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Life and happiness can give you the illusion of going on forever and ever… Until they stop.

Hiccup let out a frustrated huff of breath and lightly banged his head against his desk, why couldn't he have let Astrid have that one?

He knew why, because his dad had been there, because Astrid might have really hurt the dragon, because he liked the fact that he finally had some respect around the village for once. Take your pick.

He wished he had been able to let it go. Then she would be that one killing the dragon the next day and his conscious wouldn't be giving him hell.

No, that was a lie. Because no matter what happened, a dragon was going to die, and he wouldn't have stopped it from happening.

He raised his head and looked around the back room, Gobber had let him turn it into his own private workshop, and it was a nice place to think about everything wrong with his life.

His dagger on the table next to him sparkled in the candlelight, his dad had insisted on giving him a new one when he heard that Hiccup had 'lost' his. Well, sort of, it was a family heirloom apparently. The thought made him smile briefly before sliding off of his face as he picked up the cold weapon.

The dagger was interesting; along the blade a wave-like pattern was lightly carved in, only visible if it caught the light in the correct way. His father insisted that it was a battlefield advantage but Hiccup was fairly certain that it was just there because whichever of his ancestors had made it thought it looked nice. Along the hilt was a carving of a dragon and a single word, "Haddock."

He absently ran the dull part of the blade of the palm of his head, his thoughts flying through his head faster than Toothless flew through the night sky.

He couldn't try and reason with the tribe, he knew them better than to think that simple words could sway them into believing that dragons weren't their enemy. He couldn't even begin to think of a way to show them that without being branded as a traitor.

He scoffed slightly, twirling the dagger around in his hand. He doubted that his dad would care much for him once he found out that his 'dragon-slaying Viking son' was nothing more than a dragon-loving phony.

He involuntarily clenched his hand in a fist around the dagger blade, immediately letting out a hiss and his hand shooting back open.

On his palm were two parallel cuts, already bleeding and stinging enough to bring tears to his eyes from being exposed to the dusty shop air.

He slapped the dagger down on the table and scrambled around until he found a bandage. A few minutes later, he had the cuts tightly bound, blood slowly seeping into the bandage.

Grabbing some left over cloth, he wiped the blood off of his dagger. He absently blew some hair out of his eyes. What was he going to do?

He could see the events playing out in his mind, it was an extended version of previous nightmares he'd had to the same effect, had been having since he first bonded with Toothless.

He refused to fight, the village denounced him, his father refused to even acknowledge he was ever the son of the Great Stoick the Vast, they find Toothless. The story is different every time, but it always ends the same, he and Toothless are bound in the arena, and the Vikings show him exactly what they do to dragon lovers.

If he were in a particularly sadistic mood, than it was always Stoick himself who cast the final blow onto him, staring down at him with those empty, disappointed eyes.

Hiccup closed his eyes and set the dagger down on the table a bit harder than strictly necessary. He hung his head and asked himself once more, what was he going to do?

Sighing, he opened his eyes once more and looked around the room. Wallowing in self-pity while the night, and then next day, steadily approached would do him no good.

He looked around his workshop, various half-finished creations lay scattered around, and the only thing he had finished at all was the upgrade for Toothless' tail fin.

It was much better than the one Toothless had on his tail at that time, instead of the flimsy material it was made of slightly thinned leather, much closer to the texture of his real tail fin. And he had colored it black as well.

He paused as he looked over it, to the left of it was his bag, an idea began to form in his mind. It was stupid, and insane, and not at all thought out.

But, damn it all, it was the only idea he'd had thus far that he was sure might actually have a chance of working.

He grabbed his dagger and placed it in its sheath, having a weapon in the days to come was going to be useful.

The moon was high in the sky when Hiccup reached the cove, Toothless looked up as the young Viking entered.

"Okay, so, we're leaving," Hiccup said, hefting the load in his arms up with some difficulty before laying it out in front of Toothless. "I'm gonna need you to hold still buddy, I've got a few things that I'm going to need to strap on your back."

Toothless flared his nostrils indignantly.

"Hey, hey," Hiccup said, holding up his hands in a show of apology. "I'm sorry, but I cut down on everything that wasn't necessary and there's still quite a bit." He pointed through the pile. "I grabbed a few changes of clothes, some bandages and rags, a bucket, a shield, a few blank journals, some pencils, flint, your new tail prototype, and enough food to last me for a few days if I can't go hunting."

Toothless' ears went back and Hiccup got the distinct feeling that he was being frowned at, it was rather disconcerting to have a dragon, his best friend no less, give him that sort of feeling.

Hiccup sighed. "I know this seems like something stupid and reckless, and it is, but we need to get away from here." He paused, Toothless didn't budge.

He sighed. "Okay, if we don't leave now, then tomorrow I'll have to." He paused, groaning and running a hand over his face. "I'll have to kill a, a dragon."

Toothless growled. "But I don't want to!" Hiccup added quickly, falling back onto the ground. "But if I don't then I'm probably going to be killed!"

Toothless let out a snort. You're exaggerating…

"I'm not, you've seen what we- what they're like, Toothless. You know how important killing dragons is to them." He buried his face in his hands. "If we don't leave, then we're both dead. And even if they don't kill us, I don't think I could deal with whatever they did decide to do."

After a long few moments, he felt Toothless nudge him; he looked up.

The dragon touched his nose to Hiccup's forehead. I will run with you, Hiccup. But only if you are sure.

Hiccup launched himself forward and wrapped his arms around Toothless' neck in a tight hug. "Thanks buddy," He murmured quietly. He didn't want to let go, but after a few moments he found himself pulling back.

It took only ten minutes to get everything ready, the bags tied to Toothless tight enough so that they wouldn't fall off and the new tailfin attached securely.

In all honesty it would have taken a lot less time, but Hiccup kept having to readjust the bags so that Toothless wouldn't have his flight pattern thrown off.

After everything was in place, Hiccup climbed onto his friend's back.

And then they were off.

And that's the prologue, I've always been fascinated by the possibility of what might have happened if Hiccup had actually left, and this is my version.

Just to warn you, this will be going widely AU. And will be a Hiccup/OC story (I'm counting on you guys to tell me if she starts to be too Mary-Sueish)

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