Harry Potter

Something Wicked This Way Comes

By xXxKaraBeckerCutterxXx

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Rating: K

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Genre: Adventure/Friendship

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Summary: Charlie Hunter and Riley Spirit thought they were ordinary girls. But when they each receive a letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry their lives change completely. What adventures lie ahead for these Muggleborn Witches?

Author's Note: Throughout this series there are major grammatical and punctuation errors. And it wasn't until recently did I decide that I wanted to sort them out. So these new chapters go out to those who have been amazing to me throughout the whole of this season and I hope you enjoy it more with the less errors. Thank you.

The Muggleborn Witches

"Come on Riley!" Charlie called over her shoulder as she reached the gate of the little run-down cottage where she lived with her mother. She didn't have many friends except for her best friend Riley Spirit and she was known by others on Spinners End as an hyperactive kid because no matter where she was Charlie was always on the go always bouncing around and getting up to something or another.

Meanwhile her best friend Riley Spirit was the exact opposite. Riley was a shy and quiet child living in a small rundown village just on the other side of Spinner's End. Aside from Charlie she didn't have any friends and could always be found at the park reading or just watching Charlie do what she did. Reading was a favourite past time of Riley's and she would read just about anything she could get her hands on be it books, magazines, newspapers or anything that held a good plot line or had words written on a page. She drank in every last word down to the very last syllabus. She was considered a mini Genius and was extremely smart in school even to the point where her teachers thought very highly of her, although just like Charlie she had gotten into a fair share of trouble herself.

Once a girl named Michelle had been picking on both Riley and Charlie in the school yard and the next second she was wailing like a toddler because her platinum blonde hair had turned a bright shade of green and orange. She was convinced to this day that Charlie and Riley had something to do with it although they were just as surprised at the turn of events as she was.

"I'm coming!" Riley huffed as she hoisted the heavy worn backpack up onto her shoulders as she trudged down the crooked path towards her friend's house they had just returned from the library where they had been reading; well, Riley had been reading and Charlie had been sleeping on the desk waiting for her clutched tightly in Riley's hands was a worn copy of Greek Myths and her backpack was bulky indicating that she had more books hidden inside while Charlie's was close to empty.

"Well if you hadn't insisted on carrying half the library home," Charlie responded with a roll of her eyes "you'd be walking like a cheetah and not a snail!"

"Oh hush up!" Riley retorted finally making it level with her friend.

"Finally," Charlie teased as she pushed open the gate and hurried up to the front door of her home. The number five shone brightly in the dim light as the front door to the garden next-door opened and Charlie's neighbour Jennifer Carmichael stepped out.

"Hi Ms Carmichael" Riley and Charlie greeted happily

"Hello girls," Jennifer smiled back "Long day at school?"

Charlie shook her head "School was okay. Riley just insisted on bringing the whole library home with us"

"You'll be thankful later" Riley responded, shifting her backpack again

Jennifer laughed at the two's banter as they reminded her of two bickering sisters than they did best friends. She remembered last summer how Riley had gone away from with her parents and younger sister to visit her grandparents in Central London and Charlie had been left behind it was a sad sight to see. The two should never have been separated unless they absolutely needed to be. "Well it was nice to seeing you girls. But I must be off. William is driving my mother crazy and I have places to be"

"Bye" Charlie and Riley called as they watched her walk off down the street

Once Jennifer had disappeared Charlie turned back to Riley "Come on!" she motioned to the door and pushed it open "the sooner we put these bags down the sooner we can do something fun"

"Like what? Bug the Northerners?"

"Maybe," Charlie responded sheepishly running into the hallway of her home and dropping her backpack onto the floor at the base of the stairs her jacket following. Riley mimicked her actions and closed the front door behind her. "Mum! We're home! Where are you?"

"Kitchen" her mother - Serena - responded

The eleven year old grinned and rushed through the living room and into the kitchen where she was surprised to find her next door neighbour Severus Snape sitting at the small kitchen table; she knew him because of the stories that her mother and father (when he had been around) had told her. Severus Snape had lived at Spinner's End when he was a child and had grown up with her parents but everyone knew him as 'Sneaky Snape' the name had been given to him because he had the uncanny ability to sneak around without being noticed.

