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Uhura awoke to blurred vision. She could only make out the smudged impression of someone standing over her! Fear was the first reaction and she struck out with a hand and screamed. "It's just me, Uhura," she heard McCoy's calming voice. "I'm trying to run a scanner over you to see how I can best treat your concussion. You weren't even supposed to be up yet. Your adrenaline is still through the roof so you must have burned off the sedative too quickly."

"I'm sorry, Leonard. Did I hit you?" she asked, horrified.

"Only my scanner," he reassured her as he continued to assess her injury.

"Where's Spock?" was her next question. She pulled the blanket up around her shoulders. At least the shakes were gone. "When can I go back to my quarters? Do I have to stay here?"

"Ironic you asked when you can go back to your quarters because I've already authorized your release on the condition that Spock himself ensures you stay in bed for the next 48 hours. He's filling out the paperwork now to get you out of here."

"But the communications lab-"

"-can get stuffed," he finished. "You're on doctor's orders, miss. I've heard Junior Lieutenant Grimes is a mighty fine communications officer and of course he is because you're the one who trained him. The captain says Grimes can sign off on everything for the next 72 hours if it's needed. You've got enough codes saved, according to Spock, so really you're not necessary to the lab, or the bridge, for the next 72 hours. According to my exam, you were already overextended, physically exhausted and sleep deprived. If Mickelson weren't such a sick asshole I'd give him a medal for forcing you to lie down without Starfleet being able to be up your backside about it."

She seemed to be thinking about what she was going to say next before she did. And then, "What's going to happen to him, Leonard?" spilled out. She looked very concerned.

He put down his scanner. "You really do care, don't you, Nyota?" he asked softly. "He wasn't exactly wishing you well in that hallway." He continued working on her with an instrument to mend the traumatized area of her brain. "Once word spread of your bringing him up on charges and what he did to you, two ladies currently serving under him came forward about his treatment of them. And I just got word that another one that transferred from his department a few months back has also filed her own charges. Jim is trying to track down the one that actually transferred off-ship to find out the real reason why."

"Off the ship?" asked Uhura, shocked.

"Apparently she was serving under him and after less than a year she transferred right off the Enterprise. He wants to know if it was because of Mickelson. If it is, he wants that officer back. She was pretty darn good and he wants her here so she can take over for him now." McCoy looked down at her with a twinkle in his eye. "But of course you didn't hear any of this gossip from your friendly country doctor."

She smiled for the first time since the attack. "I understand."

"Well if he agrees and takes a plea, he can get psychiatric help. Once he's done with the therapies and proper medical regimen, if he's certified as cured, he can return to his Starfleet career."

"Is that possible?"

"It wasn't possible even decades ago, but it is now." He sighed. "Look, Uhura, I don't want you beating yourself up for any of this. If anything you've just saved countless other officers from being mistreated for years to come." The door to sickbay swung open and Spock entered as the doctor continued, "If it weren't for you, who knows what he would have gone on to do, eventually? You should be proud that you stood up for yourself. That and I can tell you from my physical examination of him, you gave him a pretty nice uppercut to the chin with your head. Gave you a little bit of a concussion, but you should see the bruise he's sporting. It's a real beauty!"

She found herself laughing as Spock walked up to them. "You are well, Nyota?" he asked.

"I've got a headache," she admitted. "And why do my arms hurt like this?" she asked as she pulled her arms out from under the blanket. They all saw the angry looking dark purplish bruises in the middle of forming. She gasped. "I forgot about him grabbing me by the arms. I guess he was squeezing as hard as it felt like he was."

Spock's eyes grew fierce. "He touched and damaged you to this extreme?" asked the commander in a voice that was still very contained. But as he looked down at the bruises on both arms, his instincts were kicking into overdrive. All his mind continued to circle around over and over was the fact that she was physically harmed. He touched my ashayam and bruised her…he bruised her flesh! His ancient self had been lurking in the background, until then, deceptively silent. It was fully awake and vocal now, clamoring for blood, telling him to go down to security, go into the cell and wrap his hands around Mickelson's neck and squeeze until—

"Don't you dare," said Uhura as she grabbed his arm, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Nyota," he said. "I only wish to-"

"No, you will not. He's sick and he's going to get the help he needs."

