so they put the key in and leapt out the window. They ran over the edge just barely missing the searchlight.

"I guess we should make a secret spot right?' asked Nora happily, hiding behind a huge bunch of branches.

"Yeah," said Jordan. "But we need to find it quick and it should probably be somewhere in the woods or something."


"Quick, let's run before they notice!"

They ran and ran. They ran very far through the woods when they reached a deep clearing. They stopped, completely exhausted.

"Ouch!" Nora exclaimed, grabbing her waist. "My side really, and I mean really…oooh! Are those peppers?"

Jordan turned around, just in time to see Nora take a bite of the "pepper."

"No!" screamed Jordan, lunging at Nora and pushing her to the side. The pepper rolled out of Nora's white hands.

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? " Nora shouted. "I was tired and hungry and…OHHH!"

Nora frantically gasped for cool air as she stumbled around the clearing.

"SO HOT!" she yelled. "GET WATER…NOW!

Jordan took out a water bottle from her pocket and clumsily gave the water bottle to Nora. She gulped the whole bottle down in a number of seconds.

"Oh," she said with relief. "Thank you so…"

"I don't need to hear it," said Jordan. "Let's keep walking and see if we can find shelter."

After a few football field distances, the saw a small house the height of a barn and felt huge relief.

"Well this looks good enough," said Jordan, sighing.

"Yeah," agreed Nora. "A tiny smidge inhabitable, but decent."

The girls walked toward the house and when they got there, they opened the unlocked door and looked inside. What was in there actually surprised them a lot. Other than the very nice wood door with a brass doorknob, they saw very beautifully furnished room with a fireplace and kitchen. Their mouths hung open in astonishment.

"Wow," said Jordan breathlessly. "This is nicer than MY house! Who would have such a great place in the middle of the deep woods?"

"I'm not sure," admitted Nora, still astonished. "But we might want to make sure that nobody actually lives here because we will definitely be in trouble then!"

The two girls searched all through the house and were very surprised to find no signs of previous ownership. There were no belongings, trash or wear of any kind on anything!

"This is really a miraculous day isn't it?" said Nora rhetorically.

They were standing by the door when they noticed a strange sticker on the wall next to them. It said:


They didn't even need to investigate to know that they were inside a portable set. Was it really that lucky? They had such luck that day that it didn't seem realistic, but it was only the beginning.