"Hello Mr Snape," Riley commented as she appeared at Charlie's shoulder

"Charlie! Don't be rude!" Serena Hunter scolded her daughter

"Huh? Oh, right. Sorry, Hello Mr Snape" Charlie greeted reverting back to her 'happy-go-lucky' nature "Um, is there any particular reason that Mr Snape is sitting in our kitchen?"

Serena narrowed her eyes at her daughter

Charlie held up her hands in defence "Honest question,"

Riley meanwhile, was standing quietly behind her friend and was looking over Mr Snape's clothing. He was wearing all black. Black shirt, black pants, black shoes and black robes. Why was he wearing robes?

Just then he reached into the pocket of his robes and pulled out two rather thick envelopes and held them both out to Charlie and Riley. Charlie took the two and glanced at them passing Riley's to her over her shoulder. The address on the front came as a bit of a surprise - it was her address. And what was more on the back was a wax seal of a crest with four animals on it.

"What is this?" Charlie asked breaking the seal

"It is an acceptance letter" Snape spoke for the first time since the girls had entered the room

Charlie paused and exchanged looks with Riley "But we haven't applied for any schools. And we're too young to apply for college or university"

"Just open it, Charlie" Serena pushed her daughter

Charlie sighed but did as told. She broke the wax seal and removed a letter from the inside and read it over before turning to Riley who was staring at her's with wide eyes; the two friends gazes connected and they turned back to the visitor in front of them.

"This is a joke" Riley spoke "There is no such thing as magic! It's something you find in story books!"

"Really? Tell me girls, have either of you done something out of this world? Something you couldn't explain when you were angry, sad or scared?"

Charlie cracked a grin "Well there was the incident with Michelle. She was yelling at us and next thing her hair had changed to green and orange"

"Charlie..." Serena warned

"Sorry, mum"

Riley shook her head "But that doesn't prove anything!"

"Oh really?" Snape asked "How do you explain it then, Miss Spirit?"

"Um...I can't" Riley stammered

"What would convince you that magic is real?"

"Can we do magic right now?" Charlie asked

"If it is real" Riley added

Snape reached once more into his robes and this time pulled out a small thin wooden stick "This is a wand. Naturally you do not allow another witch or wizard to touch your wand it is a part of you. It will defend you and protect you when you need it. However, when a young or untrained witch or wizard touches a wand sparks will fly. If you are both witches sparks will fly if not..." he trailed off as the girls got the picture. When the wand was presented to them it was Riley who touched it first; the moment her fingers had closed around the wand golden sparks erupted from the tip.

"Whoa!" Riley squeaked, stepping back and almost dropping the wand

Charlie grinned as she reached for the wand; she had barely brushed the smoothness when green sparks emitted from the top "Awesome!"

"Satisfied?" Snape asked taking back his wand and watching the two girls with a keen interest

"I guess," Riley shrugged

"I am!" Charlie grinned looking back at her letter "What about our supplies? How do we get them?"

"And when..." Riley spoke

Charlie paused and turned to her best friend "I thought you didn't believe?"

"Eh," the other girl shrugged

Charlie rolled her eyes and turned back to Snape "What she said..."

"We must travel to Diagon Alley. If you are free we can go now."

"We?" Serena asked

"It would be better if I escorted them myself" Snape answered

Charlie turned to her mother expectantly "Can you come?" she asked

"I'm sorry sweetheart. I have work in an hour. Maybe next time" Serena apologized

Charlie nodded sadly "When do we leave?" she asked turning her attention back to Snape

"As soon as possible" he answered

Riley patted Charlie's shoulder "I think it would be safe to let my mother know what has happened. I don't think she would approve if I just disappeared from Spinners End without her prior knowledge."

"Yes, Professor" Charlie teased, before pulling Riley from her home and back out onto the street outside.


