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Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Summary: Charlie Hunter and Riley Spirit thought they were ordinary girl's, but when they each recieve a letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Their lives change completely. What adventures lie ahead for these Muggleborn Witches?

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The Aftermath

The next morning dawned in the infirmary, Ron; who had been brought in the previous night was supporting a few bruises from his fall from the Knights horse on the Chessboard down under the castle. Hermione was supporting a broken wrist and Riley was merely visiting her friends, she was the only one of the five friends to actually survive any attacks or broken bones and she guessed she had Charlie to thank for that. One could only speculate what would have happened to her if the Slytherin had allowed her to continue onwards into the Chamber. Sitting cross-legged on Hermione's bed, the two Muggleborns looked across at Ron as he woke slowly, before turning their attention to Harry and Charlie who were still asleep in their beds, they remembered the previous night like it had only just happened.

Harry was lying in one bed his hand bandaged and his arm in a sling, with numerous cuts on his face, he was sleeping soundly. Charlie, lay in her own bed beside him, bunch of potion vials on the table next to her. Her chest was gently rising and falling, her head was wrapped in bandages when she had been brought in the previous night the three Gryffindors were surprised to learn that the Slytherins head was bleeding and it was confirmed that she had been thrown into a brick wall and the blood must have resulted from hitting her head. Madam Pomfrey had demanded to know instantly what had happened, and Snape explained that his Slytherin had been through a round of Cruciatis - whatever that was. But obviously Madam Pomfrey knew what it was because she had instantly requested a General Antidote which had been practically force fed into Charlie's mouth because the 11-year-old would not wake up.

"Good morning," Ron said groggily, turning Riley and Hermione's attention back to him

Riley smiled "Morning Ron," she responded "How are you feeling?"

"Sore" the red head responded

"Understandable," Hermione nodded "Given what we went through last night" she hissed as her wrist twinged slightly

"Are you okay?" Riley asked, turning to her friend

Hermione nodded "Better than them, anyway" and she nodded across at Harry and Charlie

Riley nodded in agreement "So what happened last night?" she asked "You know, before Charlie and I found you?"

And together Ron and Hermione set about to tell their friend exactly what had happened, after they had left her in the Entrance Hall and leading all the way up to the point where she had found them on the side of the Chess Board.

"And obviously then Charlie went off to help Harry," Hermione finished "And then the Professors arrived"

Riley nodded as she listened "And we were brought back here," she sighed, glancing across at her best friend "Their gonna have to tell us the rest"

Just then Madam Pomfrey bustled into the room "Good morning!" she greeted the three of them "Sleep well?"

"Yes!" they answered, although there was nothing remotely wrong with Riley.

"Good," the Mediwitch nodded "Now, how about some breakfast?"

The three nodded and the Mediwitch left the room, returning moments later with a tray of food. By then Snape had entered, behind him was Professor Carmichael, Carol Spirit and Serena Hunter.

"Riley!" Carol gasped, spotting her daughter and hurrying across the room to the Gryffindor "Baby, what's this I hear about you?"

"Mum!" Riley cried "Im sorry! But I had too!"

Carol shook her head "Im not mad at you," she explained "Well, okay, maybe a little. But mostly im proud!"

Riley frowned but didnt question her mother's logic. Serena meanwhile crossed the room to sit beside her daughter "I told you last time wouldnt be the last," she mumured, brushing a strand of hair away from her daughter's face "Is she going to be okay?" she asked looking up at Snape

The Potions master glanced across at Pomfrey

"She's going to be fine," the Medi-witch explained "I have her in a healing sleep. That was a nasty round of Cruciatis"

"Cruci-what?" Carol frowned

Pomfrey looked nervous as she looked around at Jenn and Snape. The Care of Magical Creatures professor crossed the room to sit beside Charlie's bed "It's one of the three Unforgivable Curses," she explained "Using any one of the three is a one way trip to Prison. The Cruciatus curse is also known as the Torture Curse. It does exactly as its name intends, it inflicts exruciating pain on the victim of the curse"

"So will she recover?" Serena asked, scared for her daughter's life

"With rest," Jenn nodded "Proper rest. Which is why Madam Pomfrey has put a stop to visitors. It would seem Charlie is rather popular and everyone wishes to know how she is doing. Riley is the only person Pomfrey is allowing in. But she should be able to leave the infirmary in a few days"

Serena nodded and turned back to the sleeping form of her daughter.


