TITLE: Revelations

AUTHOR: Laragh


DISCLAIMER: Not mine, never were, never will be.

SUMMARY: What happens when helping a friend leads to learning things that could change your life forever...

SPOILERS: Nope, not a one. Possible stealage of dialogue here and there.


FEEDBACK: Yes please

"What if she kicks me out...or tries to send me to conversion therapy...or, oh god, what if it gives her another brain aneurysm?"

"I'm with B on this one. I'd take on the Hulk himself if I had to, but Mamma Summers? No way, no how."

Buffy reached for Faith's hand to comfort her as she saw the shiver go up her back at the thoughts of having to tell her mother what they wanted to tell her. She'd called her friends, Willow, Tara and Xander over to her house to try and figure out the best way to go about things, but so far the conversation had consisted of herself and Faith voicing ideas back and forth of the worst possible outcomes of the situation. She and Xander had met Willow and Tara, who had lived next door to each other their whole lives, on the first day of Kindergarten, and they had stayed friends all through elementary school, junior high and now into their senior year of high school.

Faith was a new student this year, having left her life of being in and out of foster care homes the day she turned 18. The two had clicked straight away and it didn't take long for their friendship to turn into something more. Telling their friends about their relationship had been easy as pie...but Buffy's mother? That was a whole other ball game.

"Your mother is the coolest," Xander interjected, "Plus she makes the best cocoa."

"It's true," Willow nodded emphatically, "She just wants you to be happy. She won't care that you and Faith are dating."

"You and Faith are what?!"

All five turned to where the squeal had come from, the door of Buffy's bedroom, where they were currently all sitting in and Buffy jumped up, striding angrily towards the door when she saw who was standing there. She grabbed the figure and pulled her inside, shutting the door in the process.

"Keep your voice down!" she hissed, glaring at her little sister.

"But you...and, and..." Dawn quickly looked between Buffy and Faith, realisation gracing her features, "Oh that's so gross!"

"Hey!" Faith spoke up, standing as well and going over to stand over Dawn, "Just because I'm a girl and-"

"I don't think it's gross because you're both girls, stupid," Dawn replied rolling her eyes, "I'm just freaked that the moaning I heard coming from in here the other night when you stayed over wasn't just 'cause one of you sprained your ankle running or something like I thought."

Buffy blushed bright red while Faith just got a smug smile on her face.

"Yea, well," Buffy splurted, "You shouldn't know anything about moaning anyway. You're thirteen."

"I'm fourteen," Dawn scoffed indignantly, folding her arms across her chest, "And I know all about sex. We had a class about it in school."

Faith chuckled quietly and resumed her sitting position with the others, who were all looking on with slightly bated breath, seeing how this scene was going to play out.

"Well that better be the only way you're learning about it. But, um, hey? You're gonna keep quiet about this, right? You won't tell mom?"

"I dunno," Dawn replied, narrowing her eyes, "What's in it for me?"

Buffy sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Those new jeans I bought last week," she replied tersely, not for the first time regretting her short and her sister's unnaturally tall limb length, "And you only get to borrow them."

"Fine...but I wanna come out with you guys to the Bronze as well!"

"No way," Buffy said, shaking her head, "Not a chance kiddo."

Dawn stared her sister down for a second before shrugging her shoulders.

"Okay then. MOOOMM-"

She was cut off from her scream as Buffy put a hand over her mouth. The younger girl's natural reaction was to bite the obstructing body part.

"OW!" Buffy yelped, pulling her hand back, "You bit me you little-"

"Okay, okay, guys chill out."

Both sisters turned as Tara's voice rang out through the room and saw her walking towards them. Tara put a hand on Dawn's shoulder comfortingly.

"We'll bring you to the Bronze, okay, Dawnie?"

Buffy was about to protest but a quick glance from Tara made her shut her mouth and go sit next to Faith.

"But you need to promise me you won't say anything about the things you heard in here today, okay? It's important that Buffy tells your mom when she's ready."

Dawn nodded her head in understanding. Tara was her favourite of her sister's friends; she never treated her like she was a child and always explained things to her like an equal.

"Okay. I promise, Tara."

"Thumb shake?" Tara asked, putting her thumb out for their own private secret handshake that had stemmed from multiple games of thumb wars over the years.

"Thumb shake," Dawn confirmed, interlocking her thumb with the Tara's and shaking it up and down.

Tara smiled at Dawn as their digits broke apart and the younger girl squealed before going over to her sister's open wardrobe and grabbing the brand-new, never-been-worn jeans from the hanger they were leaning on and running out of the room. Buffy sighed again as Tara sat back down with the gang.

"I don't know how you're so patient with her, Tara," Buffy said, scowling at the door Dawn had just left through, "She better not spill anything on those jeans."

"Don't worry, baby," Faith leered, putting a hand on her girlfriend's thigh, "I prefer you without them anyway."

"Oh yea?" Buffy asked, cocking an eyebrow and leaning over so their faces were just inches apart, "How much?"

Faith grinned cheekily before latching their lips together and squeezing the flesh under her hand.

"Right," Willow said after a moment, looking anywhere but at the kissing couple in front of her, "Right, so we should go."

"Uh huh," Tara agreed, jumping up and pulling Xander with her, "You too, Xand."

"I think he's drooling..." Willow commented as she helped Tara pull the indeed-drooling boy to the exit, "Um, bye guys. See you later?"

There was no response from either girl, who were now lying on the floor, their hands roaming all over each other's bodies.

"Yea. Cool. Bye," the redhead finished, scurrying out with Tara and Xander, down the stairs, almost colliding into Joyce on the way, "Whoa. Hi, Mrs. Summers."

"Where are you lot going in a hurry?" Joyce asked, as she put on her jacket, "And where are the other two?"


"Chem project," Tara helped out her redheaded friend, "We just remembered it's due tomorrow and we haven't even started yet. Buffy and Faith aren't in our class, so..."

"Very well," Joyce said, picking up her bag, "I'm just heading down to the museum...I better go up and tell them to look after Dawn."

"NO!" Willow yelled, making the older woman jump back slightly in alarm, "Sorry, it's just, uh, I'll tell them for you. I wouldn't want the museum waiting on you, you know..."

"Most of the items there have been around hundreds of years, I think they could last an extra five minutes," Joyce replied, eyeing Willow suspiciously, then sighing slightly, "But thank you. They did say it was an emergency and I could do without Buffy complaining that she doesn't want to look after Dawn again."

"Exactly, Mrs. S," Xander spoke up, recovered from the show he'd gotten upstairs and becoming aware of how bad the situation would be if Joyce walked in what he could only imagine had progressed from when they left. He shook his head to get rid of those images, "Let us deal with angry-Buffy."

"Mmhhmm," Joyce said, opening the front door, "I'll see you all soon."

Willow slumped against the banister of the stairs as Joyce left, exhaling loudly.

"Jeez, that was close. The sooner everything's out in the open, the better."