Hoenn Takeover

Author's note: Yay! First story, first story! Have you guys seen Pokemon: Best Wishes (only in the Japanese dub for now) yet? I have to admit its kinda good. In my opinion, it might be better than the DP series,….sorry Dawn! Dawn: Yeah, yeah….(looks away upset) Paul: You didn't apologize to me, Me: Okay! On with the story then!

Me: Man! I hate this…

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Chapter 1: Excuse me!

Normal POV

The Hoenn region, a vast and huge island with hundreds (or thousands, idk) of small ones around it. Wingulls and Pelippers fly happily around the shore line, Wailmers and Wailords in groups on the sea's

surface, and as well as a ferry sailing down, reaching its way to Slateport City. On that ferry, is Dawn, a perky and optimistic eleven year old girl with long blue hair with her sidekick, Piplup. "Man, I wonder if I'm

able to continue to travel alone like this." It has been two days since she last seen her ex-traveling buddies Ash and Brock. She never travel by herself before, and lately it has been rough for her. Piplup picked a

fight with a Teddiursa turned out to be Dawn and Piplup getting chased by a pack of Ursaring, and just recently, they been nearly mauled by a bunch Mankey and Aipom, from what it seems like because Dawn

was trying to eat a banana. Dawn sighed from remembering her encounters, "oh well, its not like we've went through worse when the guys were around." Piplup put his wings on his hips and nodded. -Ding

Dong!- A sweet sounding lady talked over the intercom, "attention passengers, we have reached Slateport City, Sinnoh Ferry Lines hope you enjoy your stay in the Hoenn region!" As Dawn was leaving the

boat, a crazy mob of tourists from the Sinnoh region pushing her side by side, ended up making her dizzy, and bumping into somebody head first. "OUCH!, dammit," the boy said. They both fell on the floor,

rubbing their heads. Dawn got up first and stuck her hand to help him up, "I'm so sorry, are you okay!" "I felt worse, man that smarts…," he said quietly as he got up. Dawn stared at him for a moment, he looks

like he's a bit older than Dawn, about Ash's age, like Dawn and Ash, he keeps a pokemon outside of his pokeball which it seems to be a Natu, he wear a bright red beanie on his head, but you can see

some of his short brown hair sticking out of it, has a skateboard latched to his backpack, his sleepy emerald green eyes gives off a blank stare that would make people find it creepy, wears a loose fitting black

t-shirt, baggy jeans, and wears a wrist band on each wrists with short metal thorns sticking out of them. He notices Dawn staring at him and awkwardly walked away, "Yeah…, just watch where you're going

next time." "O-okay…"

Dawn's POV

After two hours of being lost, I finally found the pokemon center and a big line of angry trainers at the door. "What kind of pokemon center is closed during broad daylight!" "Is this some kind of joke!" A lot of

people shouting out and banging on the glass doors to get an answer. "Oh no Piplup, I hope the center would open soon, Mamoswine and Togekiss took a lot of damage from those Mankey and Aipom and I

have to buy more supplies soon," she looks at Piplup "and if wasn't for you and that Teddiursa, we wouldn't have to give away all of our food to the Ursarings that chased us!" Piplup rolled his eyes

"pipluuuup…" All the sudden I heard a siren and officer Jenny appeared. "Thank Arceus!" One person said. "What is going on?" "Why is the center closed?" People crowding the police officer with tons of

questions along with it. "Calm down everyone, I'm sure the is a good reason behind this." She then stood there and remembered, "I was here a couple hours ago, and the only thing I remembered, she went to

go see if the wild Seels that live on the beaches were okay. She should have been back a long time ago." People now are getting worried and more angry because there is injured pokemon that need to be

taken care of. "Now, now people, I just have to send a bus for you to Mauville's pokemon center, till now, you just have to be patient as I investigate to what happened to Nurse Joy." A guy said, "how about

you investigate another job!" "I heard that!" As Jenny and the crowd going on against each other, I saw the same boy from the ferry with his Natu laughing together at the scene. He then notice me, "hey, it's

the headbutt girl, trying to get in the center as well?" "My name is Dawn and yes!" "Piplup!" Piplup said as it was backing me up. "Haha, I was just joking, and I'm Ben by the way." "Nice to meet you. How long

Nurse Joy been missing anyway?" Ben tapped his chin and looked up, "don't know, we've been standing out here for about an hour, so a while I guess, since she just left the center." Then we both just looked

at the center. "Well, see you around." "Okay, see you Ben." As Ben was walking back to a bench, I been remembering all the adventures and journeys back at Sinnoh. If Ash and Brock were still with me, we

would went ahead and find out to ourselves. " I think I'm going to get to the bottom of this." I told Piplup. Piplup gave me a crazy look like, "are you serious?" I send out my Togekiss while it looked a little tired

but determined to help. "Togekiss, you think you can find nurse Joy?" "Toge!" Me and Piplup climbed on Togekiss back while it takes us up to the city's skyline.

