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Camille stepped off the plane at LAX walked into the early LA sunrise. It was absolutely gorgeous. Her flight had been able to leave early and was actually shorter than she had expected and she had made it to LA much quicker than she was planning to. She looked at the airport and saw that it read 5:35 AM. She quickly checked out and took a bus back to the Palmwoods. As she was walking towards the front door she realized that nobody was going to be there. Jo was going to be in North Carolina for at least 3 more days, and the guys were supposed to be staying in Minnesota for an extra week just to catch up on things back home. She had to come back early because she had landed a main role in a new show that was scheduled to start filming the next day.

She opened the door and looked around and her eyes widened in amazement at the sight she saw. Bitters had actually decorated the lobby for Christmas. There was a mini tree set up on his desk, and lights strung up everywhere. He had moved some couches into a corner where he had set up a mock fireplace complete with a fake fire. She looked around for a little more before she saw Bitters pop up from behind his desk.

"So, Do you like what I've done with the lobby?" he asked

"It looks incredible! You've never decorated the lobby before! Did you do it after everybody left?"

"Actually, your hockey-head friends did it for me on Christmas, and I liked it so I left it up."

"What do you mean by hockey-head friends? They left for Minnesota."

"No they didn't."

"Yes they did, I distinctly remember them being all excited about it the day I left."

"NO! THEY DIDN'T!" Bitters yelled. He really hated it when people told him he was wrong. "Go see for yourself, they should still be in 2J sleeping"

Camille looked at him and simply stated "You're lying to me" and she walked over to the elevator and pressed the 4 button and as the elevator closed she heard Bitters mutter "Why doesn't anybody believe me when I say things? Do they all really hate me that much?"

Camille walked towards her apartment with all her luggage in one hand, and the other fumbling through her bag looking for her key. "It's gotta be in here somewhere" she thought to herself. She began to panic. Where was her key? Jo wasn't home, and Bitters had a strict one key per guest policy. She began unzippering her suitcase when it dawned on her. It was on the kitchen counter INSIDE the apartment. She groaned and leaned against the wall. What was she going to do? The Palmwoods was deserted and she definitely did not have enough money to stay in another hotel until Jo got back. She decided to walk down to the lobby to see if Bitters would get rid of his one key policy for her…like a Christmas present.

In the mean time….

James, Carlos, and Kendall were freaking out. They were frantically trying to put the finishing touches on their "perfect date". They knew Camille had to be downstairs by now and they didn't have much time until Logan woke up. They ran around like hamsters until they were done. All three simultaneously let out a big "Finally" and walked towards the stairwell once again to go get maybe a few minutes of sleep.

"Bitters…" Camille smiled sweetly. She needed him to give her another key to her room.

"What do you want again?"

"Do you think you could just possibly loan me another key to my apartment?"

"Obviously you don't remember my one key per guest policy." He ducked down under his desk for a few seconds before he popped back up. This time he had a framed document in his hands.

"You see, it clearly says ONE KEY PER GUEST" he stated as if Camille was stupid.

"I know that, but could you bend the rules for me since nobody else is here?"

"Haha no. If you want me, which you better not, I'll be in my office." With that Bitters opened his office door, turned to smirk at Camille and said "Why don't you go stay with your Minnesota friends?" He then closed the door and disappeared from her view.

Camille began pacing back and forth across the Palmwoods lobby. She had nowhere to stay. She was tired. Why did Bitters keep telling her the guys were still in town? Logan had told her that they were going away until after the New Year. She decided to let it go. She was tired and didn't feel like doing anything but sleeping at that moment. She went through her bags and found the blanket she had packed, changed into some sweatpants and her favorite yellow sweatshirt and laid down on the new couches by the fake fireplace. "I guess it won't hurt to just stay in the lobby until Jo gets back." She thought to herself. She let sleep overcome her as she snuggled into the warmth of her blanket.

A few hours she awoke to a loud crash. She heard Bitters storm out furiously screaming "WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT DID YOU STUPID HOCKEY-HEADS BREAK NOW? YOU'RE PAYING FOR WHATEVER IT WAS!"

Camille rolled over trying to block out Bitters yells and stomping but it didn't work.

"What are you still doing here?"

"You wouldn't give me a key to my apartment"

"I told you to stay with those stupid mess-making, stuff-breaking teenage boys in 2J didn't I?"

"They're not here! How can I stay with somebody that's not here?"

At that moment the elevator doors opened to reveal a tired looking Logan. "Sorry, I ran into something upstairs. Oh hi Camille!"

He was clearly out of it. He had spent all thinking about how to make it up to Camille he hadn't noticed she was standing right in front of him.

"But—you're, in—Minnesota." She stated confused

"Huh? C-c-camille…what are you doing home early?" Logan's mind was racing. Why was she home so early? She wasn't supposed to get home for at least a few hours. He had absolutely nothing planned. Plus, why was she sleeping in the lobby? She had an apartment; it made no sense at all.

"My flight was early. Why are you still here instead of in Minnesota?"

"Long story…gotta go!" Logan sprinted back towards the elevator and ran into the two doors before they could open. He fell down and quickly got back up and ran into the elevator, his face flushed with embarrassment.