"I, too, wish to 'help' the lieutenant commander," said Mr. Spock with a look in his eyes that was dangerously feral.

She realized then that if she wanted to, she could really hurt someone else by using him to do it. But she wasn't that kind of woman and the last thing she wanted was Spock in trouble because of her sanctioning his primal side. She used the only thing she had in her arsenal. "Don't you think it would be better if you stayed with me? It would make me feel much safer, if you stayed with me," she said with a pleading look on her face.

Spock seemed as if he were struggling with something. It was not logic that beat back the primal side and won. It was those pleading eyes she was giving him, asking him to remain at her side and not leave. He relented. "I will not harm him… for your sake."

She smiled up at him. "Thank you."

McCoy then said, "What she needs is three days of nonstop rest, relaxation and food. She's not allowed to get out of bed, Spock."

"She will rest in my quarters so that I may take proper care of her. The lieutenant always seems to find some form of work to accomplish despite being told to rest," he said despite the fact that he saw her rolling her eyes at the two of them.

"Excellent," said McCoy. "Now Nyota," he turned to her with a genteel smile, "you go with the nice Vulcan and do what he tells you to."

Despite her annoyance, she found herself laughing again. "Leonard, that's twice now. Why are you making me laugh while my head still hurts?"

"Sometimes laughter is the best medicine." He looked over at Spock. "Though I don't know how that's going to happen with him around."

"You be nice, doctor," she giggled.

"Spock, can I have a quick word with you before you take the lieutenant from under my excellent care?" he asked with a smile.

The two men went into his office and the door slid shut. He was not as jolly as he'd just been with Uhura. He got the point, "She's going to have nightmares, Spock. They may or may not start immediately, but I just thought I'd warn you about the side-effects of a situation like this. She's going to vacillate between being her normal self and sometimes crying for what appears to be no reason. She's a candidate for a classic case of post-traumatic stress disorder. The lieutenant was already run-down when this situation finally fell into her lap and that makes everything even worse."

"I will do all that is necessary to ensure her comfort, doctor."

"I know you'll take good care of her, Spock. You seem to have an excellent bedside manner, especially with her."

"Your confidence is reassuring, doctor."

"Well don't get used to it, you green-blooded Vulcan," he said for old times sake. He grew serious again. "Go on. Take your woman home. And by the way, no strenuous activity for her until she's ready."

Instead of answering verbally, Spock simply looked back at the doctor and raised one eyebrow.


Uhura walked back to Spock's quarters with him. She thought that it was a great thing she would be able to stay with him in his quarters for the time-being. The thought of going back to her quarters, to that stretch of hallway where everything took place… she shuddered.

He noticed her shiver and asked, "You are well, Nyota? Is the temperature in the hallways insufficient to your comfort level?"

"I'm fine," she reassured him. But she wasn't. She wanted to get behind closed doors as soon as possible. Crewmen were passing them by as they walked together. Some were smiling at her and saying as they passed, "Get well soon, lieutenant." Some were simply staring at her and Spock. She could tell the rumors were already circulating about the two of them. She just wanted to get behind closed doors and not have the eyes of so many people on her. As soon as they entered his quarters and she felt the warmth of the elevated temperature sinking into her, she relaxed and heaved a sigh of relief.

Spock took Nyota's hand and led her to his bed. He wished these were different circumstances under which he was putting her into his bed, but he made certain to engage every control he had so as not to entertain these thoughts. "You must rest. Please lie down," he said softly as he noticed her standing there, hesitating.

She was about to, but then looked up at him and her eyes finally filled with tears. She did what she wanted to do ever since she'd seen him walk into the sickbay. She put her arms around him, lay her head on his chest and squeezed. Her hands ran up his back and the feeling of his warm body and muscle sinew underneath her hands reassured her need to release her feelings.

