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Ch.7 Get up and dust yourself off: pt.1

It's early in the mourning and Ben, Dawn, and May getting ready to meet Paul at the park for the battle he and Ben is having. The bad part is they woke up Max when they try to head out.

"Plllllleeeaaaassee guys! Can I come too?" Max was on the floor begging for his life with tears falling like waterfalls.

"I said NO! The place we're going to is where you wouldn't want to go anyway!" May said it with annoyance.

"Oh yeah? Where you guys going then?"

May flinched and started to hesitate on what to say back, "well y-you see,.."

"They're going to buy contest crap for their pokemon and they dragged me along against my will to hold the stuff." Ben cut in.

"Yeah! If you want to come along and help…" Dawn played along and smiled.

"-Yawn!- I'm sorry guys, but I'm still kinda tired. Guess you have to go on without me, have fun! Especially you 'cuz'!" Max walked away casually towards the stairs.

"Hehe, I sure will.." Ben sweat dropped.

~Walking down the street~ Ever since they left the house, there was a long awkward silence during the walk to the park. Dawn was the first to break it, but felt nervous to do so."…Sssoo, Ben, you made a big commotion at the greenhouse last night."

"I was training."

"Oh. Okay….Wasn't it cool that we convinced Max? I couldn't think of anything better to come up with, hehe." Dawn was trying to make a conversation.

May roughly put her arm around Ben's neck, "yeah cuz, you saved us back there! I own you one!"

"How about getting off of me?" Ben responded dryly.

"Well excuse me! What's up your butt anyway?"

"Instead of getting ready for my next gym battle, I have to waste my time to battle her loser boyfriend 'cause he won't keep his mouth shut!"

"Well you shouldn't stoop to his level,…what do you mean by THAT?"

May cut in, "Come on Dawn, it's so obvious! The offensive act is getting old, ….anyways, watching this battle would give me some good pointers and strategy on how to pawn everybody in the contest tonight! I have a title to keep, you know?"

"-mumble, mumble-, I'll show you some pointers…" Dawn grumbled under her breath.

As they arrived to the park, they see Paul at the clearing mugging at them from the distance. He looked serious, as if he wants to kill somebody.

"Geez, serial killer much? Dawn, you have a messed up taste in men."

"May can you stop that? What about if I keep getting on you about Drew, surely you'd cuss me out for it!"

"You damn right I would! I hate that bastard…"

Paul snapped, "I can't believe you bothered to bring your loud-mouthed cheerleaders, you have to have an encouragement squad or something?"

Ben smirked, "they wanted to come, at least I have girls around me, you jealous or somethin'?"

"..And who are you calling a loud mouth?" May added. Piplup exhaled and shook his head (O_O Some perfect timing to finally put Piplup into the story, huh?)

"Can we just get this over with?" Dawn suggested.

"Hm. Troublesome said something smart for once." Paul smirked at Dawn which made her huffed.

"Everything I say is smart! UGH! Whatever…" Dawn turned away from him blushing.

Ben and Paul walked to the middle of the clearing getting ready for their match, the girls sat on a bench and took out snacks from nowhere and started gorging on them.

"Whoo! Come on Ben, you got this!" May managed to yell out and spitting chips from her mouth.

"This is a three-on-three match, no one can switch until their pokemon no longer can continue."

"That's cool. One thing though, just three-on-three? You holding back?"

"Nah. It would be pointless and embarrassing for me to beat all of your pokemon with only one or two of my pokemon. Besides, I don't have much time."

"Ooh!" May instigated.

"Yeah, yeah. Keep talking like that dude."


"Ladies first."

"Ha. You should do a sitcom."

Ben babbled and looked at Paul funny, "w-why the fuck I want to do a sitcom…"

"Drapion! Standby for battle!" A large purple scorpion-like pokemon emerged from its pokeball. It looked at Ben with a taunting evil glare.

"-Jackass cutting me off.- Raichu!" An electric mouse with a long tail end with a lighting bolt appeared in front of Drapion.

"It's cute….Hey! Ben, you didn't tell me about you having other pokemon!" Dawn remembered when Ben talked about his pokemon.

