~*The Bodyguard*~

Disclaimer: Dragonball Z was created by Akira Toriyama. Akira Toriyama made all Characters in this story. (c) Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Toei Animation. Used without permission, please don't sue me; I'm broke anyway.

The King and Queen of Chikyuu walked slowly into the throne room. The queen's arm was linked through her husband's, but a reasonable amount of distant was left between them. She did not love him, for theirs was an arranged marriage. She figured he loved her in his own way. He treated her well, she had to admit. He was just a tad on the jealous side. Any man who even looked at her in a way he did not approve of, had one of their fingers cut off. It was safe to say she was a very beautiful woman considering how many men had missing fingers.

As far as their planet went, he was a fair ruler. The females of the planet certainly liked him. She figured he was decent looking, but not her type. She liked dangerous, evil-looking men. She always had, even since she was a teenager. Sure, her husband had a scar over his eye meaning he had been in battle, but that was not the kind of danger she referred to.

They were husband and wife only in name for Yamucha knew that she did not love him in the way a wife should love her husband. She was untouched still. But, he figured, since he couldn't come to her bed, he went to others'.

As they entered the throne room, he winked at one servant girl he was well aquainted with. Buruma noticed this, but said nothing. She had known for some time now. She truly didn't care as long as he didn't touch her intimately, which he hadn't thus far.

They walked further into the throne room, Buruma's midnight blue, velvet dress swaying at her feet. She usually kept her eyes to the ground when they were together in public. She was truly ashamed to be his wife. What point was there of marriage if two people did not love each other? The point that he cared for her somewhat did not count. "To form a great alliance.", she remembered her father telling her. She had cried all day and all night for the next few days after she was told she was to marry Yamucha of Chikyuu. She loved her homeplanet, Dakursei, and had no wishes to leave it.

They continued through the throne room, Buruma's eyes still on the floor. She looked at Yamucha as they abruptly stopped. He was looking forward at something, so she did as well. When she indeed looked in front of her, she some a man with jet black hair bowing before them. She raised an eyebrow and wondered why they had stopped for this when every other person in the room had bowed as well.

He then stood upright. She gasped and her mouth stayed open slightly. She dropped her arm from her husband's and stared forward at the most handsome man she had ever seen, into those capturing ebony eyes. And they stared right back.

Yamucha looked at her curiously. "What is it?", he asked in the standard Chikyuu language. Her voice returned and she snapped out of her daydream and looked at her husband.

"N-nothing. It's just," she quickly thought of a lie, "his hair. It stands upright as if it is on fire." He chuckled.

"Yes. This is Vejita. He is to be your hired bodyguard.", Yamucha told her, still in the tongue which the man before them could not understand.

"I see." she said coldly. "And what am I needing a bodyguard for, milord?"

"Well, I don't trust all of the men around here. I fear one will try to rape you one of these days. Vejita is quite strong and could protect you."

Buruma was skeptical. "And what makes you think this one will not try to seduce me, milord?" He chuckled again.

"Aren't you the cocky one? He is known for his coldness. He will not even speak to you most likely. He will only be there for protection- what I am paying him for."

She nodded and looked forward again. He was just so handsome. What would she do around such a breathtaking man? Obviously not anything her mind was showing her images of if he wasn't to even touch her. She was a little disappointed. She had never known a man intimately. She was 23 and married to a man she didn't love- she feared she never would.

"Vejita," Yamucha now spoke in the standard universal language, "this is my wife, Buruma. Your quarters will be right next to ours."

The man before them merely grunted in response and continued to stare at the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. And he'd seen a good share, too. He smelt the air around them. She was untouched. How could this be? Weren't they married?