Summary: Blind Mag's first meeting with Shilo goes a little differently than it did in the film.

Disclaimer: I do not own Repo! The Genetic Opera, unless we're talking about a copy of the DVD or the soundtrack.

Pairings: Shilo/Blind Mag

Author's Notes: This is dangerously close to what happened when I was trying to write this fic.

The authoress was wearing her brand-new Ot3p shirt that day, so it was the brutal metal yelps of Otep Shamaya's masterwork "Smash the Control Machine" the played, albeit quietly, through the laptop's speakers as she typed. She'd been trying to work on her molecular biology paper, but this fanfic idea wasn't going away; it was best just to finish it. Then she could focus.

Shilo nodded, not trusting her voice.

Shedemei bit her lower lip. After Shilo had gotten her first kiss from Blind Mag, the story was supposed to wind down. Now, how to accomplish that…?

"What are you thinking, Shilo?"

"That I'd give just about anything to kiss you again," Shilo murmured.

Shedemei looked down at her hands; had they really just typed that? Shilo and Blind Mag were supposed to kiss only once. "Shilo, what the hell?" she said aloud. "I know you're star-struck, but…I mean, it says all over your MySpace that you want to meet Blind Mag, but it also says you're straight." The authoress shook her head and her fingers went back to work.

Blind Mag had not kissed anyone of her free will in years, not since she had started working for GeneCo, and Shilo was harmless and innocent and lovely. So for the second time, she couldn't bring herself to reject Shilo's kiss. She got to her feet and clutched Shilo to her, pressing her mouth to the girl's.

"Okay, I can see Mag wanting another kiss, it's probably been for-fucking-ever since Mag's kissed anyone and actually been in a position to enjoy it…" Even as she spoke, her fingers continued flying over the keys.

The first kiss had been chaste. This one was deep and intense, Shilo's hands gliding over Mag's back and sides, incredibly glad the dress Mag had chosen for that day was cut so low. Mag was gentler, slowly and rhythmically raking her nails over the girl's shoulders with one hand and cupping the back of her neck with the other. Shilo tilted her head back with a gasp, and Mag whispered in her ear. "Are you all right? If I was too forward, I'm sorry…"

"No, Mag," Shilo moaned. "Please don't stop."

Shedemei's brow furrowed. "Shilo! Come on, what the hell? You're supposed to be made star-struck by this, not…not horny. Ick."

Shilo's slightly guilty-looking face popped out of the screen. Shedemei quirked an eyebrow. "Do you have an answer, then? I thought you were straight."

"It's different with Mag," Shilo replied. She sounded almost like she was whining, but that might have just been Shedemei's opinion of Shilo as a character. "She's…special."

"Oh, this is an 'It's Okay Because It's You' thing." Shedemei nodded. "The thing is you pulled that in my other fic after getting to know Blind Mag as a person. Right now you've just met Mag. You snogged her twice. Now you're moaning at her not to stop petting you?"

Shilo blushed.

Blind Mag's face floated into view beside Shilo's.

"And Blind Mag, what do you think you're doing? She's your goddaughter."

"You wanted me to kiss her," Mag demurred. "It's going…better than expected. And you're right that I've not been kissed, at least kindly, in a long time."

Shemedei groaned and pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes. "Come on, I'm trying to write a cute yet realistic fic here, not a PWP. Don't guilt-trip me."

"Please, Shedemei?" Mag asked softly.

"You know what? Fine. Fine, keep making out with the cute seventeen-year-old. And don't give me the she-looks-like-Marni excuse, because I'm one of two people in the entire Repo fandom who doesn't yell 'two lovers, Mag and Marni' at the beginning of shadowcasts." Shedemei retuned to her typing and the two faces receded back into the screen.

Mag nuzzled the girl's throat. "Your heart's racing. Are you sure?"

"You're going to have trouble breathing, Shilo," Shedemei muttered.

Shilo's eyes fluttered shut. "Yes."

Mag hesitated. She couldn't deny that she returned Shilo's feelings, but this was all happening so quickly. And yet…if she sent Shilo home now, she would only think of her disappointment and not of the message Mag wanted her to take away from all this. And what better way to earn a positive place in Shilo's memory than to become her first lover?

