Author: Kitty Squyres

Characters: Rachel and Quinn with most of the Gleeks.

Spoilers: All of season 1, up to 2/07 The Substitute. Completely overlooks everything else after xP

Rating: Pg-13 mild swearing, occasional fight scenes. Vampirism. :P

Author's note: Was first written with original characters and not for Glee, but as it went on I decided it would be better with Glee's characters. Some characters are a bit out of character, but that's due once again to the fact that this was not originally written for Glee. Still working on the In Character parts, what can I say? It's a work in progress.

Author's Note 2: Title subject to change. Really. I'm not fond of it, but hated leaving it untitled.

Disclaimer: Does it LOOK like I own Glee? If I did, it would be quite different than the show is now. And Finn would have been dumped by both our leading ladies right off the bat. Sorry. Finn is too stupid to live. One too many tackles, me thinks? Not really, and I don't mean to Finn-bash.. much. Glee characters are all property of Fox and Ryan Murphy. Any original characters are mine. Want? Ask and you may archive.

Rough Draft

Chapter 1:

With the high school dropout rate at an all time high, it barely registered to anyone at William McKinley High when a student essentially dropped off the face of the earth. However, when that student is HBIC Quinn Fabray, head cheerleader and former captain of the celibacy club, people do begin to take notice. Even after the pregnancy debacle, Quinn had fought her way tooth and nail back to becoming top dog and though she had become since the pregnancy (even going so far as banning slushy attacks on her fellow Gleeks) Quinn was still a force to be reckoned with. The hallways once again parted like the red sea when the cheerleader strutted down the hallway and when her icy glare was ever sent at a particular student, you had better believe that student immediately took off in the other direction in fear of their life.

So even though Quinn had few people she actually called friends (she had minions), her absence was immediately noted due to the fact that some people were actually able to breathe a little easier. No one really thought much of it, chalking it up to Quinn either being sick or skipping. By the second day however, with not even so much as a text message to either Santana or Brittany on her whereabouts, Quinn was absent once again and people really began to notice. By the third day of no attendance the school was finally forced to call Mrs. Fabray to question her daughter's truancy.

Judy had taken her daughter back in and was in the process of divorcing Russell, but that didn't make the older blond suddenly become mother of the year. It was clear she was trying but that failed to take away from the awkward tension that seemed to permeate the house. More often than not, to avoid being the control freak she had been previously, Mrs. Fabray would let her youngest daughter go out whenever and wherever she wanted, rarely inquiring what she was doing. It came as quite the surprise when Principal Figgins phoned her wanting to know why Quinn hadn't been in attendance for three days straight. Judy explained that she had thought her daughter was staying at a friend's and was unaware that Quinn had been absent. Not long after that call a missing persons report was filed and Quinn was officially MIA.

With Quinn missing the school's hierarchy returned full force with Coach Sylvester at its head. In fact you could say that things were worse now than they ever were before Quinn got pregnant. The jocks made sure that all of the Gleeks got a slushy facial at least twice a day if not sometimes more. More and more members of New Directions were missing classes due to being tossed into dumpsters and or locked in port-a-potties. Life for the Gleeks at William McKinley was quickly becoming unbearable.

It didn't help that in Glee they were all falling apart there too. What was once their safe haven was now just another class room. Without Quinn to snap at them to shut it, Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes spent the period at each other's throats. Not even Santana had the energy to snarl at them, being too busy trying to comfort a depressed looking Brittany. Mike, Matt and Artie just conversed quietly in the corner with Tina occasionally joining in. Puck, Sam and Finn just sat and sulked in the corner. Their family that they had built was crumbling around them and there was nothing anybody could do about it. Eventually everyone stopped trying for performances all together, even Rachel.

Oddly, no one felt the absence of Quinn more so than the little diva. It surprised her just how much of her life revolved around the other girl. Before, it was spent both avoiding Quinn and her snappishness and trying to steal Quinn's boyfriend. Now that she had him, since Quinn was gone, Finn was too busy pouting to be of any decent conversation. Not that Rachel even really wanted to talk. More like she wanted to theorize on what happened to Quinn. She just knew something had happened to the older girl, but had no idea what. Now everything was falling apart right before her eyes and Rachel was going to be damned if she let that happen. She would find out what happened to Quinn and fix her Glee club.

A few months later, though no body was found, Quinn was legally declared dead. It was probably the worst day for everyone in Glee ever. No one heard a word that was said in any of their classes, too lost in their own thoughts. When the slushy facials were delivered, hardly any of the Gleeks noticed. They simply shrugged it off and continued walking with next to no expression. Glee was even more awful. Not one person could bring themselves to say anything, much less sing. A black cloud hung over them all and the class period was spent in silence.

The day for the funeral finally arrived and was filled with tears from all but one person. Unlike her friends (she was hesitant to call them that) Rachel couldn't bring herself to cry. This was all wrong. The casket currently being lowered into the earth was empty, so why were they burying it as though Quinn were right inside it? It didn't make sense. Her fathers told her it was just wishful thinking but Rachel's sixth sense (which was never wrong) was telling her that Quinn was still alive and out there somewhere. She felt irrationally angry, how dare everyone just give up on Quinn like this? They should be out there scouring the city in search of the blond, not here at some pointless service that was pointless because Quinn WASN'T dead!

Rachel knew she looked heartless for showing no emotion but as she stared at the coffin unseeing and listening to the sobs fill the air around her the diva lost herself in thought. Quinn was alive. She had to be. After all, no body, no death right? Yes, Quinn was alive and Rachel would find her. There were few certain truths that Rachel Berry believed with all her heart. One was that she was destined to be a star. The second: Mr. Schue was out to ruin her career, and third: Alive until proven otherwise. Until Rachel saw Quinn's dead body (and maybe not even then) she would refuse to give up on the other girl.

The service ended and everyone began trickling out to their cars. Soon only Rachel and her fathers remained. Hiram and Leroy hung back to give their daughter the space and time she needed. They had never known Quinn and Rachel to be friends, quite the opposite in fact, but the way their daughter was staring at the newly filled in earth you would think she had just lost someone very close to her.

The diva stepped forward and knelt on the ground next to the grave, placing her hand on it. "I know you're alive Quinn… I will find you and bring you back. I know we're not the best of friends but I won't give up on you. I won't stop searching till you're safely home again," she whispered softly. Suddenly Rachel's sixth sense wasn't just tingling; it was full on screaming at her. Every hair on her body stood on end and she was certain that she was being watched. Straightening, the diva's eyes followed the gaze she was feeling all the way to the tree line. They were too far in for Rachel to make them out but that didn't make them any less there. She stared hard at the tree line, willing whoever was there to show themselves. They didn't and though she felt slightly let down, Rachel knew somehow that whoever was looking at her was somehow related to the missing girl. She felt like the person staring at her was issuing a silent challenge to which Rachel more than happily accepted. Raising her chin, Rachel repeated her promise, louder this time, making sure her words carried over the wind.

Hiram and Leroy stared at their daughter in confusion, wondering who she was talking to. Sure she had a thing for dramatics, but who was she putting on a show for? Them? She knew better than to think they would do anything but smile and nod for her. They decided it was time to go and quietly guided their daughter to the car. Whatever was going on with Rachel they were sure she would get over it eventually. If not, if her friend's death had really gotten to her that badly, they could always afford a therapist.

From the edges of the forest, a blond girl stepped out into the pale light, her gaze following the Berry's car until it was completely gone from sight. Slowly the girl walked towards the grave Rachel had been standing at. She stared at the tombstone for a long time, a single tear rolling down her cheek before she roughly wiped it away and ran back into the woods.

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