"Yeah, like I wanna tell you EVERY pokemon I have. What's the big deal?"

"Well, because…"

"Drapion, cross poison!" The pokemon lunge an "X" that has a purple glow to it, it flies towards Raichu fast.

"Raichu, dodge!" Raichu made a last minute dodge just in time to get away from the attack, but until another one hit it directly.

"Raiiii!" It tumbles across the field creating a large dust cloud along with it.

"Use X-scissor." The giant scorpion creature runs towards Raichu, making it stingers to create another "X" that intensifies into a bright light.

"-Dammit-, Raichu, use agility to dodge!" It swiftly flashes away from Drapion's attack and reappeared behind it. Little did it and Ben know, Drapion used it's tail and grabbed Raichu and bind him tightly. Drapion turned his head directly around and face Raichu, who was struggling for breath by it's bind.

"Come on Raichu! Get out of there! You can do it!" May and Dawn was yelling frantically on the sidelines.

"Raichu, use thunderbolt to get out of there!" Raichu unleashed a huge blast of electricity on Drapion to at least to make it flinch so it could be free from the bind. Raichu made distance to recover and catch it's breath.

"You okay?" Ben asked. Raichu nodded in response. "-What a creepy-ass pokemon, who knew it can turn it's freakin' head like that!-" Paul suddenly chuckled to himself. "What the hell is so funny?"

"That excuse for a pokemon is funny, being a Raichu it should be at LEAST a challenge with my Drapion. I went against a Pikachu with greater speed and electric attacks than the 'so-called' evolved form of one.

Dawn gasped, "-he meant Ash's Pikachu! So he DOES admit that Ash was a formative trainer!-"

"Who the hell are you to make that 'ass-hair' statement?" Ben was letting Paul get to him instead of focusing the battle. "Keep talkin' out of your ass because I'll shut it up with my foot up in it!" May sighed to herself and folded her arms.

"What's wrong?"

"The problem is that Ben just caught that Raichu, he thought it would be good for Raichu to battle so it can get some training, but I didn't know Paul can be this ruthless."

"Oh…" Dawn flashbacked at the times how Paul treats pokemon and Ash wanted to bump heads about it. "…unfortunately that's how Paul is.".

"Use cross poison back to back!" Drapion launched barrages of the attack at Raichu in different directions and he could barely dodge them.

"-Shit! How can this big dopey pokemon can move like that?…I know!- Raichu, use your tail to trip it off balance!" As Raichu attempts to do so, Drapion simply jumped over it.

Everybody but Paul did a narrowed-eye stare and said in unison, "...It can do that?"

"Grab it again and use crunch!"

Ben snapped back to reality. "Raichu, wait for it!"

"WHAT?" May and Dawn yelled. Even Raichu looked at him crazy, but he did what he told. As Drapion grabs Raichu, it opens his mouth getting ready to snap at it.

"Now! Use thunderbolt into it's mouth!"

"Hm?" Paul was also surprised that he didn't think ahead about that. Just when Raichu blast a flow of electricity into Drapion's mouth, Drapion was taking major damage and screaming in pain.

"Drapion, let it go!" Drapion violently slams Raichu on the ground from the pain it took which caused Raichu not to move.

"Raichu!" Without any commands, Drapion picks up Raichu with it's tail and slam him on the ground again, then against a tree until Raichu breaks through it from the impact.

The girls stood up in shock, "Raichu! Oh no! That's taking it too far! Ben, do something!"

"Raichu, you have to get up!" As the debris cleared up, Raichu laid there swirly-eyed showing that it fainted. "Raichu, return."

"To think I was going to get my time's worth for this, I guess I was wrong. You pretty much all bark and no bite."

"What the hell you say?"

"Come on Ben, you can do this! You still got two pokemon!" Dawn cheered.

"Hm?" Paul looked at Dawn with a shocking glare.

"Haha, you're lucky I'm in a mellow mood today, I usually don't let punk-asses like you get away for saying that. So, I'll let you have the benefit of the doubt." He took out a pokeball that is entirely white but around the middle of the band is red. (premier ball is what it called! Okay I remember -_-) "The ass kicking starts now!"

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