~*The Bodyguard*~

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Vejita had held true to his word. The best doctors money could buy had been brought into Vegetasei to care for Buruma. Her heart had stopped beating three times already, but miraculously, the doctors had been able to pull her out of it just as death was placing its grip on her.

Vejita was pacing in the medical ward lobby as he had been doing all night long. King Briefs and King Vegeta had gone back to their quarters to nap, promising they'd be back to check on her in an hour. King Briefs was almost as much of a nervous wreck as Vejita himself. ChiChi was quite bad, as well. She was asleep on a lobby chair at the moment since she refused to be more than thirty seconds away from Buruma.

Vejita, himself, couldn't sleep. He was far too nervous and scared. Scared for Buruma's life which had almost slipped away three times already.

Kakkarot was, however, also being tended to by a doctor. He had been beaten into a pulp by Vejita when he had been brave enough to mention the costs of these doctors. They were the best the universe had to offer--Vejita had no doubt that they would be impossibly expensive. He was the prince of one of the wealthiest planets in the universe though; the money did not matter to him in this case.

Everytime a doctor had exited the medical ward, Vejita would stop and wait expectantly, hoping to hear something about Buruma's condition. Each time, the doctor had simply smiled or nodded and walked past him. Finally though, two hours ago, a doctor had come out to tell him that they had performed the surgery to mend her abdomen and were currently stitching her up and doing anything else needed. Her entire abdomen had been blown out of her body and Vejita was astonished as to how they could mend her stomach if it had been missing entirely.

He had expected no less though and he had let them know that from the first minute of their arrival, too. He had politely informed them that if she died, they would be the ones needing the medical attention. Gulping, they had all set to work quickly.

Vejita stopped pacing again as a new doctor exited the medical ward. He wiped some sweat from his brow and took off his medical cap.

"Prince Vejita, Queen Buruma is in stable condition. She is breathing steadily and should recover with time. She'll need to be in bed constantly for the first week and resting quite often from then through the first month.", he told him.

Vejita felt as if he could kiss the doctor, but instead nodded in return and mumbled a "Well done, doctor, you may find your payment in the Throne Room" before entering the medical ward.

ChiChi came running up beside Vejita as he entered Buruma's room.

"Milady!", she cried, "Oh, I'm so glad you're okay!"

Buruma smiled tiredly from her place on the bed and motioned for Vejita and ChiChi to sit in the two chairs provided. They did so and watched her cautiously.

Just then, King Briefs and King Vegeta burst into the room.

"Buruma, are you alright, dear?", her father asked hurriedly.

"Well, I certainly don't feel like it, but I am alive.", she replied with a laugh. They all shared a chuckle.

"We have a gift for you and Vejita," her father began with a twinkle in his eye, "Vegeta and I are giving you two Vegetasei. It is yours to rule over and the old man here is going to move onto Dakursei with me."

King Vegeta nodded his affirmative. Buruma's eyes widened in surprise and she looked at Vejita. He looked just as surprised as her. Buruma was so glad that the feud which had been going on between the planets for twenty years was finally over. Both kings could finally accept what had happened and move on.

"Come on, old man, you need to pack your things.", King Briefs said while slapping King Vegeta on the back.

"Old man?! You're older than me, OLD MAN!", King Vegeta replied as they walked off down the hall, chuckling together.

"Well," ChiChi cleared her throat, "I guess I'll go check on Kakkarot. I'm sure he's out of the medical ward and hungry by now!" She smiled at the two of them and left quietly.

Buruma turned to Vejita and took his hand. "Thank you.", she said sincerely. He looked at her curiously.

"For what?"

"For saving me, of course."

He looked at her ironically. "What? You thought I was going to let you die?"

She laughed. "No. I knew you wouldn't." Suddenly, her face took on a deeply sad look.

"The baby...", she started, her voice cracking. Vejita hushed her.

"There's always time.", he stated and she nodded, wiping at a fresh tear which had just fallen. He knew that she would take losing her baby hard, but he would help her get through it.

"Ai shiteru." she whispered.

He nodded.

"Ai shiteru."

The End

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