( Authors note:OK keep in mind that this is my first story so sorry if its not very good i tried really hard on the story and promise to update at least every week. P.S i don't own anything sadly Stephani Myer's thought of the characters first ...enjoy!)

Love never Dies

chapter 1:Mighty Edward Cullen
I stared around my surrounding for a while making a mental note to ask for a different color for my room walls ,

for some reason baby blue no longer made me smile like it used to .As i sat on my bed trying to think of anything that

could distract me the only thought that kept creeping back was "i hate him" .I was locked in my room reviewing the nights

event in my head Again .Trying to wrap my head around what his problem had been married 6 years ,5 of which have been

spent fighting or just ignoring each other but still.

Tonight's arguement was about him comming home to me "flirting"with the delivery man ,which was really ridiculous considering

are conversation consisted of exactly 10 words. I don't understand why he even cares considering we've slept in different rooms for

the last 4 years,and haven't even spoken 2 words to each other in 3 weeks. "when these kind of things happen regular people get a divorce "i thought out loud, but no

matter how much i beg and plead no matter what i offer he refuses to give me a divorce. "I don't want to go through that humiliation "

he says every time i bring it up.I honestly do not understand what the point of staying together is if we obviously hate each other.

I decided to just stop thinking about it and get some rest.I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that something horrible was

gonna happen tomorrow . I noticed he had informed the maid that she would only have to come once a week for a little while,and the only reasons

he would have to tell her that would be that he couldn't pay her her usual amount (which i doubt considering hes a high paid Doctor ) or he was expecting me to do more around the house.

Either way i would need my rest and a clear mind to take on the mighty Edward Cullen.