Chapter 9

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I awoke to a really soft bed. Groggily I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. The room I was in was elegant with deep red curtains almost a maroon, dark polished floor boards, a luxuriates chandler with the candles lite, a dresser on the wall with a mirror on the wall attached to it, next to the dresser was a book case filled with books that looked like they have never been read. I realized that the bed beneath me was a memory foam mattress with Egyptian cotton sheets. On each side of the bed I noticed two nightstands with black lamps with a deep red cloth draped over the light keep the room dim. I didn't know where I was but wherever I was, it was definitely a high class place. Even my parents would have had a difficult time affording this lifestyle.

Not waiting around to find out what happened, I made a quick haste to get out of the bed. Unfortunately, the searing pain from my neck with my sudden movement seriously impeded that decision. I'd questioned all that had happened before. I certainly didn't realize now.

Wait! Oh my God, did that mean I was a vampire? Nooo, that meant I didn't have a soul and I was going to go kill innocent people by drinking their blood, no this was not okay I am not going to do this, I refused!

I paused mid rant.

I sounded just like Berry for a second there which brought a smile to my face, however temporary. Secondly, if I was worrying about hurting others that had to mean I had a soul right? Cuz, if you don't have a soul then you just don't care who gets hurt or at least that was my
logic to it.

There wasn't much time for me to ponder it because a knock sounded at the door a moment later. I didn't bother inviting them in. Whoever they were, they probably wouldn't listen whether I invited them in or not.

It was Jace. Oh great!

I was petrified again. I wasn't sure what was going on in my life (possible unlife?) right now all I remembered is the pain and terror I felt the last time I spent time with this man. He either didn't notice or more likely disregarded my fear and sat down in front of me on the

Jace placed a 'calming' cold pale hand on my forearm and asked me to relax. I sneered. The last time he told me to do that he made my neck his snack not ten minutes after. Hell if I relax around him again and I told him as much.

He sighed and looked away like I'd just told him his grandmother died or kicked puppy. He explained to me that I might hate him now but eventually I would be grateful for his 'gift'. That once I'd healed properly I would be stronger and faster. I wouldn't live forever but I definitely
would live longer than any normal human would.

Clearly I wasn't getting away any time soon so I decided to play along and get all the information I could on him. On what my life now was.

Turns out I wasn't undead. At least, not what the horror movies portray. I wasn't about to go attacking people mindlessly while trying to suck their blood. Yes I would need blood frequently to survive but it wasn't like I'd need it every single day. Nor would I need to kill my
victims in order to get the amount of blood I needed. I also had a heartbeat.

Technically I was alive, I was human but just a faster then I was before, stronger with the occasional needed a little blood donation to keep my body functioning at the high level that it was. Wonderful! It would be possible for me to go for long periods without blood. It wasn't
recommended to stay away from blood for so long though, because even though it wasn't our primary food source (we could still eat normal food), it was our source of life.

It was pretty much just to replenish what our bodies use up. For whatever reason that no one really knows, despite having fully functioning heart, our bodies couldn't reproduce the blood needed to survive. Or at least, not at a fast enough rate for all our enhanced abilities to keep up with. We also healed from injuries quicker if blood was given to us.

Speaking of 'us'; There was a name for the type of vampire Jace and I are: Moroi. Also known as living vampires. As they're pretty much humans themselves for the most part they're all pretty neutral. Not particularly interested in the maiming and killing of innocents, only taking enough blood to live and move on. Usually they would put their victim to sleep for the bite, and then leave them peacefully so they would think it was all just one really bad dream. Vampires weren't
nearly as scary as I'd first assumed. Ok, I could deal with this.

As Jace and I continued sitting on the bed he told me about the Strigoi. Dead vampires. Those are the ones you see in horror movies brutally murdering innocent people. Jace didn't give a ton of clarification on this (much to my annoyance), only that they were once dead bodies that were now walking around. If he hadn't told me of their cold calculating ways, I would have simply called them zombies. Not so much. While the Strigoi had no care for whom they killed, they were far from mindless. They didn't just require blood to live (far more than we Moroi did I might add), they also fed off the fear of the dying. They made sure that the fear from there victim was at the utmost high to get the most out of there victim. They relished in it. They thrived for the blood and the fear. I shuddered at the thought. It felt like the room I was once comfortable in now seems so cold and lifeless.

After that history lesson I asked Jace when I could go home. Of course my life would never be that easy. Apparently I'd been considered 'missing' while I was sleeping off my bite for several weeks, to my surprise. Believe me, if it weren't for my new and improved body, I probably would have had a heart attack at that moment hearing that.

Missing for weeks? It felt like I'd JUST passed out. According to Jace the body takes a while to adjust to the new changes and the best way for it to do that is when the person is asleep and they stay asleep for several weeks just growing accustomed to the changes. That didn't take into account a whole other week just to recover from the bite (and I haven't had any fresh blood yet).

Jace told me that he was sorry (yeah right) for removing me from my life, but he was confident I would enjoy my new one. His mansion (so THAT'S where we were) had anything I could ever want. There were also lots of Moroi wandering about, both in his employ and just visiting, and
no doubt I would make new friends. Riiight.

Of course, I would have to spend another week in bed while I recuperated. Jace said he was having blood sent up to me by his right hand man which would help my recovery rate greatly.

Just then a man wearing a tuxedo barged through what Jace had told me was the door to MY permanent room without even knocking. Rude. On top of that, he was the greasiest man I'd ever seen. While Jace looked to be about my age (who knew how old he really was though..) this man looked to be about thirty years older. His dark hair was slicked back and his skin seemed
almost yellow as opposed to mine and Jace's pale. He handed me what was in his hand: A warm blood packet. I quickly dropped it in disgust.

The man didn't seem put off in the slightest. While leering at me he informed Jace that his guests had arrived downstairs and were waiting in the foyer. Jace nodded once and stood up. Before he left he introduced his second in command as Keller then headed out the door.

I couldn't have been any more uncomfortable if I'd tried. This man looked about 50 and in poor hygiene. Add to the fact he couldn't seem to stop his eyes from roving over me, I felt in desperate need of a shower. I wasn't trying to sound rude when I dismissed him (read: "get
the hell out you perv!") but I really just wanted to be alone right then. I needed time to absorb all that new information. Keller just smirked and gave what I'm sure he thought was a charming 'As you wish, miss. Have a pleasant rest of your day', I couldn't help but feel if I was to embrace this new life of mine, I would need to stay the hell away from this guy.

So began my life at the manor.