"I really wish I would've packed my Dramamine for this trip!" Screech moaned holding his stomach. He stumbled to the trunk of the taxi to get his luggage. "I feel worse than I did after riding Space Mountain!"

"Just try not to hurl on my shoes this time," Lisa warned. "They were a Christmas present," she smiled showing them off.

"Aw, they're cute!" Kelly admired. "Who are they from?"

"Me," Lisa smiled.

"What's the matter, Lisa? Were you not good enough for Santa this year?" Eric kidded as he handed Screech, Kelly, and Zack their luggage from the trunk.

"No, I was afraid Santa wouldn't be good enough for me," Lisa retorted. "After all, that red polyester suit shows he is lacking in the style department." She smiled and gave Eric a nudge with her elbow.

"If a guy like Santa can't charm you, where does that leave a guy like me?" he smiled as he closed the trunk giving it a tap to signal that the driver could go.

"In a place I know all too well, my friend!" Screech told him putting his hand on Eric's shoulder.

Zack, Kelly, and Screech followed Eric and Lisa up three flights of stairs to the door of Eric's apartment.

"Welcome to my humble abode," he remarked as he unlocked the door and gestured for them to head inside.

Zack, Kelly, and Screech took in the sight of a small kitchen to their left which was open to a living room. Off the living room were two bedrooms with a bathroom between. The walls were exposed brick, with the beams of the ceiling expose, but painted white. In the living room, a window almost the size of the wall was centered on the exterior wall. The decorations were minimal, but the view of the city through the window looked like art itself.

"Nice place, man," Zack approved as he gave Eric a pat on the shoulder. "Thanks again for letting us stay here. I hope we aren't putting you out."

"Eh," Eric shrugged. "Jessie still holds the time I took over her room over my head, she gave me no choice. Said I owed her or something."

Kelly, Zack, and Screech looked at each other uncomfortably. Noticing the awkwardness, Eric quickly added, "I'm joking, guys. I was looking forward to the company," he smiled warmly at them before he stole a glance at Lisa.

"Guys, you can crash in my room which is on the right. Ladies, your room is on the left. I'd show you in, but you'd owe me a tip," he hopped on the old, leather couch and popped his feet on the coffee table.

Lisa showed Kelly to the room they'd be sharing with Jessie, while Zack and Screech carried their bags to Eric's room.

"You can have the top drawer, Kelly," Lisa instructed with a point to the dresser as she plopped down on her side next to Kelly's bag.

"I like it here. It's so cozy," Kelly admired letting her eyes gaze out the window as she unzipped her bag and began taking her clothes out and piling them onto the bed.

Lisa propped her head up with one arm as she watched Kelly unpack, "And, I love having you guys here," she admitted.

"Even Screech?" Kelly kidded.

"As much as I hate to admit it," Lisa giggled. "Sooo—how's school, your job—Zack?"

Kelly tried to remain nonchalant as she folded her clothes, but a smile spread across her face. "Any particular topic you'd like to hear about first?"

"I know, which topic I'd like you talk about first," Zack interrupted them peeking his head through the door.

"I'm just curious when this happened," Lisa continued pointing her finger quickly from Zack to Kelly, "Because last time we talked, Zack was drooling over some rich, blonde," she reminded in a teasing voice.

"Hey, I never drooled!" Zack corrected waving a finger.

"Oh, yeah, right!" Kelly snorted as she reached into the front pocket of her bag. A curious look came over her face as she dug deep into the bottom of the pocket. "What's this?" Kelly asked as she pulled something unfamiliar out of the pouch. Her eyes widened as she slowly pulled out the fanciest watch she'd ever seen. She held it out delicately at arm's length from her body.

"Whoa, momma!" Lisa exclaimed with her signature phrase anytime she saw something worth more than she could afford. "Let me see that!" she commanded taking the watch gingerly from Kelly's hands. She squinted pulling it closer to her eyes for further examination.

"White gold! That's bound to be eighteen karat!" she exclaimed. She ran her nose over the watch like a blood hound on the trail. "Baguette cut diamonds!" she nearly dropped the watch in awe.

"What's going on in here?" Eric rushed into the room after hearing the commotion.

"Kelly found this in her bag! It's an Audemars Pigeut!" Lisa cried out showing him the watch.

"Well, if you found out whose it is, maybe she can give it back and he won't be mad," Eric shrugged.

"No, that's the brand. This is a Swiss watch. We're talking high end jewelry. It's worth at least a million," Lisa explained.

Zack and Kelly looked at each other in bewilderment.

"Maybe, it's one of Leslie's watches and it fell into my bag," Kelly surmised giving a hopeful smile.

"Come on, Kelly. Leslie's rich, but she doesn't own a million dollar timepiece!" Zack reasoned.

"Uh, guys," Screech squeaked from the doorway. The four turned to find Screech standing in the doorway. He held his suitcase by the handle letting it hang open to display the contents inside. The four turned toward him, jaws dropping at the sight of sparkling jewelry lining the entire suitcase.

"Maybe this wasn't my suitcase after all!" he gulped.