Once inside by himself he began freaking out. What was he going to do? He didn't know how he was going to make it up to her. He kept thinking to himself until he reached the door of 2J and began sticking his key in the door before he heard noises floating out from inside.




Logan heard some crashing noises before he decided it was probably best to remove his key from the door and slowly back away. He had learned the hard way it was never a good idea to get in between his friends when they were fighting, even if it was friendly fighting.

He turned around and decided to walk down to the lobby and to see why Camille was sleeping on the couch down there. After all, they were still friends. He walked down the stairs this time and came upon Camille and Bitters in a heated debate.

"You CANNOT stay in my lobby! It drives away people when they see people sleeping in the lobby!"

"It's only until Jo comes back. See, we wouldn't have this problem if you would just GIVE ME A KEY!"

"It's against Palmwoods policy"


"I do because—"

"Then I'm staying here." Camille finished for him.

Bitters looked defeated and angry as he retreated back into his office. "This isn't over you know, just find someone to stay with!"

Logan decided it was now time to talk to Camille. She needed a place to stay, why not let her stay in 2J with him and the guys. He was sure Mrs. Knight wouldn't mind. Camille was nice, a little overdramatic, but overall really nice.

"Hi Camille, sorry about earlier, I wasn't expecting you to come back so early." He looked at his feet, he was nervous she would reject his offer since they really weren't as close as they used to be.

"It's okay. So are you ever going to tell me about why you're still here?"

"I would, but it seems like we have bigger problems at hand"

"Like what?"

"Well, for one, you're sleeping on a couch in the lobby of your apartment building. Doesn't that strike you as a little…odd?"

"Bitters won't give me a spare key. What am I supposed to do? Go live on the streets like a hobo?"

"No! That's not what I meant! I mean—If you want, you could come stay in—um 2J with me?" He sounded a little unsure of himself and was starting to shake from all the anxiety. Talking to Camille was not good for his mental health.

"Are you sure about that? You don't sound like you really want me to." Camille looked sad. She figured he was just trying to be a nice person and didn't really want her there. She didn't want to go stay with them if she wasn't wanted. "I don't want to be a bother."

"Of course I'm sure, why wouldn't I be?" Logan walked over to the couch to gather her stuff and bring it upstairs.

Camille thought "Well, you obviously don't like me anymore, why would you want me to stay with you?" Apparently she must have thought out loud because she heard a loud thump as Logan dropped her suitcase on the floor. His facial expression was a mix of sadness, confusion, and guilt.

"What do you mean I don't like you anymore?"

"We haven't actually, you know—talked since we broke up. I just figured you didn't like me anymore so it was time to move on."

"But you got me a present!"

"I got it when we were still dating. It's okay, I'll just stay here until Jo comes back."

Camille looked even sadder as she sat back down on the couch. She was pretty sure as soon as Logan left she was going to cry.

"You're not staying here, we're still friends" Logan said. He once again picked up her stuff and thought to himself "Sometimes I wish more than friends, but…" His thoughts were interrupted by Camille standing on her toes looking into his eyes like she was trying to see something.

"What are you thinking about?"

"What do you mean?"

"I know you're thinking"

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Let's just get these bags upstairs" Logan started walking towards the elevator when he was stopped by Camille again. She was fast for someone so small.

"You have that thinking look in your eyes. Tell me what you're thinking about."

"It's nothing"

"It's not nothing, I have to know or I'm not coming with you."

"So you're going to go live in a dark alleyway with strangers?" He replied sarcastically

"Yes, now tell me!"

"Well—I was thinking about something and it was really cute and I liked it. Okay, I told you let's go!" He pulled her hand towards the elevator, but since her hand was much smaller than his it slipped out easily.

Camille crossed her arms across her chest. "Tell me Logan, I'm not going to give up. You should know that by now. What's really cute and you liked it?"

"I can't tell you!"

"It's another girl isn't it? You met another girl while I was gone. Unbelievable!"

"It's not another girl, I'll tell you that."

"Then what are you thinking about? Why can't you tell me?"

"Because, you won't understand and then I'll be sad"

"Why would you care if I didn't understand?"

"Because I'm still in love with you!" He blurted out.

Camille looked at him shocked. "W-what do you mean?"

"Nothing, just that I never stopped loving you." He nervously replied. "This always works out better in movies." He tried to lighten the mood, but it obviously wasn't working.

"But, you broke up…with me! I thought you didn't like me anymore. This doesn't make any sense"

"Do you still like me?"

"Of course, I didn't break up with—"

After hearing the "of course" Logan to kiss Camille. She was taken by surprise, but immediately responded to the kiss and they continued until both of them were out of breath.

"So, does this mean we're you know, together again?" Logan asked.

"Hmm…." She teased him before responding "Of course, why wouldn't we be. I love you too."

Camille put her arms around Logan in a tight embrace and just hugged him. It wasn't like a movie, and it wasn't your typical fairy tale ending, but it felt just right to her and it was the best feeling in the world. She didn't need anything to make the New Year the best year of her life. She had amazing friends, and now she once again had the boyfriend of her dreams to share her future with.

Everything was just perfect.

Aww! So cutesy and well I don't know how else to describe it. The argument part was actually based off of an argument me and one of my close guy friends were having in the middle of study hall. ONE MORE CHAPTER LEFT!