Wowzers! Chapter four already? Dang... Anyway, we've covred Reka's past, so hmm...I know, Let's get the sleep-over started!

Tom: That would be interesting.

Kaz: I'm wondering how this'll go, seeing as you're insane as hell.

Hehehe, you'll see.



Reka sighed as they sat in the basement, a large fluffy towel wrapped around his body. The basment went all under the house, with one half dedicated to a wide-screen and some strech out chairs, and the other half housed the bathroom and the kitchenette. He smiled as Kaz began 'geeking out' over the games Chaor had, and Tom and Maxxor were discussing what to order for dinner at the island counter. He snuggled into the soft material, drowsy from the hot bath.

"OI, Reka." The brunette blinked as his vision swam. Chaor was staring at him, holding up a copy of Road Rager 6. "Play with us. Or I'll drag you over anyway." Reka couldn't help but laugh.

"Ah, well, I'd probably get rug-burns, so I'll just say yes." Chaor muttered something like 'damn straight', which made Kaz laugh. Reka sat down, his green eyes wandering over the group around him. He began to giggle.

"What the hell are you on?" Chaor asked, his eye twitching at the sight of his friend laughing for no apparent reason. Reka straightened up with a blank face.

"I have no clue." The four anime-slid across the floor, making Reka laugh again. They were interrupted by Maxxor's dad descending the stairs, holding the phone in one hand, and a strange hankerchief in the other.

"Boys, I'm ordering some pizzas. What do you want?" Five grins popped up.



"Mayonnaise and spagetti!" They stared at Reka.

"What the crap are you on again? And can I have some?" Chaor asked, sending the brunette a bemused look. Reka put a finger to his lips.

"Well, if they don't have that, then Hawaiian." Maxiums just shook his head.

"I will never understand you, oh weird one of our house." He disappeared back up the stairs. Maxxor called after him.

"Hey dad, what's that thing your holding?" His father's face appeared again, this time grinning.

"KIrusuke left his favorite tie out, so I cut it up and stitched it up into a hankerchief." Tom and Kaz felt their jaws drop. Maxxor and Chaor weren't even fazed by it.

"Kay Dad. Try not to die when he finds out." Chaor pointed at it.

"Was it the one with the dancing green pig?" A nod. "Good. After he sees it, burn it to ashes." The two just shook their heads as Maxiums trotted back up, whistling to himself.

"And I thought Reka was weird. Your parents are insane." Kaz remarked dryly. Reka gave him a look.

"Hey! It's mentally unstable. Not crazy. There's a difference. I checked." Kaz face-palmed in response. Reka laughed again, this time falling over due to Kaz pushing him in agitation. He groaned from somewhere in the blue carpet, smelling the past years of potatoe chips and soda spills. He gagged on the stench.

"AGHHHHHHHHH!" The five jumped as the horrified scream came from the TV, then they themselves screamed when the man was thrown at the camera a few moments later after a period of silence.

"Oh that blood?" Kaz whimpered as he buried himself further against Chaor, who was pale but otherwise bore no hint of fear. Tom was curled up against Maxxor, who had both arms around the Asian teen. Reka was sitting on the floor. Suddenly, the camera fizzled, and the girl was standing in the doorway, her face contorted monsterously and her shirt splattered with blood.

"Oh, kami-san..." Tom whispered as she bent down animal-like and sniffed at the man's corpse. She then looked at the camera, smiled and-

"YARGH!" She launched herself at the screen, and Reka screamed "OH GOD!", somersaulting backwards onto the couch somehow. The other four were intertwined with each other, cowering.

"Why did we pick Paranormal Activity?(1)" Kaz whimpered. Chaor cringed as the words 'This film is based on a true story' scrolled down the screen, and shrugged in response. Tom sighed as the film clicked off.

"Well, at least it's over-" He started to say, only to cut off as a loud growl came from right behind him. He screeched and flung himself forward onto Maxxor, who had gone paler.

"Oh, hey Hearing." Reka smiled as the large Beagle dog waddled forward. He growled at Tom again, before sniffing him and jumping up on the couch beside them.

"H-Hearing?" Kaz asked, his teeth still chattering from the screaming earlier. Reka laughed as he scratched the dog's ear, to which the dog respinded by yawning. Chaor laughed with his arms holding onto Kaz still.

"Yup. We got him a few years ago. Dad took one look at him, and say 'Hey, he's good at hearing with those radar dishes on his head.' That's where his name comes from." Maxxor face-palmed as he remembered the disturbed look on the woman's face after Kirusuke said that.

"That was embarrassing." Tom laughed, as he rubbed the Beagle's stomach. Hearing apparently liked this new person, and rolled over so Tom could reach his fur better. Maxxor blushed as he realized Tom was still sitting in his lap.

"Comfy?" He flirted at Tom. The teen smiled and wiggled a bit.

"A bit." Point 1 to Tom. "Besides, I can't disturb Hearing. He's too cute." Point 2.

