Might wanna go brush up on code names:
But I only used... Alison: Verity, Elizabeth: Plazma and Marcus: Shadow

Fight Scene (Cuts and Scrapes)

"Cover me!" Elizabeth yelled, charging into the front foyer of the institute. She dived gracefully through a ring of fire and summersaulted to land on her feet. She turned to the man who had aimed at her and narrowed her eyes. "Bad move, smokey." She summoned up all her strength and looked back at what Rogue had told her during a private training session. "Our powers are similar sugah, ya just have to take a little and not too much. That way ya get the upper hand without makin' a mess." Elisabeth took a deep breath in and focused all her energy on drawing pyros blood. The more she concentrated the more she could feel it rising up.
"Ah, what's happening!" pyro rubbed his arm, only forcing more blood to rise to the surface.
Elizabeth created a ball from the thick liquid and balanced it above her right hand. It was the size of a tennis ball, and was constantly morphing between a cylinder, sphere and a cube.
Elizabeth used her other hand to shape the blood into a knife and pointed it towards him.
"No!" Pyro yelled, shielding his neck and chest. He had sunken to the floor, dizzy from the recent withdrawal of blood.
"Don't worry, it'll only hurt a little." Elizabeth sent the knife flying towards him, but just as it approached his head she turned it slightly. "By the way, they call me Plazma." The dull side of the blood-blade smacked against his head with a clang and he dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.
She smiled, "That's right, I'm the boss."

Nina, who was currently teleporting around, looking for anyone left in the house. She had a feeling that the Acolytes were well informed of the teachers' departure on a mission. And all the older X-Men seemed to have left for the night.
"Just my luck," she sighed.
She Gasped, "Who's there?" Her breathing became heavier as she peeked around a corner. Just as she went to draw another portal back to the foyer, a cold hand with long fingers grabbed her by her hair.
"Boo, Bitch." a girls cold voice rang in her ears.
Nina whimpered as a cold blade was pressed to her throat. "P-p-please, j-j-just let me go." She pleaded.
"Agh, and you call yourself a hero? So pathetic."
"Who are you?"
"My name's Octavia and you're coming with me, Honey."

Marcus and Cale were back to back, battling a guy who was way stronger than the average person. His reflexes were more than enhanced and his speed was insane.
Cale shot some boiling water at him, but he dodged it easily. Marcus was trying his best, but he wasn't able to access his half wolf form without loosing control and he didn't know if he could help much in his full wolf form either, it always left him too vulnerable.
The man grabbed both Cale's wrists and smiled. "Where are all the grownups now, kid
Marcus wasn't sure what to do, his powers weren't as in control as he thought they were. he was panicking, but he knew what was necessary.
He took a deep breath and shifted into his half wolf form. He had more control than he remembered. His mind wanted to help his team, but his animal mind could barely tell the Acolytes from the X-Men, but he knew he was attacking the dark haired man... at first.
"Ahhhh!" a girls high pitched scream filled the air.
And that's when Marcus blacked out.

Chris shot fire at Drago, attempting to burn him. But his fellow scaled mutant seemed to be as immune to it as he was.
The only thing he and Naomi could do to keep him at bay was stay in the air. Which for Naomi meant staying in her sand form. Chris kept on glancing back at Ben and Alison, who seemed to be arguing at the same time as they were fighting a thin, frail looking girl who was continuously stabbing at them with bones that Ben was making crumble. Strange mist was attacking them as well, and the girl's powers seemed to be more mystic than scientific.
Chris dodged a flying table, Drago was powerful and had resorted to throwing large objects at them.
That's when a ear-splitting scream filled the air. Chis wanted to look, but he was still dodging. He caught a chair with his claws and directed it back at Drago. It knocked him out but not for long.
He turned to find Alison on the floor, blood pouring from her leg. His heart skipped a beat.
"Verity!" Chris looked up at the direction the cry came from. Nina seemed to be held at knifepoint.
"Move out!" He heard the mutant with the Australian accent yell. All the acolytes ran through the door, but by then Chris was back in human form and kneeling beside Alison.
"Ben," She groaned. "You were covering my back." It was the first time Chris had ever seen her looking weak.
"I'm sorry, Alison." For once Ben actually sounded sincere.
"Fuck you, Asshole." Alison rolled onto her side, groaning in pain.
"No you can't move right now." Nina put her right hand on alison, rolling her back over. Her left one was pressed to her neck, where blood was dripping onto the floor.
"Let me see," Chris grabbed her hand. Nina gulped hard, then winced. "It's not too bad." A tear rolled down her cheek.
He squeezed her hand, "It's over, Nina."
"It's not over, Chris! Look at us," she gestured to Alison, then to Marcus who was curled up on the floor a few feet away. His head was in his hands and Naomi had her arms wrapped around him. "We're a mess."
"We're all alive though." He squeezed her hand harder.
"Barely..." She choked.
Elizabeth ran into the room. "The professor and are gonna be back any minute now."

When they finally did arrive, everyone rushed after Alison. Everyone except Marcus and Naomi.
"You did not mean it Marcus." Naomi whispered.
"Didn't I?" He spat, tears rolling down his face. "How can I be an X-Man if I hurt my own team mates instead of the enemy!"
"Being an X-Man is not about hurting anyone." Naomi squeezed his shoulder. "It is about knowing your weaknesses and overcoming them."
Marcus rubbed a hand down his face and half smiled, his brown hair stuck to his forehead from all the sweat and tears. He rested his head against Naomi's shoulder.
"We can beat this, Shadow. I know that we can."


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