Shedemei sighed. "That makes sense…I guess…as long as Shilo gets the message that GeneCo needs to perish in a grease fire…"

"Come here," Mag murmured, taking Shilo's hands and leading her to sit down in her chair again, then bending over the girl to kiss her throat. Shilo suppressed a moan as Mag a left a trail of kisses down her neck and upper chest. When Mag's fingertips closed on the top button of Shilo's blouse and lingered there for a moment, waiting for permission, Shilo tilted her head forward and kissed Mag's hair, a tacit go-ahead. Mag quickly dispensed with Shilo's white blouse and little black vest, revealing that Shilo was wearing a white camisole underneath. Mag teased the fabric up from the waistline, revealing Shilo's flat pale stomach inch by inch until Shilo grew impatient and yanked the garment off over her head.

The authoress winced at the sight of what she had just typed. "Fuck. This is seriously turning into a PWP. Um…okay, maybe they'll have to stop when Shilo suddenly passes out…"

Mag paused in her ministrations for a moment to admire Shilo's exposed body, lightly brushing her knuckles against the girl's cheek. "You're lovely, Shilo."

"Do you mean that?" Shilo whispered. She could feel her heart beating wildly, almost as if it were trying to escape from her rib cage.

"Blood pressure warning…come on, Shilo, let's be realistic…"

"Yes, I do." Taking Shilo by the waist, Mag bent to kiss Shilo's lips again. Shilo reached for Mag's back again, struggling blindly to figure out how to unfasten her dress. Her searching hands found a zipper and tugged it down, loosening the sleeves and causing them to begin slipping down Mag's arms. Shilo was trying to discern how to remove the rest of Mag's dress without having to stop kissing her when a sudden shooting pain in her chest shook her body. She yelped.

"Thank you," Shedemei cried out. "Finally. Shilo, I probably should have pointed this out earlier, but you can't have sex if your lungs aren't functioning properly. Actually, you should have known that…you're not that bright, are you?"

"Shilo?" Mag pulled back. "What's wrong?"

Shilo clutched at her chest. "Can't breathe…need…need my pill…" She reached for her bag, which lay forgotten on the floor. Mag snatched it up and dug through it, quickly coming up with Shilo's bottle of pills. She twisted off the top and pushed one pill into Shilo's mouth, for the girl was shaking and gasping too hard to do so herself. Shilo swallowed forcefully, Mag standing over her, stroking her face. After several deep, wheezing breaths, Shilo's lungs finally ceased their rebellion and she was able to breathe normally.

Mag kissed Shilo's mouth softly, once. "Your blood disease?"

"Yes, Mag, yes, it's her blood disease. Now stop kissing her."

Blind Mag's face protruded from the monitor once more. "Except for her illness, she doesn't seem to mind. Quite the opposite, in fact, and I'm certainly enjoying it."

Shedemei sighed irritably. "I have my reputation as a writer to consider. I don't want people to think I'm writing blatant girl-on-girl fanservice."

"But that's not what you're actually doing," Mag pointed out.

"No, it looks like this is headed toward some much-needed Intimate Psychotherapy," the writer agreed, "but even for fanfiction, you have to admit it's unrealistic. Now get back in there and tell Shilo she's going to die if you two actually attempt said Intimate Psychotherapy."

Blind Mag looked crestfallen, and for a moment Shedemei felt guilty; after all, Mag was her favorite character. But the singer disappeared back into the screen.

Shilo nodded, the blood rushing to her cheeks.

"What brought it on?"

"My heart was beating too fast," Shilo mumbled.

Mag took one of Shilo's hands and kissed it. "Shilo…if your heart rate going up causes you to have an attack, then we can't do this."

"No," Shilo wept with disappointment. "No, Mag, please…"

"Shhh," Mag soothed, gathering the girl into her arms. "I don't want to hurt you."

Shedemei raised and lowered one shoulder. "Sorry, you two. But Mag, you would rather keep Shilo from dying that risk death by sex, right?"