Charlie awoke around one o'clock the next afternoon, exactly an hour after Harry had risen. The moment she stirred Madam Pomfrey was by her side, waving her wand over her body to check how she was healing. When she was satisfied that the Slytherin was healing nicely, stepped back to allow the child breathing space to quietly come too on her own. Harry looked up from his lunch as his friend started to wake and watched and waited for her to be fully aware of her surroundings. Slowly, Charlie's breathing increased and suddenly her eyes snapped open and she bolted up in bed, unleashing a terrified scream that startled Madam Pomfrey and Harry.

"Its okay," Madam Pomfrey assured the first year, rushing to her side and supplying her with a Calming Potion "Your safe."

The Slytherin gulped down the potion and soon started to feel the effects as she relaxed back into her pillows, she glanced around to find that she was in the infirmary - again. At the foot of her bed stood a table, which was full of Get Well cards and an assortment of sweets and chocolate.

"Welcome back," said Dumbledore, from the window at the far end of the infirmary. How long he had been there no one knew, because even Madam Pomfrey and Harry jumped at the sound of his voice "Both of you" he smiled at the Gryffindor and Slytherin as he made his way towards them "I see that your friends have done you the effort of opening your Chocolate frogs, Miss. Hunter" he held up a open box and motioned to the stack of cards which resided beside them.

Harry looked across at Charlie, before turning back to the Headmaster "Are they alright?" he asked "Ron and the others?"

"Their fine," Dumbledore assured him "their all just fine"

Charlie relaxed at the idea that Riley, Ron and Hermione were perfectly safe

"What happened down in the dungeons between you two and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret," Dumbledore continued "so naturally - the whole school knows"

"No surprise there," Charlie mumured "You cant keep a secret at Hogwarts. It spreads like wildfire"

Dumbledore chuckled in agreement

"Professor," Harry started "what about the stone? How did I get it?"

Dumbledore smiled "Ah, that was one of my more brilliant ideas," he explained "You see, whoever wanted the stone, but not use it for themselves, would be able to get it. Clever huh?"

The two friends nodded

"Do you know why Quirrell couldnt have me touch him?" Harry asked

Dumbledore pursed his lips

"That," he said "is a bit more complicated. But I will try to explain it anyway. The night Voldemort tried to kill you, your mother sacrificed herself to save you. That sort of gift leaves a mark -" Harry reached his hand up to his scar "No, Harry, not that sort of mark. This is a different mark. It's not visible on the skin, for it is something that runs through your very veins. It is soul deep, and can't be seen. It's one of the oldest sorts of magic in the world, but it's the strongest power of all"

Harry looked confused "What is it?" he asked

"Love," Charlie answered "Come on Harry, even us Muggleborns know that!" she smiled "Love always has been and always will be the strongest of magic. Whether people believe magic is real or not."

Dumbledore nodded "That is correct, Miss Hunter" he smiled "Your mother, Harry, gave her life to save you because she loved you. Her love protects you. And since Voldemort cannot love, it is the reason he cannot touch you"

"So he's gone?" Charlie asked "Really gone?"

Dumbledore surveyed her sadly "Im afraid not, little on" he answered "there are many ways that Voldemort can come back"

"But couldnt he come back for the stone?"

"No," Dumbledore answered "My friend Nicholas Flamel and I, have talked about it and decided that it was the right time. The stone has been destroyed"

Charlie gasped "But Nicholas Flamel, he will die won't he?" she asked

"We fear it was for the best," Dumbledore answered her "but yes, in time, he will too die"

The two friends nodded

"I shall take my leave now," he said, and he got up, as he passed he saw an open box of Every Flavour Beans amongst Charlie's sweets. "Ah, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beams. In my youth I was most unfortunate to come across a vomit flavoured one, and since then I have lost my tasting for them, but I think, I will be safe with a nice...toffee" he dug into the box, pulled one out and popped it into his mouth "Alas! Ear wax!"

Charlie smiled and Dumbledore left them to Pomfrey.

Once Dumbledore was gone, Pomfrey summoned several vials and handed them to Charlie "Drink these," she instructed, and with the help of the Medi-witch, Charlie sat up and took each potion. Each one tasted as disgusting as the last.


An hour after the meeting with Dumbledore, Harry and Charlie were dressed and ready to attend the feast that marked the annual end of the school year. They left the Hospital wing together, and came to the bottom of the staircase and found their friends waiting for them at the top. The three friends stared down at them from the top.

"You all right?" Harry asked "Ron? Hermione?"

"Alright," Ron answered, and Hermione nodded in agreement

Charlie looked up "Riley?"

"Never better," Riley answered, with a smile

The Gryffindor and Slytherin first years climbed the stairs and the six of them made their way down the hallway towards the Great Hall, upon entry, all talk ceased -just like before- and the Slytherin house stood to give Charlie a cheering welcome; along with several other students from other houses.