Carol was more than thrilled to hear that her daughter was a witch but Riley's father and younger sister were not happy with the revelation of Riley's new found witchy powers. But before an argument could break out Carol ushered her daughter and friend out the door.

After returning to Charlie's home the two girls collected their jackets from the bottom of the stairs and turned to Snape who was speaking with Serena regarding the girls return to Spinners End. "I will have them both home by 8:00pm at the latest."

Serena nodded and then turned to the two girls in the hallway "You behave for Severus." she warned her daughter. Serena then kissed both Riley and Charlie's cheeks and watched them step out of the small cottage.

"Excuse me," Riley spoke as they crossed the road "But how are we getting to Dia...Diag..."

"Diagon Alley," Charlie answered reading from her letter "and I thought you were supposed to be the smart one"

Riley glared "Hush up, Hobbit!"

Charlie gasped "Spaz!"

Snape sighed this was going to be a long day "We will be using the Floo"

"The what?" the two girls asked

"Floo Network. Follow me and you will see"

Exchanging looks both Charlie and Riley shrugged and followed Snape into his house ignoring the frightened looks they were receiving from the rest of Spinner's Ends kids. The rumours would fly tonight.


Inside the living room of Snape's home the man led the two girls towards the fireplace and removed a box from the mantle. He opened it and held it out to the two girls "What do you see?" he asked

"White powder" Riley answered simply

"SNOW!" Charlie giggled

"It's grey!" Riley countered "Almost"

"So? Snow isn't always white."

Riley glared

Charlie glared right back

Snape sighed again "This is Floo powder. As you can see it is a glittery silvery-white powder which is used by witches and wizards alike to travel through the Floo Network. The Network connects most Wizarding households and buildings"

"History lesson" Charlie whispered leaning in close to Riley

"What exactly does it to?" Riley asked, nudging Charlie in the ribs

"The powder turns a fireplace's flames harmless and emerald green. It is tricky to use. One must toss a handful of powder into the fireplace connected to the Floo Network, walk into the flames -"

Charlie's eyes widened "What? Wait a minute?"

"Walk into the flames?" Riley squeaked, equally as nervous

Snape nodded. "Yes."

"I am not doing that." Riley shook her head

Charlie nodded "I'm all for adventure, but I'm not walking into a fireplace of flames"

Snape growled "Do you wish to attend Hogwarts?"

The girls nodded

"Then you need school supplies. This is the only way you can travel to Diagon Alley"

"Okay," Charlie and Riley swallowed nervously

"Since this is your first time using the Floo. We will go together. Unless of course you wish to attempt this yourselves"

The two friends shook their heads quickly "No thank-you!"

"Very well, step into the fireplace"

Riley stepped over the grate and clutched Charlie's arm tightly as she followed. Snape squeezed into the fireplace beside the two girls and wrapped an arm around Charlie's shoulders while holding a fistful of Floo Powder in the other.

"Close your eyes," Snape instructed

Squeezing their eyes closed tightly the two girls clutched one another as if their lives depended on it.

"Leaky Cauldron" Snape said clearly, as he dropped the powder in his hands. The flames flared and the trio disappeared.


Within a second Riley and Charlie felt their stomachs drop as they found themselves falling. Screams erupted from their mouths as they clutched to one another tightly clinging on for dear life. It seemed like they had been dropping for hours but soon they felt themselves rise and suddenly they were being dragged out of another fireplace and into an old fashion looking pub. Still clinging to one another Riley and Charlie pulled away from Snape and looked around.

"I didn't like that" Riley murmured

"Neither did I" Charlie agreed "Next time I say we walk"

"Walk?" someone chuckled from nearby. Charlie and Riley swivelled their heads to the right to find a shabby looking man staring at them. Charlie glared and the man glared right back "What are you looking at?"

"A rude little -" Charlie was cut off as Snape's hand clamped down on her shoulder and dragged her away from the man who was reaching for his wand. Timidly Riley followed after her friend and Snape.

Snape glared at Charlie "You need to watch your tongue around here Miss Hunter. It would not be wise for an eleven year old like yourself to run your mouth."