Reka laughed at the pout on his brother's face. Chaor grinned when he heard the sound of the engine above them.

"DINNER!" Minutes later the seven were gathered at the kitchenette table downstairs. Reka and Hearing sat down on the floor, while Maxxor and Tom sat next Maxiums Sr. Chaor and Kaz sat on the other side, so the entire table was filled.

"Yum, thanks Dad." Maxxor grinned as he bit into his pepperoni slice, scowling when the rest of the toppings slid off from his bite. Tom was snickering at him quietly. Reka munched happily on his Hawaiian pizza, sharing the ham bits with Hearing, and laughing when Maxium gave him an exasperated sigh.

"If he throws up you have to clean it up." Reka giggled, and tore off a piece of crust for the happy Beagle. "So, what movie did you demented children watch tonight?" Tom made a face, though he was smiling still.

"Paranormal Activity." Kaz answered. Maxiums turned pale, and his jaw dropped a second later.

"P-P-Pah-Para-" He stuttered out, and Tom was afraid the poor man was having conniptions. Maxxor put his hand on the teen's shoulder.

"My old man hates horror movies. We never make him watch if we can, and if he does he has to have Chaor's mom and dad in the same room as him and my mom. He's that bad." Kaz blinked and turned to Chaor.

"Again, I see where Reka gets it from." Chaor brought his fist down gently on Kaz's head, making the other red-head yelp.

"And again, he's the one who turned them crazy." Reka chimed in 'Mentally Unstable!', to which Chaor raised his fist warningly to the brunette. Reka cowered away, holding onto Hearing who gave a dog-burp from the pizza he had eaten.

There was a rumble overhead, to which Maxiums began to giggle. Maxxor gave his father an exasperated look. "Why do you antagonize him? He could throw us out on the street." Maxiums shrugged.

"He wouldn't." A roar overhead, then Kirusuke came charging down the steps to the basement. He held up the piece of green cloth that had an outline of a pig with a top hat and cane.

"Why~?" Maxiums shrugged.

"I knew you'd get agitated." Kirusuke only offered a terrifying and pain-promising smile. Maxiums waved his hand. "Ah, you'll get over it. Give it to your boss, he'll think it's funny." Tom yawned, which turn made Kaz yawn. The elder Ores immediately began cleaning up, with Kirusuke snagging a few slices of pepperoni and Hawaiian for himself.

"Bedtime. The Sandman is calling us to slumberland." Chaor grinned. He grabbed Kaz's hand and began leading him upstairs. "Ah, Charles, where are you going? We're all sleeping down here tonight." Chaor screamed something in his head that was decidedly not nice. He begrudgely led Kaz back down and helped his dad and Maxiums set up the air-matresses. Reka was singing some tune under his breath, but Tom caught part of it, and his eyes went wide with horror.

"Pantsu Negeru Mon?(2)" Reka turned at the line and stared at Tom. They both had looks of horror.

"I-I-I- Oh, look at that! Hearing's tap-dancing!" Without even waiting to see if Tom took the bait, the brunette dove under the sheets covering his matress. Tom just shook his head at Reka, and dismissed Maxxor and Chaor's questioning glances.

"Everyone say good night." Kirusuke said as he slid the covers over his shoulder. Tom smiled.

"Oyasumi, minna." Maxxor rolled onto his stomach, staring at the Asian teen.

"What's that mean?" Tom winked at him.

"Good night, everyone." Maxxor felt his inner self scream 'So cute~!' but he didn't dare say that aloud. For one thing, he would probably get punched. Reka pushed two matresses together and had Hearing curl up against his stomach.

"Night, guys."


"I am a BANANA."(3)

~v~v~v~Waking Up~v~v~v~

"Oh god, it wants my SOUL!" The cry the next morning that woke them up was from Reka, who was attempting to choke himself with the sheets. Maxxor sighed and untangled their brother.

"I won't ask. I think I'm getting used to you Reka." Kaz drawled as he lay on his own bed. He wasn't an early riser, unlike Tom who was already packing up the stuff around him.

"Probably the banana dream again. That's why he hates bananas. He thinks they're out to kill him and eat his soul." Maxxor explained. Tom and Kaz just gave him a disturbed look, and Kaz slapped a hand over his face.

"And there it goes, out the window and eaten by a rabid dog." Chaor cackled as he heard the mutter. Reka was still shaken by his dream, which somehow involved a big spoon, and wandered into the kitchenette, flopping onto the table.

Then, the phone rang.

Geh! Bad cliff-hanger. Gotta work on that.

(1): F***ing scary movie. Don't watch it alone, or at all if you can.

(2): Rin Kagamine's I can take off my Panties. If you watch it, you'll understand Tom's reaction.

(3): Internet troll! The reason Reka hates bananas is because when he went to the zoo, an orangutan threw a banana cluster at him. He was forced to watch 'My spoon is TOO big.' and he never quite got over it. XD