"We're glad to see you awake," Nikki told Charlie, as she took her usual seat across from her and beside Marcus "Give us a real scare."

Charlie frowned "I thought you'd be mad at me," she mumured "I mean...I lied to you. I went against you and put myself in danger!"

"We know," Marcus nodded "But we believe you suffered enough. Professor Snape told us what Quirrell put you through...you're lucky to be alive"

Charlie smiled "Thanks" she mumured "Anyway, thanks for visiting me. I heard that Madam Pomfrey had to put a stop too it, because I had too many!"

The Slytherins chuckled.

Nikki smiled as Marcus shrugged and as the Slytherins calmed down and went back to waiting for the feast to begin. The food appeared and everyone began to eat, Charlie, took a moment from her food and looked around, there were silver and green banners lining the hall, indicating that Slytherin had won the House Cup. Now all they needed was for the awards to be presented

In the middle of the feast, McGonagall tapped her fork gently against her goblet and the entire hall fell silent, as Professor Dumbledore stood to make his annoucement.

"Another year gone," the Headmaster stated "and now, as I understand it, the House Cup needs awarding. And the points stand thus; in fourth place, Gryffindor with three hundred and twelve points. Third place: Ravenclaw with three hundred and fifty-two points. Second place: Hufflepuff with four hundred and twenty-six points. And first place with four hundred and seventy-two points, Slytherin house"

There was an uproar of cheers from the Slytherin end of the hall, as the others houses groaned in defeat

"Yes, well done, Slytherin. Well done" Dumbledore nodded "However, recent events must be taken into account. And I have a few last minute points to award"

The entire hall, especially the Slytherins, looked at their headmaster in confusion.

But Professor Dumbledore directed his attention towards the Gryffindor table "To Miss. Hermione Granger, for the cool use of intellect while others were in great peril, fifty points"

"He's awarding you for saving the school," Nikki whispered to Charlie

"Im just happy to be alive," Charlie whispered back "That curse was not fun!"

The Slytherins rolled their eyes, as Dumbledore continued

"Second, to Mr. Ronald Weasley, for the best game of chess that Hogwarts has seen these many years, fifty points" he nodded his head, as Ron looked shell-shocked "Thirdly to Miss. Riley Spirit; for keeping her cool when a friends life is in great peril, and remembering that pressure on a wound is the best way to stop it from bleeding, fifty points"

Charlie grinned as she saw Riley bury her head in her arms, in hopes of avoiding the attention she was getting from her house. Riley had never been one for centre of attention. The Gryffindor table, meanwhile, had started to clap and cheer as they gained more points.

"And fourth to Mr. Harry Potter, for pure nerve and outstanding courage," Dumbledore nodded "sixty points"

Mumurs scattered across the hall as every tallied up the scores, Gryffindor were up by two hundred and ten points

"And lastly, no one should have to deal with the pain and suffering at the hands of another. Not like this one person had to go through" Dumbledore explained "Many people her age wouldn't be able to walk away with their mind intact. So I award fifty points to Miss. Charlie Hunter, for her unimaginable strength"

The Slytherins table started cheering and clapping, as Charlie blushed a deep crimson, elicting laughter from her friends as they each patted her on the back.

"We're tied with Gryffindor!" Nikki suddenly announced, after counting up the scores "Five hundred and twenty-two points each!"

Charlie quirked an eyebrow "Wow, you're good at Maths!" she commented

Nikki shrugged and turned back to Dumbledore who wasnt finished "and lastly there is all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends. I therefore award ten points to Brandon Langston"

It was possible that all the way back in London, someone would have heard the explosion that had taken place in the Great Hall; so loud was the noise that erupted from the Gryffindor table. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Riley stood up to yell and cheer as Brandon, went white with shock and disappeared under a pile of people hugging him. He had never won so much as a point for Gryffindor before, and he won 10 in one night. Gryffindor were a few moments ago tied with Slytherin for the House Cup, and now, thanks to him they had won.

"Now if my calculations are correct," Dumbledore called over the storm of applause, for even Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff were celebrating, the downfall of Slytherin "I believe a change of decoration is in order" he clapped his hands and changed the Slytherin banners to Gryffindor ones "Gryffindor wins the House Cup!"

Charlie groaned and placed her chin on her fists as she looked across at Draco

"I can't believe it!" he cried

Overheard the banners changed from green to scarlet and the slver became gold; the huge Slytherin serpent vanished and a towering Gryffindor lion took its place.

Charlie scolded Riley and the rest of the Gryffindors, they were going on silent treatment for the rest of the night.


