by Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves

Disclaimer: Show me a good reason to disclaim fanfiction, and I'll show you how to harness the powers of Chuck Norris's beard. I simply don't buy it. What if I were to say that this fanfic is getting me tons of money? What'd you think of that?

Anyway, here's my first fic for Toy Story… I'll drink to hoping it doesn't suck. I'm thinking not a whole lot of plot, kind of winging it, but you can count on some light-hearted humor, mooshy romance, and other stuff like that. But anyway, I've loved Toy Story since it came out when I was two years old. Do the math and tell me if I'm too old to be writing Toy Story fanfiction. And to have a Toy Story wall calendar. And to wish I lived in that world!

Okay, I gotta calm down. Let's start this story.

1. Cliffhanger

Bonnie bounced Totoro over to her empty wicker toybox. "Bring the prisoner forward!" she had him bellow.

Rex and Trixie stepped forward, bracing Jessie between them. "Are you sure she'll be safe in there?" Trixie asked.

"Don't worry," Totoro said in Bonnie's best deep voice. "She's nothing without her magic book."

Bonnie shifted her position to behind Jessie and lifted her up powerfully. "I'll show you!"

She waved Jessie wildly, kicking the two flanking dinosaurs into submission. "Yee-haw!" Jessie began to run away, but Totoro came at her and pinned her to the ground.

"You'll never escape, cowgirl!"

"Oh yes she will!"

Buzz Lightyear came riding in on Buttercup, who knocked Totoro aside. "Climb on!" he yelled. "Before he wakes up!"

Jessie swung in behind Buzz. Bonnie tenderly wrapped Jessie's arms around Buzz's waist, and Buttercup began galloping off to the sun in the window.

"Wait!" Jessie yelled. "My book! I can't cast magic without my book!"

Mr. Pricklepants dropped down in front of them. "Good," he growled.

"Bonnie! Time for daycare!" Bonnie's mom called.

"Coming, Mommy!" Bonnie called. She paused to stroke Buttercup's nose. "I'll be back this afternoon," she said sweetly. "Don't forget!" She scooped up her backpack, then turned back, noticing Buzz and Jessie. "You two are so cute together!" she said, pushing them closer together before taking off for Sunnyside.

Trixie heaved herself to her feet before helping Rex up. "Nice cliffhanger, guys!" she said.

"Oh, I do so live for this!" Mr. Pricklepants said, pumping his fists in the air.

Buzz turned to the door fondly. "A good kid, that Bonnie," he said.

"Yeah," Jessie agreed. "How d'ya suppose she knew?"

"Knew what?" Buzz muttered.

The cowgirl flung herself onto Buzz's lap. "Oh, I think you know," Jessie said. "How'd she know 'bout us bein' sweet together?"

"Oh," Buzz said, wiping his brow. "Um… well… I guess it… shows?"

"Mmm… maybe so…"

"Yeah, you're precious," Buttercup interrupted. "Get off my back."

Buzz leapt back, alarmed. Jessie laughed loudly and rolled off of Buttercup.

"I like this majestic steed stuff," Buttercup said. "But Buzz, now, we all love you, but for the love of Shelby Forthright you weigh a lot!" He paused. "Jess, you're nice and feathery, you can climb on my back any time."

"I'll keep that in mind, critter," Jessie said, winking. "But I'm gonna stick with the horse I got." Bullseye popped up and licked her face.

Dolly marched around the room, clapping her hands excitedly. "Well, everybody! Monday again, we get the whole run of the place to ourselves 'til daycare is out! By the way, Totoro, did not buy you as the villain at all. Tough break."

Totoro smiled sheepishly, his grin broad and wordless as always.

"Anyway, as always, let's savor an old-fashioned Bonnie's-room good time!" Dolly finished.

"I've got dibs on the DVD player!" Trixie said.

"Eurgh," Mr. Pricklepants groaned. "I had my mind set on it today!"

"Tough noogies, I called it," Trixie countered. "Come on, Rex. Bonnie's mom rented Hot Fuzz last night, it should still be here."

"Eurgh," Mr. Pricklepants said again.

Hamm rested his hoof on a rubber ball. "Hey, Potato Head, think fast!" He hurled the ball, and Mr. Potato Head was knocked, quite literally, off of his feet. "I was hoping you'd think a bit faster," Hamm supplied.

"Where'd Woody scamper off to?" Slinky wondered. He hopped his front end onto Bonnie's desk, where Woody was laying on his stomach, leafing through a book.

"How's it going, buddy?" Slinky asked.

Woody noncommitally shut the book. "Fine," he said. "Just thinking about some things."

Slinky heaved himself all the way onto the desk. "Us and Bonnie, it's… you done right, puttin' us here. We belong."

"Yeah," Woody said. "We're Bonnie's toys now, and we're together. That's what it's all about, but…" He shrugged.

"Nobody said y'all had to stop missin' Andy," Slinky encouraged.

Woody scratched Slinky's head. "You're a good dog, Slink," he said.

"Well, you're a pretty darn good cowboy, Cowboy."

"Thanks," Woody said. "Ah, don't worry about me. With everything we've done… staying in touch with the guys at Sunnyside, putting on the play, a bit of Hay un amigo en mi… This is home. It's going to be our home for a long time."