"He had it coming!" Charlie muttered

Snape then led them through the pub and out into a small courtyard that was surrounded by a brick wall "Watch carefully. You will need to know this when you come here with your parents or by yourselves."

Riley and Charlie nodded and watched as Snape tapped the bricks in front of him with his wand. Riley memorizing them as Charlie gasped once the bricks started to shift and a small hole appeared -it grew wider and wider - a second later they were facing an archway on to a cobbled street which twisted and turned out of sight.

"Welcome," said Snape "to Diagon Alley"


As they stepped through onto the cobbled stone street Charlie glanced back over her shoulder to see the gaping hole disappear "this is so cool" she whispered

"So cool" Riley agreed

The sun shone brightly on a stack of cauldron's outside the nearest shop "Cauldrons," Charlie pointed, retrieving her letter from her jacket pocket and checking it "We need one."

"We must exchange your money first," Snape answered, leading them through an array of people already shopping all of whom were dressed in robes of all shapes, sizes and colours. There were shops on either side of the alley all with funny names that the girls had trouble pronouncing. There was an emporium of owls and a pet shop next door filled with cats and other familiars that witches and wizards were allowed to take to Hogwarts. There was an Apothecary which sold potions ingredients ("I can't do basic science!" Charlie had cried) there was also a sports shop with an odd sport called Quidditch and there was seemingly an amazing broom on display because children had flocked to see it through the glass.

"I wanna see!" Charlie whined as Snape caught her arm and pulled her away from the growing crowd

There was also a book store -

"Books!" Riley exclaimed darting for the window and peering inside at the towering books on either side of the glass "Can we go in!"

"Nuh-uh," Charlie whined "I wanted to look at brooms and I wasn't allowed!"

Riley pouted "But books, Charlie! Books!"

"Brooms!" Charlie responded pointing over her shoulder "I want to fly!"

"I want to read!"

With a low growl Snape placed himself between the bickering friends and physically pulled them away from the bookstore and down the streets of Diagon Alley "We will go there last," he told Riley who smiled triumphantly at Charlie.

"But -" Charlie pouted

"First years are not permitted to have their own brooms at school anyway," Snape explained

"Not cool!" Charlie groaned before turning around to face a rather large stone building. As they ascended the stone steps an odd looking creature bowed them inside. The motion startled Riley who clung closer to Snape.

"What was that?" Riley squeaked

Snape glanced back "A goblin. This is Gringotts. The Wizard Bank."

"Why was there a goblin outside?" Charlie asked

"Goblins rum the Wizard bank. They are smart but slightly temperamental, so be polite" Snape rounded on Charlie

Charlie frowned "What?" she asked, with a small shrug

Riley giggled as she followed Snape inside.

Upon entering the main hall, Snape led the two girls up to a desk that was marked 'Exchange' and tapped the desk as the Goblin who was sitting there looked up. Snape motioned to the two girls behind him "Two new Muggleborn students. They would like to exchange some Muggle money" he explained

"Ah," the Goblin nodded "How much would you like to change? If you're getting everything new then I'd say about £20 - £5. £30 if you want extra books and food afterwards."

Pulling out their money both Charlie and Riley exchanged £30s each and handed them over to the goblin that took it and disappeared. When he returned he held two similar satchels which easily fitted into the pockets of the friends.

"Professor Snape will help you," the Goblin instructed "The golden coins are called Galleons, the silver are called Sickles and the copper are called Knuts."

Charlie frowned as she inspected the coins "Yeah. Math's was never my strong point either." she nodded tying the satchel and stuffing it into her pocket.

"Thank you sir," Riley smiled, elbowing Charlie in the process

"Thank you." Charlie nodded, rubbing her ribs.


Once they had exchanged their money Snape led them out of the Bank and back onto the cobble stone path of Diagon Alley.

"Where too first?" Charlie asked rubbing the sore spot which was forming on her ribcage

Snape glanced back at her "Robes." he answered

"As in clothes?" Riley asked

Snape nodded

"Great." Charlie groaned. She was less than impressed. She hated clothes' shopping that was why her mother did most of it for her.