And soon, their wardrobes were empty, their trunks were packed and letters were distributed to students under the age of 17, to not use magic outside of Hogwarts. Students were now putting their trunks on the train, Harry handed Hedwig's cage to the train loader and turned to his friends who were waiting for him near the end of the train. "Harry," Riley nodded down the platform, to where Hagrid was standing.

"Hang on guys," he told his friends and hurried down towards the half-giant

"Here," Hagrid smiled as Harry became level with him, and he handed over a dark leather book "I had to write to a few people to get these, but their pictures of yeh mum and dad. I hope you like it"

Harry opened the book to the first page to see the first picture of Lily and James Potter with a smiling Harry in Lily's arms. She waved and then picked up baby Harry's hand and had him wave at the camera. James laughed and Harry smiled in the photo. "Thanks Hagrid," he mumured, closing the book and looking up at the Game Keeper. And without warning he wrapped his arms around the Half giant's waist and hugged him.

"Oh, come on now," Hagrid smiled "Off with yeh! You're gonna be late" but he reached up to wipe a tear from the corner of his eye

Stepping backwards Harry made his way back to his friends, "It feels strange going home, doesnt it?" Charlie asked, as she appeared sticking her head out of the door

"Im not going home," Harry answered, looking down at Hagrid "Not really"

The others exchanged looks and smiled; the train's whistle cut through the air shrilly, and the friends pulled back as Harry climbed aboard, only to lean out of the window to wave to Hagrid as the train gave a lurch and started onwards heading away from Hogsmeade station and into London.


"...Mostly the rest of the summer will be spent attending boring political teas and whatnot" Draco finished, after his friends had asked him what he would be doing during the summer. Neither of them noticed Charlie and Riley pass the compartment, until they pulled open the door and stepped inside "We were wondering where you had gotten too!" the youngest Malfoy exclaimed, when he saw them.

Charlie grinned "And I told you I'd be with the Gryffindors" she explained

"Hey, we Gryffindors have names" Riley pointed out

"Of course you do," Daphne teased

Charlie grinned as she locked the door behind her, and leaned against it "So, what's everyone doing over Summer?" she asked, looking around

"Well Mother is taking me to Italy to see my father's side of the family," Blaise answered

"Cool," Charlie smiled

Riley nodded "Sounds fun"

"What about you two?" Nikki asked

"Homework," Riley answered

Charlie shook her head "Not the whole summer!" she added quickly "I refuse to spend 6 weeks in the Library"

"Then what about you Charlie?" Marcus asked "How are you gonna spend the 6 weeks?"

The 11-year-old shrugged "Probably find ways to annoy Professor Snape. Try and avoid the rich kids that live across the lake"

The other Slytherins quirked eyebrows "Rich kids?" Pansy asked

"Their not rich-rich!" Riley inputted "Not like you guys. Their more like middle class, but seeing as Spinner's End is not a middle class neighbourhood they like to cause trouble down there. Its like World War III, when the two neighbourhoods get started"

Charlie glanced at her friend "Well, if they stayed on their own side of the lake" she pointed out "then things wouldnt turn nasty"

"So basically they infringe on your territory," Nikki supplied

Charlie and Riley nodded

"The way you say 'Spinner's End'" Nathan pointed at Riley "its like your not from there"

The Gryffindor turned to him "Its because im not a Spinner's End kid," she explained "I live in the street behind Spinner's End. But I spend most of my time there, because she lives there" she nudged Charlie

The Slytherin's nodded.

And the conversations continued to change as the train rattled onwards, soon the train gave a whistle as they approached Platform 9 3/4 and the friends in the compartment quickly packed up their things and hurried out onto the platform. Instantly the pureblood Slytherins were found by their families and introductions were made. Charlie and Riley were introduced to the Parkinson's first "Mother, this is Charlie Hunter," Pansy introduced motioning to her Sytherin friend "and Riley Spirit" she pointed at her Gryffindor friend.

"The Muggleborns?" Mrs. Parkinson asked

Charlie and Riley nodded "Its a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Parkinson" they smiled

"Wow, such manners from Muggleborns!" Pansy's mother cried, "Pleasure, my dears. Pleasure." and she shook their hands, before ushering Pansy away.

Soon, Charlie and Riley were introduced to the Greengrasses, who were pleased to meet them just like the Parkinsons. The Boulstrodes who just stared at them, before turning Millicent away. Then they were introduced to Blaise's mother who shook their hands quickly before leaving with her son. The only people who were left were Nikki and Marcus, seeing as Draco and Nathan were ushered away by Mr. Malfoy and the girls had already met him the summer before attending Hogwarts.

