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Chapter One: Elizabeth Botten

"new day, a chance to start anew. I will try and move on, but I'll remember you." - The Perishers .

I made an invisible check list in my head as I stood outside the doors of the Xavier Institute.

1. Don't act like an idiot.

2. Don't talk like an idiot.

3. Don't talk to anyone creepy.

4. Don't act creepy.

That should pretty much cover it, I thought as I stepped through the large double doors. At that very moment I was completly engulfed in what Icould only be described as chaos. The entire floor was an ice rink, with what looke like a path way leading to a small europeian girl about 17. A wolf was chasing after a blonde haired boy who seemed to be the cause of all the ice, while a boy who semed to be made of solar energy walked around casually, leaving more melted ice. A petite asian girl and a tall guy with long blond hair argued, loudly in front of me.

I walked over to them hesitantly, and began to summon up a bit of courage. These two did not not look friendly.

"Where am i supposed to go?" I choked out quietly.

"What?" the asian girl squinted her eyes like she hadn't heard me, but I knew she had.

"Newbies to the room at the end of that hall." The boy who had been making the ice yelled, running over. "Third right you can't miss it. I was there a few minutes ago, you wouldnt beleive the tension. Soooo awkward." He extended his hand to me. "I'm Bobby by the way." He winked, and i noticed his eyes were a shocking bright blue.

I wondered if all these mutants had powers that affected their appearance, and if that was the case with Bobby's eyes.

"Elizabeth." I shook his hand lightly, not very accustomed to meeting new people. It was a little overwhelming.

"Nice to meet you Elizbeth." He miled and signaled me to follow him. "Well obviously you're a bit late for whatever reason so I'll introduce you to everyone here, ok?"

I nodded as he began to name off the people, or the mutants in the room.

"The cranky ass over there is Jubilee." He recieved a punch in the shoulder for his comment but continued anyways. "Blondie here is Sam, the wolf's Rahne, Amara's the one reading in the corner, Roberto's RUINING ALL MY BEAUTIFUL ICE." the Brazillian boy who was now in normal form responded with a rude had gesture. "Bitch." Bobby chuckled under his breath, before picking up his previous pace. "Girl on the laptop's Tabby, beware. And those two love birds in the corner are Laura and Alex." He pointed to a boy with shaggy blond hair and a strong looking black haired girl sitting beside him.

"Wow." I said when he was done. "Is that everyone?"

"Sadlly no," He fake sighed dramatically, making me laugh. "There are still the graduated X-Men who will be teaching you and the other new kids." He stuffed his hands in his pockets, and swayed from side to side for a few seconds, "Well, see ya around kid."

He walked away leaving me to head down the hall, to the new student meeting room.

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