All he could hear was her gasping through her tears, the start and stop of her breaths. He found himself encircling his arms around her, holding her close to him. He knew it was important for her to let the tears wash out of her body. He bent down then, lifted her into his arms and sat on his bed with her in his lap. He kept her encased in his arms and found himself doing what his mother used to do when he was very little and still given to extreme fits of emotion. "Shhhh," he blew into her ear as he pulled her even closer to himself.

By the time her tears were spent, she found herself hiccupping and wishing she had something to wash her face with. She scrambled up and away from him and ran into his bathroom to clean herself up quickly. As she turned on the water and bent over to wash her face, a wave of dizziness overtook her. Spock was right behind her, steadying her by holding onto her shoulders. He took a clean cloth, wet it down and gently cleaned her face. "That is sufficient?" he asked softly. She nodded once and halfway smiled up at him. She let him take her hand and lead her to his bed. "Rest, Nyota," he said as she lay herself down.

He lay down next to her and put his arm around her, pulled her in close, smelled her hair. "You are with me," he said as if he were still having trouble believing it.

"Spock," she finally spoke, "I hope I'm not imposing on you. I hope you don't mind that I'm here."

"Nyota, you are having a difficult time now. But you must understand that as a result of what has happened to you, I now have the indelible instinct to keep you at my side at all times. You are not imposing on me. If you did not remain with me at this time, that would be the imposition."

The way this man could put things… She smiled at him and found herself touching every plane of his face with her fingertips. "How is it possible for me to be so happy and so miserable at the same time?" She swallowed back another jag of tears.

He kissed her chastely on the forehead and turned over onto his back. She repositioned herself so she was lying halfway on his chest, her arm around him. She put her head where his heart would have been if he'd been full Human. He was so very…warm. As he draped his heavy arm over her back, between that and the heat of his body, she was becoming nice and drowsy. She found herself drifting into sleep.

Spock had not yet allowed himself to sleep or meditate. An hour after Nyota drifted off, he heard her begin to moan in her sleep while moving fitfully. As she sat up fast, her eyes snapped open and she inhaled one large sharp breath.

He sat up, as well. "You are unwell," he said as he lay her back down. "But I will remain on the watch. Please, rest again."

She swallowed. "I'm having a little bit of a hard time," she admitted as she looked up at him, grateful for his presence because she was afraid though she knew there was no longer any reason to be afraid. Mickelson was in custody and she was here with the one she loved. But she was still afraid.

Spock got up then bent over and pulled a blanket up to her chin. He crossed his room then and retrieved his lyre. He began to tune it as she turned over onto the side that she could better view him. He sat in a chair and finished tuning the instrument. He then began to slowly play a melody she only halfway recognized. She had learned the beginning of this piece sometime ago when she used to come to his quarters to learn to play that very instrument. But this version was fuller, richer, much more complicated…longer.

It started out quite simple, benign. As time went on, the melody blended and became soft, alluring, almost sensual. The music began to relax her and she found her eyes fighting to close, little by little. The music then turned introspective, ordered, undeniably logical. It picked up a common rhythm running through it and continued with that theme as it returned to where it had begun. Once he was finished with the piece, he saw that Nyota had fallen back into sleep.

He stayed up half the night playing his lyre for her, song after song he hadn't played in years. She didn't have another nightmare that evening.


Nyota awoke slowly and for a few seconds she didn't remember anything at all. Blissful ignorance enveloped her as she realized a rather impressive sized hand was splayed across her hip. The hand was nice and warm and she smiled at the feel of it. Her eyes snapped open quickly to see that she was not in her own quarters. Everything from the past day filtered back into her memory as she realized she was in Spock's quarters. He was spooned against the back of her, his breathing even. She found herself snuggling back into his warmth. His quarters were also quite warm, but she was used to hot weather. The heat relaxed her and made her feel as if she were home again.

