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Stranger Behind The Computer.


Me: Go on tell them the most shocking news ever :(

Kerry: Loz does NOT own Twilight haha! Stephenie Meyer does.

Me: Not funny.

*Kerry Grins*

*Loz frowns and bursts out crying*

"Bella is that you?" My dad shouted from the living room.

"Yes." I called back into him, I shut the door behind me and heard Edward's car driving down the street. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a drink before going up the old stairs into my bedroom. I shut the door behind me and put my drink on my side table; I grabbed my laptop from the floor and turned it on. While I waited for it to turn on I took my jacket off and shoes. I got settled on my bed ready for a night on the familiar chat room.

Unknown Secrets Teen Chat Room.

A couple of familiar names were already online.




Just BeLIEve


Dressed To Kill

And Darkside. There wasn't many other people on this chat room, they were coming and going every couple of minutes.

MusicFREAK: What you lot on tonight?

Desiree: Sweet F A! What about you?

Tombstone: Early night for me I think.

Dressed To Kill: Light Weight LOL.

MusicFREAK: I'm not sure yet, just here I think.

Desiree: It's all fun right.

MusicFREAK: Na not really.

Just BeLIEve: Blah you back yet?

BlahBlah10: Just about lol

Just BeLIEve: Awesome…I'm bored entertain me?

BlahBlah10: ;) How?

Just BeLIEve: Naught boy :P

BlahBlah10: Maybe, maybe not.

Desiree: Yo Mysterious Brunette. How are you on this lovely night?

I smiled at the screen like an idiot, yes me and Desiree have been chatting for a good couple of weeks. He has been here for a lot longer than me and luckily started talking to me the first day I signed up.

Mysterious Brunette: Hey Des, I'm good and what about you?

Desiree: Good, yes I am fine thank you! Anything new?

BlahBlah10: Hey Myst

Mysterious Brunette: Hey Blah how'a you? Nope nothing new it's all boring TBH what about you?

BlahBlah10: I'm good thanks.

Desiree: Nothing.

Dressed To Kill: Why is Darkside been so quiet?

MusicFREAK: Nosey people if you ask me.

Desiree: LOOL!

Just BeLIEve: haha.

Darkside: Dressed, I'm actually searching for something.

Dressed To Kill: And what is it that you are searching for?

Darkside: It's a secret.

MusicFREAK: WTF? Dark I don't think this is the room for you. Goodbye!

Darkside: Music maybe you should answer your little sister instead of leaving her to cry.

MusicFREAK: WTF how the hell do you know she is crying?

Darkside: It's a secret.

MusicFREAK: I think you are a fucking weirdo, do one!

Just BeLIEve: Haha.

Darkside: Just, what are you laughing about?

Just BeLIEve: You…You're pretty weird so what are you searching for?

Darkside: A soul.

I frowned at the screen, this guy is pretty weird. Who does he think he is? How the hell did he know what Music was doing? Maybe it's just a joke; I leaned in closer to the screen intrigued by the conversations going on.

Just BeLIEve: Haha. Yo! Blah you got Dark's soul that he is looking for?

BlahBlah10: LOL nope Des might ;)

Desiree: Nope not here what about you Myst?

MysteriousBrunette: Hmm. No sorry!

MusicFREAK: I have it ;)

Just BeLIEve: LMFAO!

Desiree: HAHA.

Darkside: I will have fun collecting it thank you Music.

MusicFREAK went offline.

I frowned at the screen and waited to see if she would come back online.

"Bella I am going bed now, night." My dad called from behind my door.

"Night dad!" I called back, I heard him walking across the wooden floor heavily. I heard his door shut and him walking around his room. My eyes went back to the screen and all my attention was back to the chat room again.

BlahBlah10: Haha bye Music!

MysteriousBrunette: Hmm…

Desiree: Weird.

MysteriousBrunette: I know right.

Just BeLIEve: She is probably just messing around. :P

BlahBlah10: Probably or maybe Dark took her soul!

Just BeLIEve: LMAO!

Desiree: Haha! Funny guy.

Darkside: Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.


Desiree: LOL No! Me!

Darkside: So you want to be next Blah?

Desiree: No me next!

BlahBlah10: Yes! TAKE ME! ;)

BlahBlah10 went offline.

Desiree: I said me

Tombstone: Wow I missed a lot…

Desiree: Yes! You did my friend, Dark is after a soul! Scaryy haha!

Tombstone: -.- lame freak.

