There is no future here at all

"You always hope to reclaim the future." Said Aporia

"I promise Aporia." Said Zone

And with that Aporia was no more. Zone had never felt more alone then at this moment. He had lost everything. His friends who he had shared a strong bond with were all long gone. And now he was truly alone. For the next few days he worked diligently to do as Aporia requested. He created three androids, split Aporia's soul into three pieces and then placed those three pieces into the androids. He then prepare for his journey into the past.

It took a lot of effort. The calculations had to be precise. Then on the night of his journey through time, he had a visitor.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Zone?" Said the Visitor

Zone turned to face the visitor. He was wearing a brown hooded cloak that covered most of his body with the exception the lower half of his face.

"Who are you?" Zone asked

"A kindred spirit." Said the Visitor, "Like you I have lost everything to the war and the following disaster. However I have not abandoned my mission to restore this world here and now."

"This world here and now is lost." Said Zone, "My journey through time is the only way to reclaim the future."

"I have been watching you and your friends for some time." Said The Visitor, "If you succeed Neo Domino City will be destroyed. Destruction cannot lead to salvation. You should know better."

"And just who are you to judge me?" Said Zone.

"I am the fool." Said the Visitor, "That is what a tarot card reader once told me. He was correct. I was so ignorant, my friends were very loyal to me and I never got the chance to thank them. Every time I parted ways with them I never said goodbye and I am filled with regrets because of it."

"That doesn't answer my question." Said Zone

"If I am the fool then you, the real you who is buried deep in that machine, are the star." Said the Visitor

That last phrase shocked Zone. This hooded stranger knew who he really was.

"How do you know my true identity?" He asked

"I have powers. Powers that make me more than human." Answered the Visitor, "I have seen your true self through my other eyes."

"Tell me your name." Demanded Zone

"You haven't realized who I am yet?" Asked the Visitor, "You truly are a shadow of your former self."

"I see no purpose in continuing this conversation." Said Zone, "I am going to begin my trip through time in a few hours. I don't suppose I could convince you to join me?"

"What you will be doing is just plain destruction." Said The Visitor, "I did the same thing long ago and I was filled with regrets afterward."

"I understand that," Said Zone, "but I have to do this."

"Then go." Said The Visitor. "I will not try to stop you."

The Visitor turned away and began walking out of the room.

"Farewell." Said the Visitor.

The Visitor managed to journey out of what remained of Satellite. He was miles away when he saw a large light envelope it and when the light vanished Satellite was gone.

"You could have told him, Judai." Said a voice.

"I know Yubel." Said Judai

The spirit of Yubel appeared next to Judai with a saddened expression on her face.

"I have a feeling he would not have been happy in one of the other twelve dimensions." Said Judai, "I maybe be able to adapt to other worlds but he is different from me. This world is his home and he cannot abandon it. That would be too painful for him."

"It really is a shame." Said Yubel, "He was a very good person."

"That person is long gone." Said Judai

"You have become very wise in your old age." Said Yubel

"I know." Judai Answered, "Come on. It's time for us to return."

And with that Judai Yuki used his powers to open a dimensional portal and walked into it.