"Nikki," came a familiar shout and the four turned to see Cedric making his way through the crowd "Dad's waiting on the otherside of the barrier. He's here for you too. You're mother cant get away from the Ministry"

Nikki sighed "Story of my life," she muttered, before turning to Charlie "Dont forget to write over the summer," she smiled. Charlie nodded. "You too Riley" she added to the Gryffindor "Maybe we can arrange for you two to come and stay with me for a while, okay?"

"Really?" Charlie asked

"Of course!" Nikki exclaimed "We're not gonna leave you in the Muggle world for the whole 6 weeks. I'll write and let you know" she smiled, before hugging them both and make her way through the crowd with Cedric towards the barrier.

Charlie and Riley waved goodbye before the two disappeared from view; just then someone approached them from behind and addressed Marcus "Are you ready?"

"Mother, Father" Marcus nodded "These are Hogwarts new additions" he motioned to the two first years beside him "This is Charlie and Riley"

Marcus's mother surveyed the two girls, who stepped closer together "Yes...Marcus has told us all about you two. I just never expected you both to be so pretty looking. Prehaps, I'll be seeing more of the both of you, especially you, Charlie Hunter, over the summer."

Charlie and Riley exchanged looks before looking up at Marcus, who nodded, before he left with his parents.

"Did we just get invited to spend Summer with two wizarding families?" Riley asked, as she and Charlie looked around for their Gryffindor friends "Two pureblood Wizarding families?" she added

Charlie nodded "I think so," she mumured

The two exchanged looks before hurrying towards a sea of red that they recognized as the Weasley's "There you two are!" Hermione cried when she saw them "Where did you go?"

"Slytherin compartment," Charlie answered "then we were meeting my friends families"

"And your still alive?" Fred asked, looking impressed "They must have liked you then!"

Riley rolled her eyes "Come on, lets go!" and grabbing her things she and Charlie crossed through the brick barrier back into the Muggle world. Platform 9 at Kings Cross Station was bustling as usual, and no one seemed to notice two pre-teen girls appear suddenly through a brick wall. Immediately Ron and his older brothers were engulfed by a sea of red heads. A young girl throwing her arms around his waist.

"I missed you!" she cried

Ron smiled and hugged her back "I missed you too, Gin" he told her "Ginny, these are my friends. Charlie from Slytherin and Riley"

Ginny smiled and waved at them


The 11-year-old Slytherin turned and squealed in delight as her mother appeared behind her, throwing her arms around her mother the Slytherin hugged her tightly "Mum!" she cried "Oh, i've missed you!"

"Missed you too, baby" Serena told her "Riley, you mum's had to work, so you're allowed to come back to mine. Okay?"

Riley nodded "Awesome!"

"Mum," Charlie responded "These are some of my friends from school. This is Ron Weasley," she pointed at the red head "Hermione Granger!" she pulled Hermione away from her parents, shouting an apology "and Harry Potter" she grabbed the Raven-headed boy as he walked past. They all shook hands with Ms. Hunter, as Serena started to chat with the Grangers and the Weasleys.

Their children were just in the middle of saying goodbye to one another, when a shadow loomed over them; Harry froze and looked up with a small gulp.

"We've been waiting!" the obese man growled

Harry nodded "Sorry uncle Vernon," and he waved bye to his friends, before he was pulled away by the man called 'uncle vernon'

"Hey, we werent finished talking!" Charlie shouted, but the man who was Harry's uncle didnt even acknowledge that he had heard her; the Slytherin growled and stamped her foot to show how frustrated she was. She hated being ignored.

Soon Serena was leading Charlie and Riley out of Kings Cross Station and towards her car which was parked in the car park. After loading the two trunks into the back; Charlie scrambled into the back seats with Riley as her mother started the engine and they headed back to Spinner's End. For a while Serena feared that her daughter and friend would have trouble getting back into the swing of life in the Muggle world after being in the Magical world for a year, but it seemed that was not the case. An hour after leaving the train station; the two friends were back out on the streets of Spinner's End and acting like they hadnt been gone for a year. Although the children who hadnt seen them, wanted to know everything that had happened within the year, and how Charlie and Riley were able to afford going to a boarding school for the gifted.

But all Riley and Charlie could think was that School was over, and they had 6 weeks to do what they wanted. They had already made promises to keep in contact with their friends from school and most of their friends had agreed for them to visit during the summer holidays. Although Marcus didnt really have a choice, his mother seemed determined to have Charlie over for the summer. All they did know though was Summer was going to fun this year.

You didnt need to be a genius to work that one out.

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