Desiree: Indeed.

Tombstone: Anyway my bed is calling me!

Darkside: So is your soul.

Tombstone: What the…What a weirdo.

Desiree: Haha I know yeah, some people need to grow up.

Tombstone: Yup he is just a lame lonely freak who thinks he is something.

Darkside: Goodnight Tombstone.

Tombstone went offline.

Dressed To Kill: And then there were 4.

Just BeLIEve: LOOL!

Desiree: I know yeah…Weird.

Darkside: Believe maybe you should turn that music down.

Just BeLIEve: WTF :S!

Just BeLIEve went offline.

Desiree: This is getting kinda weird now…

Dressed To Kill: Yup!

Desiree: Myst?

MysteriousBrunette: Yeah?

Desiree: Just making sure you are still here.

MysteriousBrunette: Of course

Desiree: Good!

Dressed To Kill: So Dark you found that soul yet?

Darkside: No not yet but I'm pretty sure Desiree offered himself earlier?

Desiree: Maybe baby ;)

Darkside: You should lock the door when you are alone baby ;)

Desiree went offline.

Dressed To Kill: You should stop hacking people Dark its wrong!

Darkside: Who says I am hacking? Your soul might do the job.

Dress To Kill went offline.

My eyes widened as I noticed the only two names left in this chat.

MysteriousBrunette and Darkside.

Darkside: MysteriousBrunette you should shut your window, it's going to get pretty cold.

I looked over at my open window; I pushed the laptop off me and stumbled across my dark room. I screamed and fall backwards as someone came through my window.

"Bella?" I heard his amazing velvet voice, my heart was pounding and my breathing was laboured and coming out in gasps. He put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. Within seconds Edward was gone and I was on the floor still, I heard my door open and my dad run in.


"Sorry dad…I fall over."

"Oh, are you okay?" He grumbled.

"Yes I'm fine, sorry for waking you."

"It's okay…Be careful, night."

"Night dad." I said pulling my self off the cold floor and rubbing my eyes. I took a deep breath and I heard a little tap on my window and Edward climb through. I walked over to the laptop and clicked on the chat room.

Darkside: Don't scream you might wake Charlie up Bella.

Darkside: Until next time.

Darkside went offline.

I shut the website down quickly and turned the laptop off before Edward could start questioning me what I was doing on it.

"What was wrong love?" He asked sitting on my bed staring at me.

"Nothing…You just scared me that's all." I said putting the laptop on the floor and grabbing a top and some bottoms. I went into the bathroom took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed. When I was done Edward was still sitting where I left him. I got into bed and he lay next to me staring at me as if he was searching for something, I smiled and he smiled back sighing.

"Why were you looking through the window Bella?" Edward asked quietly.

"I wasn't…I was going to shut it."

"Why didn't you want me to come tonight?"

"Of course I did, it's just a little cold in here tonight." I shrugged, he nodded and put the covers between us, and I smiled a little and closed my eyes. Sleep engulfed me shortly after taking me into a weird never seen before dream.

I was on the laptop again and his name came up.


He was talking to me, he wasn't asking for my soul. He was actually been nice for some reason I didn't understand. I stayed on his good side not knowing if he will hurt me or not, that was until I heard my window been forced open. I looked over and saw an unfamiliar shadow climb through my window, his white teeth shone in the moons light and his red eyes caught me off guard.

I woke up all tangled in the sheets and practically suffocating Edward; well if he was human I could have done already. I blushed and got off him, he wrapped his arms around me stopping me from trying to get off him. He laughed a little and gently brushed my cheek with his fingers, he breathed in my scent and I ended up falling back asleep pretty quickly.

"Bella wake up love." Edward whispered in my ear making me groan.

"Come on beautiful." He said kissing my ear then my neck making me giggle and roll off him.

"I better get going, Charlie is coming up. I will see you at school." He said giving me a quick kiss and disappearing, I kept my eyes closed and Charlie walked in seconds later. He didn't say anything, he shut the door behind him and I heard his boots banging on each step as he went back downstairs.

I stretched and lay in bed for a good 5 minutes before pushing the covers off me and getting up. I grabbed some jeans, underwear, blue long sleeved top and some socks. I went into the bathroom got changed, brushed my teeth, washed my face and went back into the bedroom. I brushed my messy hair through and went downstairs to grab some breakfast; a banana would do for me. I saw on the sofa and waited until it was time to leave for school.

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