Normal POV

Ben overheard Dawn talking to her Piplup about getting to the bottom of something then I thought, "oh, she's trying to be nosy, huh?" She then sends out a Togekiss, which left Ben speechless, 'cause he never

seen a Togekiss in person before. "This is not my style, but I'm going to find out what's going on too." Natu stared at him like he was stupid or something. "Oh, shut up, I haven't had any excitement since

the Indigo Plateau." Natu then looked away and snickered like he knows something. He then took out his skateboard and followed her, since she can see better than he can from the sky. Her Togekiss is so fast

and agile, it's hard to keep up with it. To keep up, Ben ended up ollied over a guy, grinded over a car, pissed allot of people off, and also being chased by a mob for a while. " Oh no! Go, Pachirisu!" Ben heard

someone said, it was Dawn.

Dawn 's POV

As I was looking for Nurse Joy, Togekiss was so busy flying around the skyscrapers playfully. "Togekiss, this no time to play, you have to focus on finding Nurse Joy." "Toge, toge!….Toge?" "Togekiss, what do you

see?" She didn't say anything, but picked up speed and I suddenly saw Nurse Joy all tied up on a back of a motorcycle. "Oh no! That's why she been gone for so long! Togekiss, get close to the bike as you can."

"Toge!" Togekiss jetted towards the bike as me and Piplup hanged on for dear life. "Go, Pachirisu!" the small electric squirrel came out cheerfully. "Chuppa, chuu-pa!" "Pachirisu, jump on that bike and get the

driver to stop it!"

Normal POV

As Pachirisu was about to land on the driver's head, he noticed it on his mirror. "Oh no you don't!" He then suddenly skidded into another street leaving Pachirisu to fall on the pavement. "Togekiss!" Screamed

Dawn as Togekiss responded quickly and able to get Pachirisu on her back. "You okay, Pachirisu? That was a dirty trick!" "Chuupa…" While Pachirisu is recovering from shock, Piplup stand on Togekiss' head. "

You want to give it a try Piplup?" "Piplup!" As they were reach close to the bike again, it was wide open with no intersection in sight yet. "Pachirisu, return! Okay! Buneary, I need your need your help!" A brown

rabbit came out looking at Dawn for instructions. "You and Piplup need to stop that motorcycle. You think you can do that?" "Buneary!" "Piplup!" They said in unison. " Buneary I want you to use ice beam in front

of the bike as well as Piplup use hydro pump!" Buneary's and Piplup's attacks combined making the road having an ice sheet to make the motorcycle swerve around and ending up driving to a dock heading for

the ocean. "Oh man, I forgot about Nurse Joy! Quickly Piplup, use your whirlpool to catch the bike!" As the motorcycle was in mid-air, the whirlpool was able to get it where the bike was hovering on top of it.

Togekiss rushed over where the whirlpool had the motorcycle and Dawn reached down and tried to grab Nurse Joy which it wasn't very easy. Togekiss got them down gently on the down as the whirlpool fade

away with the man and the bike to fall into the ocean. "Nurse Joy, have you been hurt?" "I'mff offayy!" "What?" Piplup face palmed and tore the tape off of the nurse's mouth. "Ow…I said, I'm okay. Thank you for

saving me!" "You're welcome Nurse Joy! Who was that thug that kidnapped you anyway?" "Pip! Pip! Pipluuup!" Piplup was frantically jumping up and down pointing towards the shore. "What is it Piplup?" Dawn

and Joy was looking at him while he's still waving his wing at the shore. -Click!- "What is it is that you going to get a mouth full of lead, you nosy little bitch! A tall, scary looking man wearing a leather jacket and

covered in tattoos drenched in water with a Magikarp flapping on his head, pointing his gun at them.

Sorry for it to be so short.^_^

What will happen to Dawn? Will Ben get there in time? You just have to wait to find out!