Ignoring Charlie's groan Snape led the two down the street and towards a store which was called Madam Malkin's: Robes for all Occasions.

Madam Malkin was a squat, smiling witch dressed in all mauve "Good afternoon, Professor Snape" she smiled before directing her attention onto the two girls beside him. "Hogwarts dears?" she asked "Got another young man being fitted up just now, in fact." and she led them through to the back of the shop as Snape remained at the front of the store and waited. In the back of the store, a boy with black hair and piercing green eyes was standing on a footstool while a second witch pinned up his long black robes. Madam Malkin ushered Charlie and Riley up onto stools next to him, slipped long robes over their heads and began to pin them up to the right lengths.

"Hello," said the boy, "are you going to Hogwarts too?"

Riley nodded "Yes." she answered

"I'm Harry. Harry Potter"

"Riley. Riley Spirit."

Harry looked towards Charlie "and you?"

"Charlie. Charlie Hunter" the girl looked back down at the black robes that were being pinned up to her right height and length.

"Nice to meet you both." Harry nodded


While Charlie went back to watching Madam Malkin pin up her robes, Riley turned to Harry "Are you here with your parents?" she asked

"No. My parents are dead. I'm here with Hagrid, he's the gamekeeper at Hogwarts" Harry explained

"Cool," Charlie interrupted suddenly becoming interested in the conversation "We're here with the Potions Master. He's really grumpy - Ow! Quit hitting me!"

Riley shook her head "You will have to forgive Charlie. She has the tendency to speak before she thinks!"

"And you will have to excuse Riley," Charlie added in "She has the tendency to be a bit of a know-it-all-Professor!"

"Hush up!"

Charlie grinned and was about to respond when Madam Malkin declared she had finished and they were ready to go. As Riley approached the front counter and paid for her robes Charlie followed and mimicked her action. The two friends then turned to Harry and waved "See you at Hogwarts, Harry!" they called, hurrying out into the front of the store where Snape was waiting for them. However, he wasn't alone. Standing beside him was a taller man with shoulder length platinum Blonde hair and two young boys. One who resembled the older man and another who was tall and had black hair.

"School business?" the blonde man asked as the girls arrived

"Of course," Snape nodded "Charlie Hunter, Riley Spirit. This is Lucius Malfoy, his son Draco and nephew Nathan Lestrange."

Riley waved politely as Charlie held out her hand "Pleasure to meet you, sir" she smiled.

Lucius took it and was surprised at the firm grip that fastened around his wand hand "A pleasure I am sure" he answered

Snape spied Charlie and Riley's packages and nodded stiffly "Well must be off. Lucius. Draco. Nathan." he nodded at each in turn

"Severus." Lucius responded with a curt nod of his own, before stepping aside and allowing them exit from the shop.


Once outside Riley turned to Charlie "Can we get our books now?"

"Later. I want an animal" Charlie answered turning to Snape "Can we go to the pet shop?"

"If you must," Snape sighed

Charlie grinned and bolted across the street and into the pet shop.

Riley sighed and followed her she had a pet before and she wasn't really sure if her mother would permit the animal staying in the house. I suppose I could always leave it with Charlie. I'm sure Auntie Serena wouldn't mind and with that thought Riley pushed open the door and stepped inside. "Charlie?"

"Over here!" the eleven year old squealed "Look Rils, they've got all sorts of pets. Cats. Toads. Hey, they've even got rats!"

Riley perked up and hurried to her friend's side as she peeked through the metal bars of the small cage. Indeed inside the cage lay for sleeping rats. One of which was apart from the rest, the other three were large ones all white with peach paws and nose. The smallest of the four was grey and white with peach paws. "He's adorable," Riley cooed, sticking her finger through to smooth the rat "Excuse me? How much for the small rat? The grey and white one"

"2 Galleons and 12 Sickles," the owner answered

"If I take him can he stay at yours?" Riley asked Charlie

"Of course." Charlie agreed "Make sure you get a cage though"


"Because I'm buying a cat." and Charlie bounced off to the isle that held the cats. Snape watched from the doorway as the owner of the Pet store approached Riley and removed the rat from its cage, placed it into another cage and rung up the purchase. Riley paid for the small creature and examined him through the cage.