"But I should be fine now," Shilo insisted. "Maybe…maybe I might have to take another pill, but if we're careful, I should be okay." Shilo kissed Mag's throat a few times. "Please," Shilo whispered against the soft skin. "Please, Mag?"

Mag shivered. She couldn't remember the last time someone had kissed her so gently… "If…if you think it's safe for you…"

"No!" Shedemei burst out. "Get up here, both of you."

Both women's faces floated into Shedemei's view. Shilo seemed to blushing furiously.

Shedemei crossed her arms. "Shilo…did you just say you can take another pill and you'll be okay?"

Shilo blinked, not seeming to understand. "Um…yes."

"Since when do your pills function like rescue inhalers?" Shedemei demanded. She didn't add, Assuming you have some pills to actually keep you from dying, because I doubt Nathan would encourage you to take more poison when you're having an attack. After all, at this point in the story, Shilo didn't know her father was poisoning her. "You probably just recovered because you calmed down, not necessarily because you took a pill…seriously, Shilo?"

Shilo's blush deepened.

"I trust her," Blind Mag interjected.

Shedemei facepalmed. "Well, yeah, because you want to deflower her. You want to deflower your seventeen-year-old goddaughter. Although that isn't nearly as fucked up as some other things in this fandom…"

"The pills should keep me breathing okay," Shilo muttered.

"What, are they liqui-gels or something?" Shemedei sighed. "Okay, you know what? Fine. If a spine can be replaced, maybe a pill can be a fast-acting rescue inhaler for a girl with a Soap Opera Disease. If you must…continue destroying my reputation as one of the few fanfic writers who didn't write ridiculous porn."

Blind Mag looked visibly hurt after the authoress's tirade. So, after hesitating, Shedemei continued.

"Mag, I know you want to have consensual sex once before you die. So against my better judgment—well, actually, it looks like I have no control over this—but anyway, this fic is happening for your sake. This is not for the readers. This is for you, because you are my favorite character and you deserve this."

Blind Mag said nothing, only nodded, and the two faces retreated into the screen.

"I do."

"All right." Blind Mag stood up straight, smiling almost shyly at the way Shilo was gazing at her. She undid a single snap at her lower back and pushed the sleeves from her arms, allowing her dark emerald gown to pool on the floor at her feet. Watching the dress glide off of Mag's pale, perfect body, only a thin layer of dark gray lace still covering the most intimate parts of her, Shilo couldn't suppress a soft moan. "Mag, you're so gorgeous…I never imagined…"

Mag unfastened her studded wristbands and rubbed her wrists as if she had just been released from a pair of handcuffs. "Did you imagine, Shilo?"

Shedemei struggled not to cry. "Oh gods, look at what I'm lowering myself to. Ugh. It's for Blind Mag, it's for Blind Mag…and at least I got in the symbolism of Mag's wristbands looking like shackles."

"Yes." Shilo stood and threw her arms around Mag, savoring the sensation of Mag's delicate bare skin pressed against her own half-naked frame. Mag gasped at the sudden contact, the sound trailing off into a groan. "Mag?"

The writer closed her eyes in agony. "Okay, Shilo, was that a lie? I know your favorite thing to watch on TV is Blind Mag's broadcasts, but I highly doubt you were imagining her naked…you know what? I give up. I utterly give up on this stupid fic."

"Oh, Shilo…" The girl trembled at the intensity in Mag's voice. "Wait." Mag disentangled herself from their embrace. "May I undress you?"

"Yeah, sure…" Shedemei grumbled. "Go ahead and undress her, Mag. I suppose if I'm going to throw my authorial respectability down the drain, I guess I'd better do it right."

"Of course!" Shilo sat back down to allow Mag to unzip her boots and, with tantalizing care, peel off her stockings. She gripped the chair's arm-rests, fighting the rising tide of her desire for Mag as she felt the beautiful singer unbutton her skirt and pull it off. "Mag, I want you…"

"But I'm so going to regret this…"

A/N: "If I couldn't laugh at myself, I'd be dead right now." –Chris Griffin