She gingerly stood so as not to disturb him and made her way to his bathroom. She turned on his shower, divested herself of her uniform and stepped inside. The hot water felt so good against her skin. The night of sleep did her very well because she almost felt like a new woman. Almost.

After she had soaked and washed for the allotted time, she turned the shower off and then realized a very stark error on her part. She was standing in Spock's bathroom with no change of clothes. And no towel. Nothing. "Oh NO," she said under her breath.

The door to the bathroom opened only a slight bit as Spock's hand appeared with a large shirt. "I anticipated you might need this," he said.

She took it quite gratefully and slipped it over her head. It was so warm in his quarters she wasn't even chilled from the water on her skin.


"Don't you have to go to the bridge?" she asked as they walked to her quarters to retrieve a few things.

"Jim has generously given me the week off."

Her eyebrows rose in surprise. "The captain knows about us?"

"He was able to deduce that there was something different between us the day I ordered you to my quarters."

She was amazed. "He wasn't angry about it?"

"Nyota, we are both bridge officers. However, I am not your direct superior. We may be as social with one another as we wish."

She smiled. "I know some captains don't like this sort of thing, that's all."

"If there is one captain that understands the need for companionship, physical or otherwise, it is Captain Kirk."

Uhura read the joke between the lines and found herself laughing again as they entered her quarters. "How do you make me laugh so often?" she asked as she looked up at him in amazement.

"I do not know," he admitted. "But it pleases me to no end that I may be some source of joy to you." He paused for a second. "Do I, Nyota? Do I bring you joy?"

She paused and put the bag onto her bed she had just pulled from out of her closet. She walked over to him and put her arms around him as she looked up into his face. "You've made me so happy I don't even have words to describe it. This situation that's happened…I feel like I'm going to be just fine if I can have you here with me. I know I shouldn't feel this need, this reliance on you so quickly. I'd have scoffed at it if you told me a year ago that I'd depend on anyone this much, but with you it's not so simple. It's not about needing someone else. It's about me needing you."

"The sentiment is not one-sided, Nyota," he said as his lips tenderly kissed hers. He pulled himself back from anything more since he remembered that Dr. McCoy said she would be traumatized from her incident and he was unwilling to take anything she was not ready to give. "Shall I help you pack?"

"No," she said nonchalantly. "I'm fine." She began going through her closet and dresser, getting the clothing and supplies she needed. Then she ran into the bathroom and got everything she needed there.

As soon as she zipped up the bag, he took it from her hands to carry it back to his quarters. "Jim has volunteered to bring us breakfast this morning."

"The captain bringing us breakfast? I'm going to get spoiled!"


She was back on duty a week later, almost her old self. Two days after that, the situation with the agent in the field was officially over and done with. Within another two weeks she was smiling, socializing, singing in the rec room from time to time. She still fought off the occasional nightmare, but with time she could see they were honestly subsiding.

After Mickelson had been found guilty of sexual harassment, attempted sexual assault and stalking they dropped him off at the nearest star base. He was sentenced to three months in a psychiatric facility. They deemed that that was just enough time for him to receive intensive therapies to cure him of his tendencies. During that time, another woman from his last command on earth stepped forward with allegations.

Spock sat with the captain at a table in the mess hall. He was watching his Nyota across the room, verbally sparring and laughing with Scotty and Riley. Sulu sat with them, more interested in his food than the conversation.

"How's she doing, Spock?" asked the captain.

"The lieutenant no longer has need of my quarters."

Kirk was surprised. Was that regret he heard in Spock's voice? "I know it must have been terribly cramped in there with the two of you."

"Wonderfully so," said Spock.

She paused in the middle of her conversation and saw that she'd caught his eye. She winked once at him and then continued with her conversation. He most certainly did want the lieutenant back in his quarters. But it was necessary for them to live separately until they bonded. He was determined not to consummate until they bonded and he was determined not to bond until they returned to Earth or Vulcan. He could wait. He would wait.


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