"Excuse me. How much for him?" Charlie called as she pointed towards a small Siberian grey and white kitten that was looking up at her expectantly through the bars of its cage.

"10 Galleons" the owner answered

Charlie smiled and counted out 10 gold coins "I'll take him" she announced handing over the money and smiled as the small cat was lifted out of the cage and placed into her arms.

"Would you like a carry cage?" the owner asked

"No thank you" Charlie smiled "I think I will call you Scamp!"

The cat mewed at the name and Charlie smiled, turning to Riley and the two left the shop with Professor Snape once more.


"One more stop and then we must get your books" Snape stated as he led them up the cobble stone path and away from the Pet store.

"Where too now, Professor?" Riley asked

"Ollivanders" Snape answered "It is time to get your wands"

Both girls looked equally excited. Although Snape was looking rather disturbed at the idea of these two girls being presented with wands. They were a handful enough and that without magic.

"And then we can go to the book store?" Riley asked, looking happy

Charlie rolled her eyes "Can we get our wands first? Before you bore me to tears with your thirst for knowledge."

The shop in which Professor Snape had led them towards was narrow and shabby. Peeling gold letters over the door read Ollivanders: Makers of Wands since 382 BC. In the window of the shop on top of a dusty faded purple cushion lay a wand.

Pushing open the door Professor Snape ushered the two Muggleborns inside. A tinkling bell rang from somewhere in the depths of the shop as they stepped inside. It was a tiny place, except for a single spindly chair near the door. Professor Snape stood in the shadows near the door as the friends edged close to the counter and looked around. Charlie couldn't help but feel like she had stepped into a rather strict library and for some reason the hair on the back of her neck prickled as it seemed the dust and the silence within the shop seemed to tingle with some secret magic.

"Good afternoon," said a voice from somewhere in the depths of the shop

Riley and Charlie jumped and looked up quickly to see an old man standing before them, his wide, pale eyes shining like the moon through the gloom of the shop.

"Hello," Riley responded politely

Charlie nodded "Good afternoon"

"Ah yes," the man nodded "Yes. I thought I'd be seeing you both soon. Riley Spirit and Charlie Hunter."

The friends exchanged strangled looks "How do you know our names?" they asked

"I have my ways," he answered, before turning to Charlie "So much like your mother, child"

Charlie frowned "Excuse me?" she asked, how could this man know what her mother looked like? Her mother was a Muggle. She had never been here. Had she?

"May we please move on, Mr Ollivander?" Snape asked, making himself known

Ollivander looked startled "Professor," he nodded "Of course. Miss Spirit, you first. Which is your writing hand?"


"Hold it out"

Riley did and the older man started measuring her from shoulder to finger, wrist to elbow, shoulder to floor, and knee to armpit and around the head "Every Ollivander wand has a core of a powerful magical substance, my dears. We use Unicorn hairs. Phoenix tail feathers and the heartstrings of Dragons. No two Ollivander wands are the same. Just as no two Unicorns, Dragons or Phoenixes are quite the same. And of course, you'll never get such good results with another wizard's wand"

"There are never the same two Phoenixes, because there can only be one Phoenix living at a time" Riley replied

Charlie rolled her eyes as she watched Mr Ollivander disappear out to the back of the shop and return with two boxes. He opened one and removed a wand "Norwood Spice. 12 inches. Dragon's heartstring" he handed it to Riley.

"What should I do?" Riley asked

"Wave it!" Charlie said excitedly

Riley smiled and waved the wand, jumping as a shelf to the side fell over with a loud clatter. Ollivander snatched the wand back and gave her another to try but it was gone before she could even wave it. Several moments later Riley was still without a wand.

"How do you know the wand is perfect for her or not?" Charlie asked "Maybe she is defected or something? Oh, I know! It's because she doesn't believe!"

