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Jade's mother is naturally a crack addict and/or (preferably and) a bitter drunk whom hates Jade. For example:

Jade stays at Beck's RV cuz she lurvs him and she just can't stand her mother's drunken rants and her beatings for absolutely no reasons.

See? I even entwined some abuse there, because I am a master that knows all. Someone better than me? Psh, unheard of! Back to the step!

Anyways, you must have Jade become emo and un-independent whenever her mother rolls around, forcing her to come to Beck who is the only one that understands her.

Really, it is quite simple.

Please do exactly what I say.

Then, I may or may not kill you.


Glad you understand.

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Because Robbie's awkward and Trina is… "insecure".


Robbie frowns, "Are you, leik, drunk?"

(Please note that Trina is always drunk.)

Trina giggles, "Hell—hic—yeah!" She saunters over and stands so her chest in front of Robbie's face. Robbie then shrieks and flails all over, yet doesn't move.


"Mhmm? You're really—hic!—sexy!"

Robbie grins, "I… I am?"

Trina nods, "Mhm."

Then she attacks his lips, and the teenage boy inside of him explodes.

They then have sex.

The end.

See? This is simple as well, make Trina drunk, Robbie awkward, and let them have sex. Easy.

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A/N: This chapter is short for a number of reasons: Track tryouts. I'm still really insecure, and if you met me in real life without knowing me before hand, I'll come off as insanely shy (it takes a while for me to open up and be the spaz I am). So I'm still considering trying out. …So yeah.

Two: I've also been really busy with school, there's this huge project up that's due Friday, so I've been working on that.

Anyways. A lot of people want me to do a Cat!Makeover chapter, but I can't really write it without reading the material, so does anyone know a fic that has Cat get a makeover to impress Beck or someone? Just wondering.

The next chapter will be better, because I know that this one was crazy-terrible. :C But it was also short because the steps are actually pretty freaking simple, so.