Riley glared and sucker punched her friend in the shoulder

"Stop it!" Charlie cried, rubbing her shoulder

Childishly Riley stuck her tongue out at her friend and turned back to Ollivander who had returned with another stack of boxes "Because the wand chooses the Wizard Miss Hunter" he answered, taking another wand out and handing it to Riley "Try this. Oak. 13 inches. Core of hair of a unicorn and the heartstring of a dragon."

Riley took the wand and waved it as a ray of bright sunlight streamed out of the end before disappearing completely leaving four blinded people in its path.

"Well done child," Mr Ollivander cheered as he took the wand from Riley and placed it back in its box. "Now my dear," he added turning to Charlie "Wand arm?"

"Riley" Charlie answered, holding out her arm and going through the same procedure as Riley before Ollivander settled on a very unusual combination. Although he had said.

"14 inches. Feather from a Black Phoenix. Very rare but not entirely mythical. And a heartstring of a Dragon. Very powerful wand" Ollivander explained, handing it over to the eleven year old.

Charlie eyed the wand carefully before giving it a small wave and a shower of green and silver stars erupted from the end. She grinned as Ollivander clapped joyously from behind the counter.

"Nicely done, child!" he nodded

Charlie handed back the wand as Ollivander wrapped both hers and Riley's up in brown paper and placed them in separate school bags which the girls were carrying. The two friends paid and then departed the store.

They weren't sure if the liked Mr Ollivander. He seemed a little freaky to say the least.


Once outside Riley made a beeline for the bookstore with an excited cry of "Books!" and she was already pulling books off the shelf when Professor Snape and Charlie entered the store. Following her friend down the aisles Charlie sighed as she held the books whilst Riley looked around for some extra reading material. Snape was never too far away keeping a well trained eye on the two of them. Finally Riley found some novels along with books in both Charms and Potions while Charlie browsed a shelf in front of her and found two rather interesting books. One in Defence Against the Dark Arts and the other Care of Magical Creatures.

"Hey, look at this," Charlie suddenly shouted, putting down the books in her arms and reaching for a book that stood out on the middle shelf. She pulled it down and blew at the dust that covered the front cover "Tales of Beetle Bard" she recited "I think these are bedtime stories. You know, Wizarding ones"

"Must be," Riley agreed "Have you ever heard of a story called 'The Wizard and the Hopping Pot?'" she asked

"How about this one? 'Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump." Charlie giggled "I might get this. Maybe I'll read it tonight, you know, when mum is in work"

"You're going to read?" Riley asked in mock surprise "Never once -"

"Shut it!" Charlie warned, pointing her finger at her friend "I swear you'll never see Hogwarts"

"I'm shaking" Riley teased

"You better be," Charlie responded, although her smile gave away her true intentions.

With a grin the two girls picked up their books and hurried to pay for them. Once they had returned to Professor Snape the three of them returned to the Leaky Cauldron for food.


They ate quickly before Snape grasped both their arms and Apparated directly into Charlie's living room.

Stumbling away from the Potions master Charlie and Riley hit the ground looking whiter than white, as Scamp the cat and Isaac the rat darted off in different directions.

"Isaac!" Riley exclaimed reaching for him but the small movement made her heave.

Charlie looked up at Snape "What was that?" she asked

"That was Side-Along Apparition," Snape answered "it is a method of transportation of two or more individuals. More specifically used by adults seeking to transport underage wizards such as yourselves."

Charlie nodded although she didn't have a clue as to what he had just said.

"These are your tickets," Snape added, once again reaching into a pocket of his robes "The train to Hogwarts leaves exactly at 11:00am on the 1st September so don't be late. The train waits for no one!"

Charlie took the tickets as she made it back to her feet as a small frown crossed her features "Wait a minute! Platform 9 ¾?" she asked looking sceptical "I know I'm a Spinners End kid and I don't go to London often to catch the train, but I'm pretty certain that there is no such thing as Platform 9 ¾."

Snape turned to her with a smirk "That is why they call it Magic, Miss Hunter" he nodded "Good evening to you both" and with that said he disappeared from the cottage.

Leaving both Charlie and Riley even more confused than they had been to begin with.

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